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How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem

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Do you recall studying for your exams? You probably do. But do you remember how you studied, how you memorized French words or the year of the American civil war? Now, that’s probably harder. As a teenager, Ricardo Lieuw On was packing groceries when he knew what he wanted to study: he wanted to learn about learning. He picked up a study in psychology and learned how to reduce his learning time from 3 hours to 1 hour on the same piece of content. He gained the same knowledge in 200% less time. And specially for TEDxHaarlem, he shares the secret of his technique. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (879)
justjakefornow (8 hours ago)
He is using a method similar to memory palace to recall the last 10 presidents.
MUSIC /ESC (15 hours ago)
I was waiting for How to triple your money, and then I read the title again.
Anri Davids (1 day ago)
This is an super informative video! Thank you so much for your inspiration <3 By the way. I Started a YouTube Channel to share my story of getting rid of the 9 to 5 so I could travel around the world and be free.Would love some support from the YouTube community <3. NOTHING but love for you guys going your own way!
Karen Seislove (1 day ago)
Jorge Luis Borges wrote something about memory being more like an acknowledgement of something we had forgotten.
Ronan D (1 day ago)
This is the greatest load of rubbish .do not ever depend on this nonsense for learning .learning is unique to every person .get your ability to learn tested by a professional .make the best of what you got and don't listen to chancers like this lad . Ever
Sarah Bellum (1 day ago)
Memorizing is not at all the same as actually learning so you can apply something.
tylervision707 (1 day ago)
I got the first 10 by using a method i call memorization through visualization and having memorization through association... very similar to yours... the second ones were harder because i did not know they were numbered...
tylervision707 (1 day ago)
i taught it to my infant who was talking at 3 months old.
tylervision707 (1 day ago)
since 1986 I can memorize any thing i see, hear, smell, taste, type, read, write, feel, etc
John Morsant (1 day ago)
Wow, how long are people going to milk the memory palace cow? Is it really necessary to have the same technique presented by 10 different people? On top of that, the technique doesn't work for math, physics, science, chemistry.. These days people simply want to be known no matter how.
Sun and clouds (1 day ago)
I agree your method, but at least give both methods the same condition? Your story was taking significant longer time than 30s which makes the conditions unfair.
sashank gambhir (1 day ago)
I read money instead of memory and watched the whole vedio!!
shubham dalal (2 days ago)
I hope i could meet anyone of them whose just disliked the video, I mean I m really forward to get some more advanced tricks.
Aung Thu (2 days ago)
Brilliant. He showed how to build mini Mind Palace just a few minutes. Great presentation.
Justin Stafford (2 days ago)
What he’s teaching is very old and extremely effective. You create memory palaces. Think any home you’ve ever lived, car interior, running trail,. You didn’t try to memorize, but it’s stored in spacial memory, then you attach the list or new images to a memory palace, and bam you remember it just like walking from front door to your room. Sad, they are selling and not giving credit.
Justin Stafford (2 days ago)
Great book called moonwalking with Einstein about it
Jessica Maden (2 days ago)
Thst was absolutely brilliant! I am going to suggest it to my audience the next time I do a public speaking exercise.
Jessica Maden (2 days ago)
Also on my YouTube videos, I will suggest people use this method it is amazing.
future yg trainee (2 days ago)
beard object jacket secret edge nothing date punch gas ok its only 9
xybersurfer (2 days ago)
i think that understanding helps more than remember random things
Curly Soos (2 days ago)
Amulya Kalluri (2 days ago)
Ok now it’s ok I guess
Jimin Park (3 days ago)
My Memory = 0 Video says triple your memory with this method then; 3 x 0 = 0 Now, I'm doomed.
JeremyShaferOrigami (3 days ago)
But walking us through that story took a LOT longer than 30 seconds!
Share (3 days ago)
We did something like this in middle school...
Gestr (3 days ago)
Using the body as cues adds consistency and flow to the memorization, like how sherlock uses his mind palace
Always room
NixamAqua 26 (4 days ago)
Well, imagine?
___ shruti ___ (4 days ago)
Adrija Guin (4 days ago)
this is amzing.....!!!!!
Fishappy0 -JackFish (4 days ago)
the BEARD OBJECTs JACKET taking it to the SECRET EDGE while on a NOTHING DATE seeing BAND PUNCHes GAS. I pretty much visualize these word using imaginary all in the first minutes into the video
StrategicZexal (4 days ago)
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Yaash Times (4 days ago)
I don't think this works with people In the medical field...
Aard Reo (5 days ago)
Thank you.
12 J (5 days ago)
12:34 to the end was amazing
Faten Naseha (5 days ago)
But how to apply this to memorise routes?
Ramadan Ibrahem (5 days ago)
But I can't do that with college references 😥💔
Mr. Robot (5 days ago)
0**0 = 0 Lol😂😂😂😂😂
edolina (5 days ago)
Good one
Niromada (6 days ago)
Niromada (6 days ago)
Beard object jacket I forgot and like date nothing gas punch
Niromada (6 days ago)
Steve Campbell (6 days ago)
He is just saying experiment to find a way that works for you. By ‘works’ he see easier learning and consequently more personal satisfaction. If you don’t try then you lose out... no one else. If you can’t be interested in yourself then how can you expect others to be. Being open to new ideas makes us more rounded human beings. Poo pooing new ideas seems to be the way out for many. Give it a shot, consider and find what works for you to make your life more satisfying. Good luck all.
Alister Le'Toille (6 days ago)
I watched this whole thing thinking it said "How to tripple your money".... got to the end and was like.... wtf.... no mention on money at all... then i re read the title lol 🤦🏽‍♂️
Satvika Putcha (6 days ago)
Beard object jacket secret edge nothing date band punch gas. Yeahhh! Got it all right!!
Moses A (6 days ago)
Funny comments. It's about memorizing which is a small subset of studying. Memorizing does not replace understanding.
Breexens Gaming (6 days ago)
Beard object jacket secret edge jsjajajw idk
Tony Smith (6 days ago)
16:00 to tell you to experiment and imagine vivid pictures to remember words. Same as everyone else. One of the worst talks ever. Should be 5 - 6 min maximum !
Jawad Khan (6 days ago)
i discovered this method when i was in 8th grade; i was expecting something new and different.
leg_nd (11 hours ago)
uh huh
Koi Fishie (7 days ago)
But what if I forget the stories? And is this practice to improve your memory, or is it just a trick to remember something? Sorry, I'm just confused.
Roger Kassebaum (7 days ago)
Not for me.
Karanjot Singh (7 days ago)
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bymlyc (8 days ago)
Damn. Read this as "How to triple your money by using this trick".
Elizabeth Barnes (8 days ago)
Beard Object Jacket Punch Date Nothing Gas’
Tina M (8 days ago)
I got the president connection, but could never remember the order of the presidents using only the story he said.
KittieBelle (8 days ago)
Beard object jacket4. 5. Nothing 7. Band gas 10.
Ronal Trendy Video (9 days ago)
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Sup4c4t _ (9 days ago)
Didn’t work I want a refund
gayatri potekar (9 days ago)
Awsome...never realised that one must learn how to learn in new ways of learning
Magnus KD 430 (9 days ago)
That audience must haave been paid to watch that. A whole lot of clapping for what? Please someone from this organization tell me how to use that method when reading a whole book?
Quynh Anh (9 days ago)
Beard ojbject jacket secret ... nothing. Da
Adrian Gomez (9 days ago)
How can I apply this technique to a monologue or a script
Elkalite (9 days ago)
I said beard punching jacket with a secret edge. Nothing to date.
Ananya (9 days ago)
This was so good.
Melvyn Gingell (9 days ago)
What a load of fricking nonsense !
JasonTheMask X (9 days ago)
You know how to triple your memory. Take away your phone
panther harper (10 days ago)
I got seven out of ten! 😄 I got three wrong because I spent the first ten seconds wasting time so the last three I couldn't memorise...
This is from a course called “Megamemory” which I took when I was a kid nothing new.
Aman K. (10 days ago)
Wow, what a video!
-Chopper - (10 days ago)
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Ben jamin (10 days ago)
wow, 16 minutes to tell you, that you should visualize things to memorize...that was really inefficient...
Deeptí Stha (10 days ago)
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Naveen Pundir (11 days ago)
I remembered only one word"Nothing"
Lordwin Anim (11 days ago)
Bears object jacket secret gas, lil pump Gucci gang Trex
Ruwan Weerakkody (11 days ago)
Eskander Xanderama (11 days ago)
TEDx talks are SPONSORED and therefore lack ANY credibility. Gonna install an add-on to filter this channel out.
enquiry enquiry (12 days ago)
ricardo you have a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, thank you for this video-Q)How can you get corrupt lawfirms/government staff to learn from their mistakes, and not to repeat them at the expense of victims like me?
yash wanth (12 days ago)
Thank you for the session
Mia Rosario (12 days ago)
I got it so wrong where did u get fox from?
Mia Rosario (12 days ago)
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Rowan Negus (12 days ago)
Hadn't realized I've been doing this for school every semester haha, thanks Dad for the odd study habits
Megha Bhatti (12 days ago)
Beard Object Jacket Secret Edge Date Band Punch Gas
Rivers Bliss (12 days ago)
So using mnemonics then.
Frontline Nepal (12 days ago)
Great show. Very useful information for many people.
Ashtar Gent (12 days ago)
7:50 beautiful lady
Zara Senior (12 days ago)
c blooped Ex hgrvv
Zara Senior (12 days ago)
c blooped Ex hgr
Luis Garcia (13 days ago)
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Amazing People (13 days ago)
Does this type of methods produce people like Einstien. And isn't this a brainwashing process?
Christine daaé (13 days ago)
Imagine you're studying medicine and you're advised to tie the images to your body...
Sanjeev Tiwari (13 days ago)
Ok thats good but how do i memorize big para in my theory subjects ???i cant use that technique there
CherryRibble MyButt (13 days ago)
I used an acronym for the first row and I couldn't figure out what to do for the second one
lalit sharma (14 days ago)
single memory is sufficient
Bk Ranjan (14 days ago)
Heyy i got 9 correct that too in proper order...but yeah i could not retain***secret***
Jason Morris (14 days ago)
Hey, don't worry about it.
Eternity Theone (14 days ago)
Solid Snake (15 days ago)
beard object jacket secret date nothing edge gas band mirror (2nd attempt)
Solid Snake (15 days ago)
beard object jacket glass nothing table ... er bubble?
slmeucalesa1 (15 days ago)
Harry Lorraine...........look him up
MehMC (15 days ago)
I'm sorry, what is a Youtube comment again?
Sassie (16 days ago)
Wtf!What did he tried to say?( =_=)
Amaresh Sarkar (16 days ago)
It works! Thank you!
jason tyler (17 days ago)
I didn’t learn one *ucking thing...now get me high... ha ha
Bram van de Gevel (17 days ago)
Haarlem ftw

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