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5 Profitable Types of Business in Ukraine

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rupa singh (1 day ago)
Hello I am Vivek Singh from India First of all I thank you that you have posted your video on YouTube and you are very beautiful and I want some information from you. I want to open a company in Ukraine Let me first tell that the capital of Ukraine What will be the cost of the two-to-two BHK flat and what will be the cost of opening a company there.
rupa singh (1 day ago)
I am the manufactures of utensils in India.
Hey Olga. I love the way you are❤️❤️❤️
jessxxy (22 days ago)
Wait up a second, ive just watched one of your videos explaining how corrupt your country is..... Business?? Hahaha dont tell me, you've taken a bribe to change your story right? Ffs.... everyone has there price dont they.... :)
A KA (1 month ago)
Ukraine walnut seller 00380966668166 watssapp first hand , custom broker
Shafiuzzaman Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Olga, your hair is soooo beautiful. God bless you.
Selekta International (1 month ago)
hi what about imports to ukraine what kind of products are the most demanded?
nur hossain Jewel (2 months ago)
Madam my question no have work permit visa in Ukraine forner worker.and how much salary minimum?jewelnoorhossain78 @gmail.com
Saghear Gull (2 months ago)
HOW to come Ukraine I'm in uae my work car polish and car interior car exteror ples ask me
Smart Man Smart Man (2 months ago)
Please, I want to know how much money in usd the government allows foreigners to invest in ukraine thanks
Andy Richards (2 months ago)
I already started carwash in Kiev
ck pradeesh (2 months ago)
Andy Richards I am from India how much did it cost...I was planning to do the same
Lonnie Christopher (2 months ago)
....After thinking about it......I am dying to run a "Snail- wagon Coffee Shoppe".........!!!!
丁维华 (2 months ago)
how about international trade,products from china,is this a good business in Ukraine?
Lonnie Christopher (2 months ago)
...In Ukraine...why not "teach English".....????.....I have a certificate for TEFL from Prague....and Ukraine girls are always wanting to speak better English...!!!!
Lonnie Christopher (2 months ago)
....In America...the sure- fire business is...."Lawn Care".....$50 USD for the smallest dang yard...and nobody wants to do their own yard anymore...."Lawn Care"........It's easy...and fun.....
Lonnie Christopher (2 months ago)
...Privet....coffee served out of a pink snail...???...hilarious....!!!!
yousf ahmad (2 months ago)
You are Fabulous 😚
Danish Khan (3 months ago)
hey if you don't feel uncomfortable so please send me your personal cell number because I need to know alot more about Ukraine and really would like to introduce many malaysian made products in Ukraine. please add me on your what's app 0060162425687.Thanks
Stephen Lacher (3 months ago)
Five night-mare labor intense businesses.
M. West (3 months ago)
..і ( pardon ) насрати на розвиток машинобудування, електроніки, сільського господарства, etc., etc...Нічого більше не залишилося як бігти всім дружно робити модні європейські зачіски, вимальовувути відрощені пазуряки і жлуктити цілими деньками каву... "Верной дорогостоящий идем, товарищи ! " ... Вірніше, уже прийшли... приплили... A, ще як понатягуємо на для себя обсикані секонд - хендовські джинси з дірками на задницях і обов'язковими ляйбами " made in... " , то це вже взагалі п..дець !!! - уже сама Європа не є такою Європою як Уркаїна!
Samuel Alves de Macedo (3 months ago)
I love coffee and have been to a few coffee shops in Ukraine. I loved them! So creative, lovely and affordable. LOVE UKRAINE! xx
Joseph Marcotte (4 months ago)
I just recently sent a small donation to Olga Reznikova through PayPal for all the efforts and hard work she gives to the public.
Roger didit (4 months ago)
Olga would you come to the USA in exchange for our visit to Ukraine?
Roger didit (4 months ago)
Olga Reznikova But, you should be at Carnegie Hall!
Olga Reznikova (4 months ago)
I have already been in USA 2 times)
H F (4 months ago)
Oh gal, you wouldn't survive with your "super business ideas" Coffee? Did you confuse Ukraine with Colombia? Mani-Pedi is cheap Chinese job in Europe. all your talk is so simple and doesn't reflect anything from UA. In UA is the best soil in the world, cheap labour and hungry market, what do you need is roll up your sleeves to develop your own product/services instead to buy them from Poland and etc. Start to work hard and don't wait that EU or NATO comes to save you, less manicure, less flirt with old western wankers and more work work work as post-ww2 Germany done.
Johan de Vries (4 months ago)
yes I agree...BUT...then again...Ukrainians are NOT Germans,-) nuff said.
Ralph Hunter (5 months ago)
how about english lessons ,prvate
Sabir Habib (5 months ago)
Leoss 67 (5 months ago)
work on your accent for god sake "r" is pronounceable in English, also o is o in English and not a
Johan de Vries (4 months ago)
hee dumbass...most Ukrainians do not speak English...so I think she is doing a great job!!
Mohd Aburadi (5 months ago)
What is ur mail?
Brütal Kush ∞ (6 months ago)
Number 6. Stealing resources from Poland and Russia
E learning by Tanvir (6 months ago)
Can you tell about the cost of doing a resturent in kiev?
Attique Khan (6 months ago)
Give me your number please
Jonas Sandoy (7 months ago)
Kyiv Post is a newspaper in English?
Mohammad Yousuf (7 months ago)
very nice
wilson gill (7 months ago)
I am interested to start in business Ukraine car wash how I am open tell me please reply me
Kulwinder Singh (7 months ago)
I love you r video
saurabh agarwal (8 months ago)
Hey i really like your video.. I'm Indian and i want to settle in Ukraine.. I'm a business student. I have lot of ideas to grow profitable business in Ukraine. I just want to know what are the procedure and restrictions to do business in Ukraine for Locals and for me(foreigner).. thank you.. :)))
Rev.Abrar john (8 months ago)
thanks for good informative videos, we are living in a muslim country and want migrate to ukraine and we are able to start any small business in Ukraine. we are interested in agricuture and live stock please share a video on agriculture and live stock if you can send me any contact of Farmers........... email is [email protected]
Naso Bouko (8 months ago)
You are definitely entertaining! So is it what you want or you suggest to put my money on coffee shops, carwash, nail salon or hair salon?!!!LOL
Paul Robin (8 months ago)
Olga you know about hookers, scammers drug addicts spammers gold diggers u Ukrainian women are ALL WHORES! LOL
Sargent bologna (7 months ago)
Paul Robin not fair statement... can't blame a woman who wanna escape poverty!
Is opening a Gymnasium and/or Pharmaceuticals profitable in Ukraine?
Asma As (3 months ago)
Sahebzada Qazi Arshavin Quraishi yes
America news (9 months ago)
If you from Ukraine citizen contact for sharing business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Masti (10 months ago)
Hi i am indian i m ur very big fan.. plzz make video on how to indian learn Ukrainian language
waseem uddin (10 months ago)
Alexander Lisin (10 months ago)
Corruption is best if you can get it ) Private security... Marriage agencies and webcam studios... She's right about car washes in Ukraine, they're generally quite expensive but they do a wonderful job. Good STO/shinomontazh is hard to find, too, but not so pofitable...
A to Z (11 months ago)
Hi dear my name is shams and I'm from Pakistan I do work and live in UAE recently I have married with my lovely wife nataliia from Poltava Ukraine . I really want to do a small business in Poltava could you kindly guid me which will be more suitable business you have mentioned above and ofcourse I have discussed with my wife and she has no clue nor any idea kindly give me some advice regarding with a minimum business budget in USD thanks 🙏 Email: [email protected]
murali sahu (1 year ago)
Hi Olga plz give u r email id,would like to migrate need u r advice on business setup. [email protected]
America news (9 months ago)
murali sahu For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Arvind rawat (1 year ago)
How much money should we have to start small business for startup can u have any idea
Carpe diem (1 year ago)
full of people 4:03
mike swason (1 year ago)
Do you have any problem with your teeth . Because I see you right side face a little swell.
Amninder Rindi (1 year ago)
How much money need to start car washing
ali sher shah syed (1 year ago)
what about investing in property business?
spooky electric (1 year ago)
How profitable would brewing beer be? Is there much of a market for beer in Ukraine or is it more of a vodka country? I ask because coffee towns tend to also be beer towns more often than not.
David Rohac (1 month ago)
so many beer brands there
littleguytruckershow (1 year ago)
are strip clubs illegal in keiv? OR in Ukraine. also are the women allowed to strip all the way. and what about legalized red light district, like Amsterdam?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Strip clubs are legal.
A S (1 year ago)
In Kyiv women can earn really good money when they demand 50€/hour or more to sale their body. After 6 months they can buy a flat in Kyiv downtown or drive an expensive car.
David Rohac (1 month ago)
What is the price of 3 bedroom flat in Kiev ? I mean 1 living room + 2 rooms . Thanks
David Rohac (1 month ago)
Terje Rypdale (6 months ago)
Andrij S you are f’’’’’n idiot. Are you Ukranian your self?
Souvik Debnath (1 year ago)
the worst intro
US Army (1 year ago)
Hey Olga, i have one question - why you are gloryfing in Ukraine your own murderers? I mean Bandera an Shuhevych? They murdered in Wolyn during WW2 40 000 Ukrainians, just for joy, because they didnt agree to cooperate with them :0 I saw photos taken by soldiers of Bandera and Shuhevych of victims - killed kids pilled to the trees by barbed wire, beheaded mens, pregnant womens with cutted venter ... Bandera and Shuhevych thought 361 types of deaths you know that? :0 Why you are gloryfing your own murderers????
Terje Rypdale (6 months ago)
Adam Ksiazek First of all she’s do not glorifying anybody. Am I miss something guys? Second, you obviously believe in lie. Make an effort to learn a true history about Mr. Bandera. And stop asking stupid questions.
Samar Abbas (1 year ago)
Hii Olga, Thank for business information in Ukraine.I have very good experience of commercial tyres and light vehicle tryre service,sales and purchase . Can you help me how to start this business in Ukraine? How much monthly profitable it will be? Best regards, Samar From India..
david david (1 year ago)
Rishi Dimapur (1 year ago)
come to india enjoy our hospitality
Sandeep Custnea (1 year ago)
Olia,thank you for the good research,thats true i was wallking in 7 hairdresser last month none of them have availability in Kharkiv.I end up in a womens hairdresser to get my man haircut lol
Ashique Chohan (1 year ago)
Hi I want a business or work in Ukraine still in Saudia Ksa pls send me what'sapp or mobile ? my whatsap or +966582875816 I'm before NEW ZEALAND thanks ash
theamazing one (1 year ago)
Adonias Anjos (1 year ago)
muito boa informçao
Bryan Holden (1 year ago)
!) Drugs 2) Prostitution 3) Money laundering 4) Tax havens 5) weapon sales
Shahnewaj Shawon (1 year ago)
I'm interested to open a business in Ukraine,,,i have got 50000 usd,, what type of buisness i can start with this cash,,,
America news (9 months ago)
Shahnewaj Shawon @ For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Sebastian Nordstern (1 year ago)
Olga can you please do a video about how to get a driving license in Ukraine? Thank you!!
Kevin Wong (1 year ago)
Happy [email protected] Olia & Your Familia. Just Back in G*Olland(Hollandia):) My Birthday & Holiday were both Perfecto! Like MJ Song-Smooth Criminal:) Odessa New Airport will be SOon launched & Opened by the Ukrainian President:) I still stick with Ukrainian Language until I switch over to Russian Language.... I still think it's weird that 65% of the People in Ukraine prefer to speak Russian while they are Ukrainian.... Where my Parents come from(The Southern Continent Of China) the local people there 95% prefer speaking Southern Language from the Province Guangzhou....Instead of Main Chinese Language Mandarin...Ofcourse Wenzhou & Shanghai people have their own Unique Davinci Code Language besides (Mandarin)...Mandarin is mostly spoken in big Cities in China.... Ethnic Villages prefer speaking their own Language..And Asian is kinda Difficult to understand lol:) Anyways I had alot of discussions with my Ukrainian Girlfriend these past days about the Grammar Russian & Ukrainian people had during their College/Education...She can't give me good Reasons or even Advices/Tips to Learn Russian.... For every Question there are certain Answer(s)...however still not every Russian nor Ukrainian Local People can explain it to me... Why this and not that? .....Yep I love to dig in something what's really interesting....:) Anyways...Happy [email protected]@:)
Kevin Wong (1 year ago)
Here's My Birthday Gift 4 Music Lovers Global World Wide:) And Don't 4 Get 2 Support Olia & Her Fantastic Blogs:) https://soundcloud.com/user-261766642/ed-sheeran-shape-of-you-mrks-happy-birthdayztropical-asian-fixation-raw-original
Dd Chuang (1 year ago)
Brendan Judd (1 year ago)
Hi, Olga How much do you think it would it cost to start a car wash company?
Davide il folle (1 year ago)
you forget to say SECOND HAND z Evropa, odjah vzutja
Andrew Guerrero (1 year ago)
Sofvivka park central Ukraine your hair was blonde good place for Hollywood to make a movie.
Andrew Guerrero (1 year ago)
did you color your hair what is your real color?
Andrew Guerrero (1 year ago)
+Olga Reznikova did you like the blonde color Lviv pretty city
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Nice Olia! Tell me about E-Bussines in Ukraine, business Like Big Data Analyses, Web Services like Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Program and etc. Thanks for your videos, they are so good. Bye!
Thanks! If I have any more information, I tell You! = )
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Fernandes Da Costa-I'll look into it when we go back this summer. It sounds too much for me . I'm spoiled by online businesses. I'll get back to you
Nice Lucian Garcia, that is a good news, but it's necessary to find more about this service in Ukraine, and find why they don't have this service. If because they don't have professionals or the public don't buy that? Thanks for answer my question = )
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Fernandes Da Costa - I have an e-business and spend time between Honolulu and Kharkov. I can tell you that I have thought about starting a business like what you've described. I can't find a company that provides the services you are describing that I could consistently rely on.
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Fernandes Da Costa - I have an e-business and spend time between Honolulu and Kharkov. I can tell you that I have thought about starting a business like what you've described. I can't find a company that provides the services you are describing that I could consistently rely on.
Morci (1 year ago)
Great summary Olga! As I see this type of services or businesses are the same everywhere :-)
KendoFox (1 year ago)
ukranian are soooooooooooooo pretty real talk
omardvp77 (1 year ago)
I am a Doctor and a business owner of medical equipment company. i found your video because of my business interest on youtube. I think your video is very nice because you look very enthusiastic about the different business ideas. Very good work.
America news (9 months ago)
For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! ;-)
59Gretsch (1 year ago)
Yes I considered Car-Wash because I never saw one.
Cheeksthelonelyinjun (1 year ago)
I remember in your street faire video there was a Mexican food stall?how popular is Mexican food and is it over- saturated?what other kinds of foods is there an un-tapped market for?
Cheeksthelonelyinjun (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova what kind of is their a demand for other than ukranian of course.im a chef so I Can cook whatever's in demand
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
this kind of food is not very popular. I mean that they have their clients, but it's not something which all people will buy.
randall hupp (1 year ago)
What about the tattoo industry? how well are tattoo studios doing in Ukraine?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Yes, it's popular))) Pretty good, I forget about it)
Chicanista Revolutia (1 year ago)
On which finger is worn the wedding ring?
Chicanista Revolutia (1 year ago)
Oh my goodness! Thank you! Possible awkward moments avoided!
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
ring finger on right hand
Cofeshops and another consumer business are profitable in Ukraine because... you can easily avoid to pay taxes. Why? Yours customers pay you by cash. You can say them that yours VISA machine is broken. After it you can hide this income from the government. How often Ukrainian consumer business avoid taxes? ALMOST ALL. IMF estimated "black businesses" as 1/2 or Ukrainian GDP. if you will pay all Ukrainian taxes then yours business will bankrupt in several months. Therefore 50% of Ukrainian business do not pay more than 20-30% of taxes. But you need to know that any criminal activities have criminal consequences. You will not pay taxes but you will pay to gangsters and racketeers. IMHO. Very profitable business in Ukraine is buying mineral resources, iron, agriculture products. This is 90% of Ukrainian export. However any investment in manufacturing, restaurants, estate have same risk level as investments in same objects in Somali.
Bruno Sørensen (4 months ago)
Hello friendI think about go to Ukraine am from Denmark and have friends here from Ukraine..   but they tell me not easy to make busines cause you need to pay " protection Money"  to cops or bandits..   a pitty...   ?? I wil visite your beautifull country this summer..  god luck
Paweł C (1 year ago)
Yes, you've said it yourself: you can't avoid taxes. All you can do is switch from your country's internal revenue to paying mafia...
Allen Sun (1 year ago)
why your hair suddenly gets so long🤔
Polysoon Palichuk (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
J Shiner (1 year ago)
you forgot the big one, a dating agency, all you have to do is lie to men behind a screen and make a fortune, ukranine is full of these, if you are a customer be sure to leave your feeling at cos like your pocket these will be destroyed also
J Shiner (1 year ago)
i appreciate that and i hope for this too, but my experience in ukraine has made me wary of ever going back there again, i know it is a minority who do this but once bitten twice shy
Thomas Stämpfli (1 year ago)
J Shiner ... so what are your plans? Myself I know that there is a lot of scam. But still believe to meet the one which is really interested in me.
J Shiner (1 year ago)
it is not a question of where, i am open to anything but when you are scammed in one country it is hard to look there again
Thomas Stämpfli (1 year ago)
J Shiner ... and where you wish to find your girl?
J Shiner (1 year ago)
thanks phil, but i will not be looking there again
Akram Oubaeid AFFANE (1 year ago)
But what is the most profitable business? for exemple more than 700$ net worth per month ...can you give me please the ranking from the most profitable until the least profitable?. I like your videos even thzt sometimes you put your feelings into a subject and not being very objective and credible...
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
the profit depends form many factors... I just give general ideas. If you want to know more about cost of every business, I think you can read professional articles and get answers on all questions)
Akram Oubaeid AFFANE (1 year ago)
yes, I head this idea of investing in Kiev, well, I hope in the near time I will reach this point, because I see that this country has a lot of potential and I do not like to work for someone , I want to create my own stuff and run it.
Jay Andrews (1 year ago)
Car wash seems obvious but I never thought about it.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
yes, a lot of people combine it)
Phil Nolan (1 year ago)
Maybe combine car wash and tyre service? A quarter of the population is wealthy, just need to find something they want.
CanuckJonny (1 year ago)
As a business professional with a MBA and decades of experience, I agreed with your ideas, but with one caveat: nail salon. I realize worker regulations are not as protective in Ukraine as in the US or Canada, but according to OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) nail salon employees are often exposed to chemicals that can lead to serious diseases that are sometimes life threatening. Also,, they can come into contact with dangerous biological hazards that can result in dangerous infectious diseases or can pass them along to other customers if stringent disinfection protocols are not followed. Repetitive injury is also common. One small business possibility you did not mention is food carts or vans which are very popular elsewhere in big cities.
America news (9 months ago)
CanuckJonny @ For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Oh, we really don't have this regulations for nail salons))) About food vans - I am not sure how profitable they are...
Mik Varg (1 year ago)
I am thinking in open a local food of креветки in Odessa, do you think can work?
Roxy Carpenko (4 months ago)
and if you know how to be friends with local officials and mafia ))
murali sahu (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova
Harsh Tiwary (1 year ago)
Mik ,I m from India and I also want to open food restaurant and coffee shop
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
yes, if you know how to run his business)))
Mik Varg (1 year ago)
olga, do you live in Lviv?
Shahid Najam (1 year ago)
Mik Varg why you cant find girl in ukraine? where is the problem?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
I don't recommend anyone)
Mik Varg (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova I am a foreign man living in Lviv, and I am looking for ukranian women. Do you recommend someone? ( the picture in profile is not mine)
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
No, in Kyiv
Mike O'Leary PhD (1 year ago)
Coffee shops popular in Ukraine but also over saturated and very high competition. Car wash most likely very small margins. Tire shops also many in Ukraine so over saturated with high competition.
Manfred Bismark (1 year ago)
Hello OLGA. How aviation in Ukraine? Light aircraft! What is the market? Have a good day. Bye. Rudi.
Geraldo Löhrs (1 year ago)
I've read from Cessna that there are a huge market for General Aviation in Russia and Ukraine but they faced problems about air infrastructure for light airplanes. there are mainly Commercial and Military aviation both countries. Executive is rare even in Russia. I've someone close who worked in Moscow as Cpt Challenger.
Geraldo Löhrs (1 year ago)
Manfred Bismark bitteschön!!!
Manfred Bismark (1 year ago)
Geraldo Löhrs (1 year ago)
Manfred Bismark I was interested too about that subject. The light aircraft is rare in Ukraine. Except for flight schools (one in Kiev I know). AG aviation is rarely too. in Crimea people used single engine radial Antonov AN2 or polish Cmelak or turboprop Z137T for spraying. But I couldn't get more information after war in 2014. I was interested to work as Airplane pilot in Ukraine but I faced too much difficulty.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
oh I don't know anything about this business)
Vlad Petrov (1 year ago)
Very valuable info. Thank you for sharing.
Saint Boris Nemtsov (1 year ago)
My friend buys old watches, badges, books, militaria, toys, jewellery, posters and alike from the CCCP era and then sells those items on the Ebay website to Westerners who like to buy these kinds of antiques.  This is a good business model with low layout costs and low overhead costs.
Joo (3 months ago)
Saint Boris Nemtsov I was thinking the same thing when I saw tone of these items at a flea market in Ukraine. How about a language school that teach English and Korean. I know many locals who can teach English and I can teach Korean to young ones who are into Kpop.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Yes, this is also very good idea! ;-)
charles christensen (1 year ago)
thankyou dear friend for all your hard work , very helpful,,
Ralph Hollister (1 year ago)
Olia, you seem to understand business quite well. With that thought I would suggest all you fans of Olia go to her paypal link above once in a while and send her a few bucks.
An Nguyen (1 month ago)
pshtewan mantk Be careful of your wish. Marriage is like a dagger with 2 blades. If it works you can benefit from it but it fails you can go bankrupt. I did go bankrupt after a failed marriage. Choose wisely your future wife.
Rimrock300 (1 year ago)
+pshtewan mantk Just be careful about the internet dating sites, there are many less serious people/agencies out there. The best start might be to visit Kiev some days for a holiday, a 'study trip', and have Olga show you around, to get a general feeling of the country, the culture and it's people, and possible get some good advice concerning your future search for a Ukraine girl. It can possible save one for much time and money, compared to get involved with all kinds of agencies and women on the internet, if one are new to it. And a small tip; the good girls generally looks for a decent man, not care so much what job, car and so on. Don't talk too much about money business, it's enough as a start to just mention generally one have a job, to show one likely are able to support a family, but they are not so interested in the details) And it's important to be realistic, don't run for the 20 year younger models, even if it is tempting, as one as a foregin are able to get some attention there that one would not easily get at home. Generally quicly a big-time waste of time) Good luck.
pshtewan mantk (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova hi I really wanna married Ukraine girl any help ? I have my own business in warrington it's small nice town in England and I'm British citizen in UK honestly I really wanna meet someone thank you
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
thank you))))
PETER SAADALLAH (1 year ago)
very good but I think if you add little data like cost of making these businesses &revenue expected it will be more helpful
chinmoy lahkar (1 year ago)
i watch your videos only to see you i dont even hear what you say i just look at your eyes and feel happy😇🤗😍
chinmoy lahkar (1 year ago)
David David here in assam all people are not indians some become slaves of india...and some wants to have value of self determination...for example see how david percepted that i am also a pervert because of the gazing guys of india who are disgusted with perversion...
chinmoy lahkar (1 year ago)
David David i am frim assam.. and before you start a debate do sone research of northeast history...seems like the carrot and stick policy of india is working upon you...btw you are from which state
David David (1 year ago)
Mate this guy is not Indian. Thank God for that. 😅
David David (1 year ago)
How come you are so childish? Which part of North East do you come from mate ?
chinmoy lahkar (1 year ago)
David David you just made fun of indians lol ya without any reason....fuck ya i am waiting for some indian to comment on you
sami çelik (1 year ago)
why do you ignore messages on facebook ?
sami çelik (1 year ago)
Check your inbox on facebook ... You will see , what i asked you.. Thanks...
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
what did you ask me?
Mike Himself (1 year ago)
Кофішопи, ресторани, харчівні іншого роду - мають далековато не найкращий час в плані профіту. Норм гроші роблять тільки імениті (і не всі), чи ті які знаходяться в дуже людних місцях. Інші працюють з дуже малим % прибутку від обороту. Так що це очевидно не та сфера де можна очікувати стрімкого росту чи отличної профітабельності.
Octavian Octyabr' (2 months ago)
+Olga Reznikova означает неплохой бизнес. Аналитика уровня b
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
ну-ка я не за кав'ярні кажу,а за маленькі кіоски з кавою. Може в их і не багато прибутку, але вон попросту скрізь і там завжди куча людей.
Bryan Holden (1 year ago)
Brothels are very popular
America news (9 months ago)
If you're from Ukraine For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Bryan Holden (1 year ago)
The Ukraine has been bought lock , stock and barrel by the US corporations.
forever young (1 year ago)
Pro Nazi. What year are u living in. Maybe if you got off your soapbox and visited countries which are not exactly the same as yours, then you would appreciate reality. Yes for some its harsh, but they are trying to change and from what I have seen, they are. 70 years of Russian rape of the country and the legacy of mistrust, simply can't be wiped away with the stroke of a pen.
jurisprudens (1 year ago)
Oh, I can see that you are just another Russian troll, who is just throwing out all the same BS all the time (CIA+Bandera+solidaritywithwhom?). You are pathetic, man. Get a job.
Bryan Holden (1 year ago)
The criminal neo-fascist regime illegally brought into power with the financial support of the CIA ( remember Victoria Newland with Cookies) are killing their fellow Ukrainians in the Donbass region. Read a little bit about the Bandera fascists that killed thousands of Poles, Jews, Russians and Ukrainians. There is something called international solidarity with our fellow brothers that you would not be at all acquainted with since you are obviously devoid of all human feeling and any empathy for your fellow man
Arun Dwivedi (1 year ago)
my favourite Olga has come again with another video. I am eagerly waiting for your videos. I love your accent Olga. you are looking gorgeous in this dress.. thanks for sharing valuable information ...poka
Arun Dwivedi (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova you are always welcome...
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Thank you so much))

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