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Remember What You Read - How To Memorize What You Read!

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http://blackbeltmemory.com/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read Get memory training tips at link above now Get your free training training to remember what you read: http://blackbeltmemory.com/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read Do you have trouble remember what you studied? This video is about how to remember what you studied We have all read a page and then 5 minutes later don't remember what we just read. There is a simple process that you can follow to remember what you read. To remember what you read: 1. Don't try to memorize as you read but instead highlight or underline the key words 2. Use the Mind Palace technique 3. Create pictures for all the words you have highlighted or underlines 4. See these pictures in your mind palace 5. Segment chapters by using rooms 6. Create pictures for dates if it is a history book The main thing in remembering what you read is not to try to memorize as you read but take notes and then later go back and use the mind palace technique to remember what you have read. This works for students wanting to improve their memory for what they have read or business professionals wanting to remember what they have read Follow these steps and this is how you remember what you studied Get my full course here http://blackbeltmemory.com/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read
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Text Comments (1422)
dennis camacho (7 hours ago)
Yeah fuck this ! I'll just read it again. This takes to motherfucking long.
Queenish kushii (19 hours ago)
ishika rai (2 days ago)
Thank you sir..I always try to learn economics and geography but I cannot remember the points of the chapters
Nabila Abdullah (3 days ago)
Not easy to trying
nsa wind (4 days ago)
PT3 such a freaky thing er
JakeNBake (4 days ago)
i have to do it hands on to remember it , instead of reading
Akshay Shetty (4 days ago)
Wow .you're so interesting. Giving a useful tricks.Thanks for this
Akshay Shetty (4 days ago)
+Ron White Memory Expert - Memory Training & Brain Training I will try this for my next examination
Thank you for watching Akshay
Rashad Heyward (6 days ago)
salsa4u Moudrik (6 days ago)
Hi thank you for your videos. I would like to know how can you memorize financial mathematic formules, how should I do that please?
juan juan (9 days ago)
yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oh umm sorry but im in  2sc grade im a little girl
itsme Reina (9 days ago)
How to memorize math formulas? It was so hard😞
VIVIR MÁS (9 days ago)
Thanks Men for al this good information you're shering
Paul Welsh (9 days ago)
This is good for remembering facts like names and places, but what about whole concepts?
Jman Rip (10 days ago)
I think this is called dyslexia
Jeremy JOE THOMAS (10 days ago)
question:who is abrahan lincoln me: a table
Charterdossy XX (11 days ago)
Its makes me do it thx its helpful Now i will read my lessons and still remember bts
sreehari as (11 days ago)
Grit Valiant (12 days ago)
Can't remember all he said.
Lilscrappy$50cent (12 days ago)
Is this guy smoked out? Penny races around the fridge? Lincon? Sherlock homes? Nigga what is u doing?
iluvsw33ts (13 days ago)
My mind just goes blank when reading something.
sumaya shummy (13 days ago)
Confusion overloaded
Gpop Entertainment (17 days ago)
When I'm memorizing I use it as a song😂
Murendeni Khwerana (17 days ago)
srk k (17 days ago)
nice sir thank you
Kaustubh Pandey (18 days ago)
Me at step 5- wait,what was step 1?
It's ok!
Unknown Death (19 days ago)
I really Don't get the Mind Palace. Can Somebody explain it to me :<
prabal thapa (19 days ago)
thank you sir
You are welcome prabal
We are Tanzaproud doing career guidance and counselling program here in Tanzania we wish to work with you our email is [email protected]
What about physics and chemistry
I will do a video on this in about 2-3 weeks. thank you!
Devildaily (23 days ago)
I Can't Even Use A Single Paper To Say It Out Loud
Mohamed Mobarik (23 days ago)
Super useless 😟
Interesting. When I used it to memorize 7,000 words in sequence I found it helpful
abdiaziz adan (24 days ago)
I'm not sure what to do,Bcoz all i have in my bedsitter is just a bed. I guess its not helping me at all.
Go for a walk outside and select objects outside like trees or bushes or rivers or streets or signs. You have plenty of options. Be creative
Mayank Bargode (25 days ago)
thank you sir for this information
it's good and I appreciate but how can you study maths for better understanding
Waterlemones (28 days ago)
Sir i ran out of rooms, can i reuse them effectively
Waterlemones (28 days ago)
Very nice thank you sir
Yes you can re use the rooms. As long as the topics are different
Tony Parrino (28 days ago)
Crap, I already forgot step one...
Watch again. haha
AcousticGuy (1 month ago)
I bet now when I do my test all I will be able to remember is a penny racing around my refrigerator.
I hope so!
Md.Miftahul Islam Rafi (1 month ago)
there are at least 100 reactions in organic chemistry...how can I remember them pls...help... I have a time amount about 1.5 months...
Prodi Akun (1 month ago)
one more useful method, that is using "Mind map" to turn all the highlight keyword into a map. so you can remember the whole idea of what you read.. thanks :)
Nice teaching
Hazel Kate (1 month ago)
If you are a student use the things and furnitures you see in your classroom..these helps you recall more during exams.
Keila Cegales (1 month ago)
Thaaank youu. This works. .i do this everytime. .i just create a village though... hahaha one house for one chapter. ..with different floors then different roooms. .
Shabir Ahmed (1 month ago)
Hi Ron simply great ideas. Make it very easy to memorize things.Plz sent me a video on how to train your brain or how to control it.
evance ogada (1 month ago)
I only get sense in point number one but the rest ........
Chiku Sama (1 month ago)
made it more difficult
Rhia alberto (1 month ago)
i am a big fan of ron!!!!! :D
thanks for watching!
Mumtaz Juwle (1 month ago)
Damn history is easier than this
Vishal Chauhan (1 month ago)
how to apply this for long answers
Molester Moon (1 month ago)
I actually thought of KFC instead of Kentucky Derby
A Ray In the Dark (1 month ago)
I feel disgusted and desperate to say that I am having a hard time visualizing, am I mind blind?
Joey the Mango (1 month ago)
This seems more complicanted than actually just writing down the most important stuff
Kitty Swirl (1 month ago)
I'm grade 3 so I have to memorize something.
Romin Memon (1 month ago)
Kindergarten study tips
Jazz Joseph (1 month ago)
what if I don't have enough rooms in my home?
fr of beats dj jexxy (1 month ago)
thank you you helped me in my reading
NadVic17 (1 month ago)
oh nice. so abraham lincoln was the 18th president? at least seen from my country ...
What if you litterally need to memmorize the whole pahragraph?
J U N G K O O K K K (1 month ago)
oh man. I should probably just sleep.
Jumpsuit. J (1 month ago)
Anyone trying to learn this stuff before freshman year? No? Just me? Darn...
sy annzz (1 month ago)
DOn't try to memorize
TranQuiLer (1 month ago)
I only use image memorizing.
Mo Kora (2 months ago)
This needs homes of the planet to remember 😂😂😂 I only have three rooms 😂😂
ABH Pasha (2 months ago)
I need to watch this video again to remember what he said ,lol
It's Lamiii (2 months ago)
From 0:01 to 0:09 is totally me 😂😂😂
YOOSUF NA (2 months ago)
For me 5 things not enough to store the data .
ThatsSoGiorgio (2 months ago)
Maybe this works, but it sounds so complex that I think I might be better off taking my chances.
Gaming with SSDR (2 months ago)
all this will work but the main one is studying at the last 10 min before tests is the most awesome moment.....
Chaise St John (2 months ago)
What if your poor and don't have any furniture in your house.
Kail jadairn (2 months ago)
I tend to associate things i wish to remember with people i know or events .. For dates i use birthdays of family and friends i know ...
Richard Bird (2 months ago)
Thank you for the super quick intro that jumps right into the content! Too many creators are trying to explain the whole video before doing the video. You gained a subscriber just for that!
Thanks for watching!
Suresh murali (2 months ago)
Master piece_ (2 months ago)
does u have any tips to remember biology’s term because it is too much to remember😬
Kumbidi (2 months ago)
Mind palace really helps me
Kylie Jackson (2 months ago)
With the mind palace, I don't have enough rooms in my house to remember things for every subject in school. So do you delete it from your memory after a test so it can be used again? I just don't fully understand.
Vitez Koja (2 months ago)
This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "words that rhyme with memorize" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Yiyevi Ponevi Approach - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.
Zivan Buturic (2 months ago)
Just wonderful, been searching for "the best way to memorize things" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Yiyevi Ponevi Approach - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.
Olivia Queen (2 months ago)
Actually I've been doing everything he said unaware that they are formal methods of remembering things.I thought that I was crazy because I was using those methods LoL 😂
Omar Radwan (2 months ago)
I can’t remember what he said in this video
Rαndom Dude (2 months ago)
I think you love Abraham Lincoln
Zaid Quadri (2 months ago)
no link for mind palace..?????
CHRIS P. BACON (2 months ago)
how about memorizing muscle origin, insertion, nerve supply, and action? well im pretty doomed
S mark (2 months ago)
I think it's useful but i'm so lazy to do it
James Dinser (2 months ago)
This works fine for stories that you can imagine and actually create images in your mind for but what about textbooks on computer technology. Any suggestions anyone?
shil js (2 months ago)
That's definitly not possible for college Students like me memorizing 30 Pages for the exams
Jackie Minns (2 months ago)
I forget when I read
Elsa Dee (2 months ago)
I'm trying to memorize capitals of every country.I need 196 objects for that then.
salma waleed (2 months ago)
Thanks for this video , it was extremely helpful as I always struggle with my fish memory lol . It always frustrated me because I'm attentive in school but once the teacher finishes a sentence and says another I forget what she said literally ten seconds ago . Keep up the good work
Thanks for watching!
aryaj singh (2 months ago)
the mind palace tho... I have WAY more info to remember than I have furnitures 😑😐
Super bro
Thanks for watching!
hinatamercury (3 months ago)
So no memorizing while reading...okay so when should the memory palace be used? After reading the material? That means going over the material again?
The King (3 months ago)
i don't understand everything in this video and l need it so plz translate it in arabic if you can
chakrawarti khatiwada (3 months ago)
alright it was a good video but not everyone studies about American Presidents how do you memorise this? Boundary layer The speed at which a fluid flows past an object varies according to how far from the object you are. If you're sitting in a parked car and a gale-force wind is howling past you at 200km/h (125mph), you might think the difference in speed between the air and the car is 200km/h—and it is! But there's not a sudden, drastic discontinuity between the stationary car and the fast-moving air. Right next to the car, the air speed is actually zero: the air sticks to the car because there are attractive forces between the molecules of the car's paintwork and the air molecules that touch them. The further away from the car you get, the higher the wind speed. A certain distance from the car, the air will be traveling at its full speed of 200km/h. The region surrounding the car where the air speed increases from zero to its maximum is known as the boundary layer. We get laminar flow when the fluid can flow efficiently, gently and smoothly increasing in speed across the boundary layer; we get turbulent flown when this doesn't happen—when the fluid jumbles and mixes up chaotically instead of sliding past itself in smooth layers.
Vivek Vicky (3 months ago)
please give idea about how to read formulas
Thangminlen Touthang (3 months ago)
Thanks bro.
Thanks for watching!
Sangeeta. Chhetri67 (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Bumbu Dapur (3 months ago)
I dont understand what the point explaination cuz i'm from indonesian, lol even my english i dont know is good or bad, but i'm just try and try to speak english. Even the people laught of me.
Adam albright (3 months ago)
I got to # 3 when he said "pretty easy right" and I'm like "no. Not at all. Only # 1 was easy"
Chicken Wing (3 months ago)
Good advise..now how do i memorize this video?
Chinmoy Trex (3 months ago)
You are a great man
Chinmoy Trex (3 months ago)
Ron White Memory Expert - Memory Training & Brain Training ...honestly im so happy... A great person replied to my comment, so im great too now. Keep uploading such videos... Thumbs up forever.
Thanks for watching!
Christina Sterling (3 months ago)
Thank you sir I am getting exams and I try to remember things as I read
Christina Sterling (3 months ago)
Yuh know wah nuh badda,I don't know

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