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Trading Lundqvist to A Team That Can Win HIM A CUP? NHL 18

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COINTRADERS : http://cointraders.co/ref/Legacy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY WWE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIX7oi4I8W7yTduPpeDdWYg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Twitter: http://twitter.com/RevivedLegacyYT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/revivedlegacyyt/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/revived_legacy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Intro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjNmBfvsI7U ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XBOX GT: Reviive Legacy PSN: Revived_Legacy In this video we are trading henrik lundqvist to a team in the nhl that he could possibly help improve and win his first stanley cup on.
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Text Comments (82)
Dillon Denk (9 months ago)
ATTA BOY. Thanks boss, great video. And congrats on the pronunciation! If I get any other ideas ill let you know.
The gaming Indo raptor (5 months ago)
Dillon Denk ii
The gaming Indo raptor (5 months ago)
Dillon Denk Iiiii
Dillon Denk (9 months ago)
No prob. If you ever wanna play some eashl ill add ya. Keep pumpin out good stuff.
Revived Legacy (9 months ago)
Dillon Denk Yea buddy :) Thanks for the suggestion!
Exo Linx (3 months ago)
Andy M (4 months ago)
Fuck off with that Jets hate LOL Vezina candidate, even from when you made this video he was a top goalie.
Swag_Jack 29_Flyers (5 months ago)
You skipped my Philly Flyers :(
Nikola Tesla (6 months ago)
Lundqvist the Chicago for Crawford & 3rd. Is Lundqvist an upgrade over Crawford tho?
Benthewall Goalie (6 months ago)
Should have done phili
Jason Mikolanda (7 months ago)
As a rangers fan I wouldn’t do that, bortuzzo and Hutton not worth shit
Thomas Hammel (7 months ago)
I’m a Rangers fan and if this were to happen I don’t think I would ever watch a Rangers game again
Samuel Stein (8 months ago)
You suck
Awesome-SportsAndGaning (8 months ago)
Can ovechkin win a cup with Dallas
Dat Boi (8 months ago)
Good video subbed
Theo Hensey (8 months ago)
Sharks murdering the blues in the conference finals? Sounds familiar
Друг Is my dad (8 months ago)
U don’t understand he is the reason y the rangers can’t win a cup
To Dope (8 months ago)
Retain salary the value goes through the roof, I love how hard it is too trade.
Tyson Gratton (8 months ago)
In winnipeg hellebuyck is actually playing goalie this year
Taran Amorim (9 months ago)
Whkauke (9 months ago)
If you added Allen the trade would’ve gone through
nikolas vecchione (9 months ago)
I feel the islanders would’ve been a good option
TTB TV (8 months ago)
No way they trade him to Islanders :O
Beast Mode (9 months ago)
Lundqvisit is best golie to ever live
tylertoestoes (9 months ago)
As a rangers fan I would not take that trade, Lundqvist may be old but they are borderline contenders and they won't have a starter anymore
Stormtrooper45 (9 months ago)
I would try with Winnipeg. I have seen them go on deep runs in the playoffs early in franchise mode before.
Mikko Heinonen (9 months ago)
Ea fucked up there. Whole sanjose squad is pretty overrated and blues are killing it. No chance in hell sanjose sweeps blues 4 to 1. And this is coming from a Rangers fan
David D (9 months ago)
Give us just 3 firsts and you can have hank
Ari Smith (9 months ago)
Next time trade Jake Allen and something else because Allen has some trade value and you don’t need him because you have lundqvist and you don’t need an 84 overall backup goalie
As a rangers fan myself I wouldn't enjoy this trade because I believe that he should win a cup with the team he has been on for so long
j0EYYH (4 months ago)
I would enjoy seeing Marleau winning the cup with sharks too, but he left :(
nikolas vecchione respectfully Tavares can't carry a team by himself so the islanders don't look like their winning any time soon
nikolas vecchione (9 months ago)
Rusty Sweat Hole Productions he should win the cup with the rags but it won’t happen
bluefurr (9 months ago)
I'm in 3:15 and ah...Capitals need a goalie. They have a wonderful backup but an awful starter.
Bob Butts (8 months ago)
bluefurr you serious bruh? Holtby is easily top five, in the league
noah Weiss (9 months ago)
Try the islanders
Dillon Denk (9 months ago)
Good try Revived. Appreciate it
snc237 (9 months ago)
You should fix your spelling on the title
RobotZapper (9 months ago)
Do one with the Sedins!
emma kanovsky (9 months ago)
He has a better chance at winning the cup with the rangers then with any other team
Dimitri Simiabjdkfcf (9 months ago)
If he goes to the hawks he will do great
Insane Mantis (9 months ago)
Send Bob to the Blues
eternalkillerx (9 months ago)
Rangers can win him a cup
Justin Salomone (6 months ago)
Mind If I Oof? (7 months ago)
GellingskogJE Exactly He says whatever happens with the Rangers, whether they rebuild the roster or not, he’s in
EriksawJE (8 months ago)
Ima be honest. I am a big fan of Henriks Swedish team Frölunda. He's loyal, he played for us when we were bad, and he played for us when we were good.He wouldnt trade a cup for a team he loves. If he doesnt get the cup with rangers, he wont get the cup at all. Thats why he's an icon in the NHL.
Dimitri Simiabjdkfcf (9 months ago)
Don’t think so
Isman21 The Marble Racer (9 months ago)
Lundqvist > Bobrovsky
tylertoestoes (9 months ago)
Revived Legacy (9 months ago)
Isman21 The Marble Racer 😱
ROB HAVOC (9 months ago)
Scott Katz (9 months ago)
The blues don't have a first. The flyers own it
Daniel Stetler (9 months ago)
The flyers!!!!!!!!!
FrankieTankie GD (9 months ago)
Trade Jaromir Jagr to a cup contender
Warren Windsor (9 months ago)
lets go jumbo joe thornton a stanley cup please!!
hello (9 months ago)
Can you do this with pekka rinne he is my favourite goalie
hello (9 months ago)
they are contenders and they better win rinne is getting old
hello (9 months ago)
FrankieTankie GD true
FrankieTankie GD (9 months ago)
hello Yeah but the preds are cup contenders
hello (9 months ago)
And good video
Malcolm (9 months ago)
lmao getting so worked up about the trade not going through but you aren't even reading their rejection message... "On the surface the trade looks good, but we don't want to retain all that salary" is what the message says. "ea is so hard to deal with omg wtf ea get your shit together" when they put in realistic reasons why a GM wouldn't want to accept the trade. Try reading m8
Warren Windsor (9 months ago)
Malcolm if i got offered 3 1st round picks for an old goaltender who will retire soon i would accept that.
Nation (9 months ago)
Can Patrick Kane carry the wild to the cup?
Dimitri Simiabjdkfcf (9 months ago)
Nation yup he did for Chicago
Beattie Cameron (9 months ago)
I would want to see two more seasons of this to see if it is possible because some years are better then others
MegaGamer 4 (9 months ago)
Love the vid
Revived Legacy (9 months ago)
Megagamer 2007 Thanks!
Slickz (9 months ago)
Fix title!
Ummmm, the Blues would love to "send Hutton on over?" Lol no. He is one of if not the best backup in the league right now. Anyways love the video. So happy that you chose the Blues!
Pauli Nieminen (9 months ago)
Oh No (9 months ago)
Poor hank
Roso Watch (9 months ago)
You might want to fix the title's grammar...
Roso Watch (9 months ago)
Well "Than" is a word as well, and a typo is when a word is misspelt, furthermore, that would be considered a grammar error. Or I guess you could say typo as well, it doesn't really matter.
mrlabear crouse (9 months ago)
Roso Watch Not Grammar 😂. Just a Typo dumbass. Know the difference
Ubruntu1 (9 months ago)
That can win him a cup ***
MapleDarp (9 months ago)
The hell is the the title
NHL 18 Drafty (9 months ago)
I’m very disappointed with this idea... maybe you should trade Bobrovsky to a team that can win a playoff series? Lol
NHL 18 Drafty (9 months ago)
Revived Legacy I know it wasn’t I was just raging “Like A Pro” lol I love those vids
Revived Legacy (9 months ago)
NHL 18 Drafty Difference is one guy has been in the league for 13 years. Isn't suppose to come off disrespectful to rangers fans :/
Cancerous HockeyFan (9 months ago)
I think you messed up on your title
Marion Ricahrdson (9 months ago)
First revised legacy please pin this
Pengioo (9 months ago)

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