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NHL 18 Expansion Franchise | Quebec Dorsals | EP34 | BECAUSE IT'S THE CUP... (S3) (Stanley Cup G7)

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Who do you want to be your captain for next year? Vote here! http://www.strawpoll.me/14576340 🐟 Subscribe and become a Dorsal today! http://bit.ly/1HCNCtq 📝 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheFinnFTW 📷 Instagram: https://instagram.com/dorsal_finn43/ 👘 Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/thefinnftw-merchandise 🎬 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/thefinnftw/profile 🎮 Public Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DorsalFamily ► NHL 18 Failure Friday Submissions: [email protected] 🎮 Some of my other Let's Plays! 🎮 ======================== ► MLB 17 The Show | Dorsal Finn RTTS: http://bit.ly/2o2IeQL ► MLB 17 The Show | The Plow RTTS: http://bit.ly/2ozN0Cc ► MLB 17 The Show | Phillies Franchise: http://bit.ly/2pqqTlY ► Old Time Hockey | Story Mode: http://bit.ly/2ne543i ► Minecraft | Let's Build a Football Stadium: http://bit.ly/1O6yhdk ► Funny Moments: http://bit.ly/25CvnVy ► NHL Slapshot (Wii) | Peewee to Pro (Skater): http://bit.ly/2eh0fo2 ► NHL Slapshot (Wii) | Peewee to Pro (Goalie): http://bit.ly/2fesSAJ ► MLB The Show 17 Challenges: http://bit.ly/2qLP640 ► NHL 18 Challenges: http://bit.ly/2u55UDL ► Super Blood Hockey: http://bit.ly/2xqRgrX ► Topic Tuesday: http://bit.ly/2w1VvLb ► Madden 18 | Longshot Walkthrough: http://bit.ly/2xbifbs ► Madden 18 | The Plow | Career Mode: http://bit.ly/2ipj3WP ► Madden 18 | Dorsal Finn | Career Mode: http://bit.ly/2ipwIxp ► Madden 18 | Philadelphia Eagles Franchise: http://bit.ly/2vlhuQ8 ► NHL 18 | Dorsal Finn | Be a Pro Goalie: http://bit.ly/2eTd7EA ► NHL 18 | Sandy Dekes | Be a Pro Skater: http://bit.ly/2f9ljgT ► NHL 18 | Vegas Golden Knights | Franchise http://bit.ly/2xUJmIt ► NHL 18 | Threes Circuit Mode: http://bit.ly/2vMyLOa ► NHL 18 | Expansion Franchise: http://bit.ly/2xddG2K ► NHL 18 | Philadelphia Flyers Franchise: http://bit.ly/2i0y8f2 ► NHL 18 | HUT | Pack Openings: http://bit.ly/2eVGTsB ► NHL 18 | HUT Road To Glory: http://bit.ly/2xgNd3Y ► NHL 18 | Failure Friday: http://bit.ly/2AsM6gx ► Sonic Adventure 2 HD: Chao Garden: http://bit.ly/2zNu8ZO ► Arena Football Season Mode: http://bit.ly/2jptaIv ► NHL 09 | Retro Be a Pro Goalie: http://bit.ly/2zF7LX2 TeamDYNASTY ============= TheFinnFTW: https://goo.gl/p6YD54 PaddaKillZ https://goo.gl/1epkxJ DolynnyTV https://goo.gl/zXtzhY RCS Gaming https://goo.gl/Fk5Bzz ArcadeRegiment https://goo.gl/PVJFzU Sleeveless Gaming https://goo.gl/gHacVC Unstoppable Gamer https://goo.gl/rAd5so Between The Pipes https://goo.gl/S4CP2v 🎬 Credits 🎬 ========== ►Channel Art made by Kiwi: https://www.youtube.com/user/kiwishera ►Profile Pic made by Kiwi: https://www.youtube.com/user/kiwishera ►Outro Song: Electric Joy Ride - Origin ►Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro
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Text Comments (233)
Lisa O'Kane (2 months ago)
reinhart for A
WHISPERY STEW 354 (2 months ago)
I have a dorsal team but my Captain is Patrick Kane
Ashton Johnston (2 months ago)
How are you playing an Atlantic division team in the finals.
Benjamin Heuer (3 months ago)
Rinehart and armia
Cody Labreche (3 months ago)
Skinny Penis (3 months ago)
Tim Wilhelm (3 months ago)
Nate Martinez (3 months ago)
Zack Kranz (3 months ago)
Skinner capiy
Lucas Hood (4 months ago)
Keisha-Khan Perry (4 months ago)
B skweres (4 months ago)
Dylan Klein (4 months ago)
Double the amount of likes that you asked for!
Dylan Klein (4 months ago)
You really deserve it
Brayden Odor (5 months ago)
Nice win you came of a new team and come back to win the cup
Brayden Odor (5 months ago)
Harrison Air (5 months ago)
Hey finn you change it so you control the line changes
Matthew Homcy (5 months ago)
Next year IO think Steven Stamkos should have the C.
James Keiller (5 months ago)
He was acting like he wasn't playing a video game
RoRo Cinemas27 (6 months ago)
Best. Video. Ever!!Finn!
Clo Students (6 months ago)
joel armia
Featured Hockey (6 months ago)
i'm in 6th grade and watching your videos makes my day !
Caleb83 (6 months ago)
Reinhardt - C; Mantha - A; Liljegren - A
dulcieb (6 months ago)
Nice 17:15
hns yt wearden (6 months ago)
Eddie On The Isles (6 months ago)
Well Time To Change My Profile Pic :(
Eddie On The Isles (6 months ago)
Super Duck (6 months ago)
Quebeckers number one Quebeckers number one the Stanley cup was handed out to Quebeckers
LTB Bros (6 months ago)
I think kapanen should be the captain
Sandman miah (7 months ago)
mantha captain
hockey Dude9 (7 months ago)
SmoggyCascade71 Fortnite (7 months ago)
D. Dominating O. Overall R. Record S. Still A. Alive L./Living. S. Stanley Cup Champs
Cullen Fisher (7 months ago)
j.skinner captain
jets go (7 months ago)
Good job
Léo Ouellet (8 months ago)
Léo Ouellet (8 months ago)
Lukas Garasic (8 months ago)
I won 4 cups in a row almost 5
mooseontheloose (8 months ago)
Konecny for captain
Everything Gaming (8 months ago)
Dill of the Doubt (8 months ago)
Drift 202 (8 months ago)
Stanley cup
Rod Phillips (8 months ago)
KegoBigMac2k18 (8 months ago)
I think Korpi should be the captain Finn.. he played so well this season and that to me is a good enough reason for him to be the captain!!
Coltsfan 29 (8 months ago)
Jagr got a hair cut
Gary Bettman (8 months ago)
I've won 3 cups in 9 years with my expansion franchise. Simulate every game and only trade green players and picks for red players and picks.
Deadpool 227 (8 months ago)
Michael Iverson (8 months ago)
Fake Account (8 months ago)
FYI its Pierre-Luc Dubois
Dtaj552 Coolness (8 months ago)
Mantha!!!! good job dorcals!!!
Florian Schmidt (8 months ago)
Suzanne Vanderbeek (8 months ago)
You know that Roy was on the Montreal Canadians
peku lilaatio (9 months ago)
Swat Team (9 months ago)
Dubois captain
Stephanie Ahenakew (9 months ago)
How do you switch the lines?
Le gamer masqué (9 months ago)
Galchenyuk and Martinez without the A
Le gamer masqué (9 months ago)
In my team my captain is jake guentzel
Erik Osicki (9 months ago)
A they went from almost worst to best
Jono redfern (9 months ago)
Is he actually a hockey fan?
Lucky lu Sarni (9 months ago)
Davad pastanak from the bruins
Sinjin Stainbrook (9 months ago)
FLYING DEVIL (9 months ago)
mrlabear crouse (9 months ago)
420th like 😏
Colin Gerber (7 months ago)
mrlabear crouse 600th like
Colin Gerber (7 months ago)
mrlabear crouse 600th like
Lindsay Gorkoff (9 months ago)
Captin sciner
Littilchase Omg (9 months ago)
Duboi captain Jagr A
David Ott (9 months ago)
Captain= Mantha Alternates=Reinhart,Chabot
Laura Panichi (9 months ago)
TrafiK Shield (9 months ago)
Reinhardt captain Dubois alternate Armia alternate
hardbass 101 (9 months ago)
Edit Godd (9 months ago)
Armia C Dubois A Mantha A
Alex Thompson (9 months ago)
Yasss fin
I’m Cereal (9 months ago)
Koncecy A Skinner A Reinhardt C
Pigster Gaming (9 months ago)
Captain: Joe armina
Pigster Gaming (9 months ago)
Congratulations! You won the Stanley cup!!!!!
Carson_Cake (9 months ago)
Korpisalo with the C
Xboxkomo (9 months ago)
I love your vids soooooo 👏
Xboxkomo (9 months ago)
360th like
Owen Matthews (9 months ago)
Mantha 4 captain
Vince Niederman (9 months ago)
@TheFinnFTW Love These Upload Finn!
Hockeyboi 66 (9 months ago)
Is it just me or does he sometimes sound like he is getting laid in these vids
XpertGamer (9 months ago)
Sam ruante
BaseballGod GamerGod (9 months ago)
Rhinehart He was in last year give it to him
joseph Hubacek (9 months ago)
joseph Hubacek (9 months ago)
#go dorsal fins
Alexei Dalpe (9 months ago)
Dubois or Jagr
Dope Daxon (9 months ago)
Totally Armia or Martha
Hockey_14 Me 69 (9 months ago)
Why don’t you hit more
Futuristic Kid (9 months ago)
Futuristic Kid (9 months ago)
Futuristic Kid (9 months ago)
Joel Armenia
Ben McKittrick (9 months ago)
Hunter Bither (9 months ago)
Dubois or Armia for the C
Hunter Bither (9 months ago)
Also, you should trade for Tomas Hertl from the Sharks, he is a good big body in front and you could put him on the 1st or second line w/ Armia and try putting Dubois on the wing w/ them
Hunter Bither (9 months ago)
In the offseason trade for another goalie, whether he becomes your starter or you use him as your backup
Jagger bitz (9 months ago)
brady loden (9 months ago)
armia or jagr
brady loden (9 months ago)
armia a jagr c
KirbyMain1215 (9 months ago)
ARMIA or Mantha
10_Canadian Comet_10 (9 months ago)
Jagr should be captain
10_Canadian Comet_10 (9 months ago)
I have an Franchise named Hamilton Tigers and my starter is Korpi
Žan Gradišek (9 months ago)
finally now you should buy Kopitar
Gavin Gaming (9 months ago)
reinhart #sabresnation
Lukas Lerat (9 months ago)
Where's mr face cam

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