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What Is Your Soul Element? Cool Personality Test

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Take this cool quick test to find out what your soul element is. Let’s see whether you have a “fire”, “air”, “water” or “earth” soul. You probably think you know everything about yourself, but here is a chance to learn something new. Your driving element has a great influence on your character and actions. If you’d like to find out more about it, then grab a piece of paper and a pen and let's begin. This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind. Music: In_the_Land_of_Rhinoplasty https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS Instruction 0:30 Question 1 0:51 Question 2 1:32 Question 3 2:16 Question 4 2:56 Question 5 3:44 Question 6 4:26 Question 7 5:10 Question 8 5:55 Question 9 6:54 Question 10 7:45 100-160 points – Fire 8:41 170-240 points – Air 9:13 250-320 points – Water 9:49 330-400 points – Earth 10:17 SUMMARY -You’ll have 10 seconds to answer each of these 10 questions. You’ll get a certain amount of points for the choice you make. -What three words best describe your personality? -Which of these animals do you like the most? -Which color combo do you like the most? -What’s your favorite movie genre? -How many friends do you have? -Which of these music genres do you like more than the others? -Which magical charm would you like to have? -If someone you love died, how would you handle it? -If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? -How would you describe your life? -You're an exceptionally bright and charismatic person and you charm people with your character and attitude. -You’re truly a people person living life to the fullest. -If you're in this group, you're incredibly trusting, understanding, and devoted to everything that matters to you. -You're an empathetic, loyal, and hard-working person who prefers to think things through before acting. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (48568)
Harihar Pandya (5 minutes ago)
I'm water
Nerd Gamers (1 hour ago)
Earth is that good?
Unicorn Girl Jones (1 hour ago)
Plas (1 hour ago)
Endra Jayadinata (3 hours ago)
My soul element is earth
Ian Corral (4 hours ago)
This is flawed as many of the responses aren’t accurate for me
Candice K (4 hours ago)
AIR baby!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😈😈😈😈😈😈
Aedan Buenafe (5 hours ago)
i got 127 points
ko52 ‘ (7 hours ago)
260 Water
Ralsei Dreemurr (8 hours ago)
Is the power of fluffy boi's a type of soul?
althea smith (9 hours ago)
I got earth
Cheyenne Dillon (9 hours ago)
280 points I'am defiantly a Water soul
Izhea Ornillo (10 hours ago)
Waterrrr love itt powerr!😄😅😍😘
Julie Werdann (10 hours ago)
I have powers!!!!!!!! thanks by the way i'm new
Dylan Hollis (10 hours ago)
It says I'm water but it does not describe correct.
peter grifer (11 hours ago)
I’m the fire squad 🔥🔥🔥 people that are fire comment and anyone else like
magmaflash (11 hours ago)
XxxAjarRocketxxX (11 hours ago)
Oof I'm Water ;-; Well that actually makes sense.... :<
Silvina Amomas (11 hours ago)
I got water
Phantom Mummy (12 hours ago)
Water squad
Brie Jones (13 hours ago)
Water 😏
Claudia Lopez (14 hours ago)
Water; huh, my favorite element is water! And i am sometimes lazy! 🤣
Warrior (15 hours ago)
I got earth and it actually, like REALLY, describes me perfectly. I got 330.
Zachi Siddall (16 hours ago)
I got a maximum of 400 points
Whoa, me basically... Water anyone?
Lizzabell 72 (18 hours ago)
Why does 8 not have a I will get over it in less than a day option? (Also I’m water) (And a pessimist)
Kanchan Shome (19 hours ago)
240 Air
AdiantusArch Ltd (20 hours ago)
Dean Binkanee (1 day ago)
water anyone with me
Lexie Cole (1 day ago)
i am water my soul element is water peeps
Ethel de Leon (1 day ago)
Like if your water too
pradeep vaishnav (1 day ago)
Water people most likely to watch this video, I m water
magnificent gamer (1 day ago)
I already know pyrokenices so I'm "fire" squad and I'm a Scorpio
Lady Bug (1 day ago)
The earth element sounds like a Virgo By it is one
Rodeo Dejomeo (1 day ago)
I got 250 point ,Whitby I got water I want earth why why why why why why why why why why why why why why
Ashlyn Gibson (1 day ago)
I was so happy when he said water because that is my favorite element In the whole wide world. BTW this is not Ashlyn this is her sister on her computer.
Trina Jones (1 day ago)
Phantom Verse (1 day ago)
Water squad :3
Angel dogs (1 day ago)
Okay, I wanted fire or water not air EW!
Kylie Herrold (1 day ago)
I got 230 witches is air but fire sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much like my life
pancake Games (1 day ago)
Bou u wrong
Malikah Yacub (1 day ago)
Lighting is my element
Laura Simanjuntak (1 day ago)
Im an aquarius and my soul element is water, is it coincidence? I think not😁.
Phoebe Chan (1 day ago)
cindy espy (1 day ago)
i am air
Karla Diaz (1 day ago)
Cynthia Xie (1 day ago)
Haitham Ajlouni (1 day ago)
Fox Pup (1 day ago)
I'm not air I don't live life to the fullest
I got Air but Fire describes me way better
The Jammy Gamer (1 day ago)
thumbs up for earth squad!
The Jammy Gamer (1 day ago)
330 so earth baby! yeet!
Pokci Pox (1 day ago)
I am waterbender.. yet im so scared of deep water 🤣..to the point tht i find its hard to breath ..wht kind of waterbender i am? Hahaha Anyone like me?
Priya S (1 day ago)
My score is 360.. I'm earth
Wajid Balouch (1 day ago)
water squad like here
Dantuluri Rama Devi (1 day ago)
Caterina Fedeli (1 day ago)
Where’s my air squad!??
Elle Williams (1 day ago)
I got 250 I'm water but I'm not that lazy
Ang Cheng Hui (1 day ago)
Air!! Same as my horoscope. :))
Emir Samsuddin (1 day ago)
I've done a lot of quizzes like this, and they were all either fire or water.. Im aquarius but I feel like I'm connected to fire...
MU FAVORITE TYPE IS WATER AND I GOT EXACTLY 320 SO IM WATER and also that's not a water sign that's ice sign
Isaiah Doolah (2 days ago)
I'm air thanks for that😁😁😁
Zaib Haider (2 days ago)
My soul element is EARTH....the one with the same like👇🏼
Sandra Bandura (2 days ago)
who thinks that the bright side is smart
Morgan Clanin (2 days ago)
I am fire. Which I guess makes sense since I am a Sagittarius and they are a fire sign.
Mglasco Mklglasco (2 days ago)
Im water through and through!
Jezryl Fatalla (2 days ago)
Where are the earth squad,all hard working
I got Air! :D
Said Alzhira (2 days ago)
I am WATER everybody
Darcey Ritchie (2 days ago)
I’m water and it says I’m laid back OHHH GOD NO THATS NOT RIGHT IM LIKE A SPRING!!!!
justice 4ever (2 days ago)
Jamie Miller (2 days ago)
i would personaly be fire because ive bee in lots of drama situations but i got water and i love the water im also definetly going to share with my friends
nunof yabuisness (2 days ago)
Yaaaa water
Trippy Games (2 days ago)
I'm the water person and everything you said when it got to Water describes my personality and me.
shock dragon (2 days ago)
my sis is earth *totally sometimes WAY too cautious
shock dragon (2 days ago)
mine is water
Jordan Celestino (2 days ago)
#Water squad ;) replie if your part of the water squad !!!!
wolfblood lunar (2 days ago)
Fire squad
cool kid (2 days ago)
Air squad
Sunali Panda (2 days ago)
Sunali Panda (2 days ago)
total points is 290
Deserie Pianar (2 days ago)
wahh yeahh your right my soul element is water i like water the facts about what you say in the water is all true😊
Easton Sanders (2 days ago)
I’m water and I really lazy
GamerKelin (2 days ago)
FIRE!!!! yayayyaayayayyay
Hanishaa Bai (2 days ago)
Good iam water hit like if your my group
Celestial Kraken (2 days ago)
Ritu Shrestha (2 days ago)
Cool Water 🍹🌦⛆
Ritu Shrestha (2 days ago)
My daughter's is water
vlad productions (2 days ago)
I'm air 😁
omqursis (2 days ago)
i’m earth
wolf love (2 days ago)
i am water
Lezaaiselgi28 Aiselgi (2 days ago)
im a proud water elementist???👍😁😅
Ching Reso-or (2 days ago)
#Namaste to all Water Element Total Score 320points
michael slade (2 days ago)
ANKIT ARDAS (2 days ago)
Earth with 350 points
Smile City (3 days ago)
I am also a water Army
crimson (3 days ago)
i get very jelouse and angry too
crimson (3 days ago)
if i had 1 mil i would give 3 thousand to my 3 best friends and buy a big mansion with some i would also move countrys and i would by a fast cool car and a zombie resistant bunker just in case

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