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How To Trade TeaCup Patterns w/ Lisaldo Tavarez

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Dionte' Adams (17 days ago)
Hey can you put the link for the group in the comments I am in IML and would love to catch some of your calls
Michael Aidoo (2 months ago)
what indicators does he use?
Rasheen Taylor (1 month ago)
Michael Aidoo 4 simple, 50 exponential.
BrotherBargain1 (3 months ago)
Damn this guy is good. Straight forward.
Elmer O (5 months ago)
How long it took u to turn $1k to 500k?
Elmer O (5 months ago)
Hi Lisaldo, entry point & exit point is from the left tcup to right tcup? I always hear u saying sold on.

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