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Testing Audience Engagement – Biometric Sensors Gear Hack

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Biometric audience testing experts from Danish company iMotions demonstrate the exciting applications of this technology for the screen production sector. Subscribe for more from AFTRS: http://hyperurl.co/AFTRS_Subscribe -- Talk to AFTRS: ↳ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aftrs/ ↳ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aftrs In the Gear Hack series, AFTRS presents the latest in filmmaking technology; how to use it and how this new tech will impact the way we tell stories. Thanks to iMotions for their time and assistance. Learn more about iMotions and the work they're doing across countless sectors: https://imotions.com AFTRS is partnering with a research team from Danish Broadcaster DR to bring biometric audience engagement technology and methods to the Australian screen production sector. NBC, Netflix and AMC/Sundance currently use this approach and it has had a direct effect on the global success of television series such as The Bridge, The Killing and Borgen. The technology tracks audience engagement in real time by capturing physical/emotional responses to screen content using GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), Eye-Tracking, Facial Emotion Coding and EEG. The testing allows researchers to see patterns in audience responses and to provide advice to commissioning editors, producers and directors on specific questions about the narrative. In mid-2017, AFTRS plans to collaborate with the Audience Research team at DR and local industry partners to test the process on a real world drama production at fine cut stage. These research findings will be embedded in teaching and training at AFTRS and shared with industry for the development of new business models and improved screen production outcomes.
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