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Cost of living in Ukraine

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My services - http://ukrainianspace.com/services/ Contact me: Linked In - https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-rezn... Page of my blog in FB - https://www.facebook.com/ukrainianspace/ My personal FB page - https://www.facebook.com/olga.rezniko... Reznikova Assistance - https://www.facebook.com/reznikovaass... Instagram - @olgareznikova Twitter - https://twitter.com/ukrainianspace For business correspondence - [email protected] Renting apartment. If you want to rent one room apartment in Kiev, it will cost you at least 200USD per month, but in general consider 250-300$. If you want to rent apartment not in Kiev, the price will be 120-170USD per month. Bills. Bills for electricity, water, gas and heating are almost the same in any city including Kiev, and depends how much do you consume resources. Usually it costs around 50-100$ in heating season, and 20-40$ not in heating season. Food. You can survive with 50$ per month for food if you will cook at home, and eat potato, cereals, and vegetables, sometimes meat. I am not buying some unique food, usually this is some basic things, only Ukrainian products, and I spend 200$ per month for me and my husband. And this is not including restaurant, only home cooking. Fish is very expensive as it's all imported. Fruits are kind of expensive as most of them are imported. Vegetables not in season is expensive. But in season for you as foreigner it would be almost free. Restaurants. The average price of pizza is 8$, salad costs around 4$, burger will cost 5$, spagetti 3-5$, but for sure prices depends from city and restaurant. Kiev is more expensive than other cities. Average bill in average restaurant for one person usually is 12-15USD. Entertainments. Entrance to night club costs 5-10USD, museums costs 1-2$, bowling - 5-10 USD per hour. Medication. For Ukrainians medical services are free, but if you will go to private clinic, one meeting will cost you 10-20USD, Ultrasound 10-20 USD, MRI - 30-40$, blood test - 5-10$. It's just very general and average prices. if you want to spend 5000 dollars, you will fin how to spend them and where. But I think you already got an idea how much approximately you will need to have to live in Ukraine normally. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Aviation Museum in Kiev: don't miss the visit!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co-OkDVk9zA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (201)
Daeng Muhammad Omar (8 days ago)
Whatsapp +6591228604 I'm keen
Sergeant English (23 days ago)
Can you buy good weed in your country?
Jsrry Kelly (1 month ago)
Olga, nice to meet you. My name is Jerry. It looks like I'm one on the final candidates for a position in Ukraine. It would be an EU project that wants to bring the Ukraine's blood supply for transfusions up to EU and American standards. I would need an office staff, someone with the Ukraine's government legislative exoerience. Basically I'll need an entire staff. As for apartments, they will pay for me to live at a hotel fot a month or two. I'd like to reach out to you maybe on Facebook messenger. My Facebook name is Gerald Kelly I live in Delaware USA but spent 13yrs living in Sofia Bulgaria. My Facebook picture is of the black ses. I hope to hear from you. I think you and your husband could be of great service to me and could be an excellent opportunity for you guys. I hope to chat soon. Call anytime. I'm not much of s sleeper. Have a great night.
david .t (1 month ago)
This is dirt chip.l Iive in new Jersey and everything is expensive around 3 thousand a month and New York twice as expensive but it's very similar to colombia I live there and very similar.
Abed Abu Aiesh (2 months ago)
The best way to meet Ukrainian women is to LIVE IN UKRAINE! http://bit.ly/2NUnHHR
Pooja k (2 months ago)
Average people monthly expenses have how much dollars???? Husband wife with one child???? And education ???help me plz
Sargent bologna (2 months ago)
Why do Ukrainian women seem to have bad teeth?...or is it my imagination.
Bhashkar Kr (3 months ago)
cost of apartments in vinnitsia ukraine
Qzum Academy (3 months ago)
Why do Ukrainian and Russian people view women who go and stay in hotel with men as Bad women or Sex worker?
VICTOR EOUS (3 months ago)
Can I own guns in Ukraine?
Joo (3 months ago)
I'm dying to know why the resturants in big cities give such a small portion of one meal for the price of a day's wage?
Joo (3 months ago)
It might be a normal portion to a slim Ukrainian lady like you but it's definitely not a North American portion. I was in Zaparohia, Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Kiev was the worst I think.
Olga Reznikova (3 months ago)
where? Usually they have normal size portions
Jesmael Grams (4 months ago)
The prices of food are the same for lviv? I see in the numbeo, and 200 USD for 2 people i believe that is expensive.
Raja Travels (4 months ago)
How much will cost for Apple iphone x
Carl Dann (4 months ago)
Thank you for your nice videos.. Well done!
surya bantupalli (5 months ago)
i am interested to come ukrine nice video with lot of information....
wilson gill (5 months ago)
Good information you share others how I am leave in Ukraine you tell about the rental spaces stay with in Ukraine and you tell about the ownership nice thank you
Ralph D Hunter (5 months ago)
olga,how much does lawyers charge for office visit,can you recamend a lawyer,for me....IM a accident victome,disabled,left arm reconstruction,i hope we can [email protected]
Tyacatt1977 (6 months ago)
Damn apts in Upstate Ny depending on what and where you are renting can ranges from 500$ - $1100 a month , normally no heat included...and that is usally winters - can cost someone about $400 , Summer prob $100 ,in heating bills ; medical its like $50 per visit ...ultrasound in the 100's or 1000's .... MRI well over $2000 Blood test i wanna $200 + ...hence is why we have insurance...too damn expensive and haveing a colonoscopy is $8000....nuts,lol
Rezaur Rahman (6 months ago)
expensive !! though you have said avg life style :( :(
Wasifa Rahman (6 months ago)
I love her channel. can anybody suggest me this sort of russian channels? so that I can learn about russia,too
uday mahulkar (6 months ago)
a true relationship means i come there free or some one come from there freely , because when we love every thing comes free....... like when you see the sun beautifully sun gives you energy , free.......
uday mahulkar (6 months ago)
i don't have money as well as girlfriend ....... it seems my all dreams are resting in hell...... sorry olga i can't come there.
Stive Smith (6 months ago)
question: however much does it cost to live in Ukraine? answer: that depends, how much is your life worth to you?
bzm777 (6 months ago)
how much are the minimum salaries ?
Anz M (6 months ago)
Hi Olga, rallgeney how much is a two room appartment near a metro station in outskirts of kiev but liveable modern appartment
Mr Dhaaliwal (7 months ago)
Please tell me rice consumption rate in Ukrain.
Gerson Wausun (7 months ago)
I love you girl I wnna go for your country <3 take me haha
D D (7 months ago)
usa is so expensive. I pay $1300 usd for 2 bedroom 2 bath in ok condition. I wish I could pay $300 a month! Prices are very high in usa for everything. Its amazing your govt pays for medication. In our government, they are greedy politicians and companies that makes pharmaceuticals too expensive. ANd office visits about $140 on average. ITs crazy here. I wish I could just pack my bags tonight and leave tomorrow to another country. IT sucks in every way. NEvermind trying to start business here in usa. Rent for businesses are insane. I will stop complaining. I dont want to be depressed about it. But omg. IT sucks in usa.
Lenard Malcolm (7 months ago)
We are getting screwed! On the west I’m Australian a pack of cigarettes $36!!!!!!!! Case of beer form $40 to $60
Daniel Pohl (7 months ago)
Great video. Thanks
Speedy Gangster (7 months ago)
Hi im from Pakistan, ukraine is nt Expencive country., from home to Food all r affordable
Keith A. (8 months ago)
Just going down there for my woman..thanks for posting this Olga
Green Croco (8 months ago)
Your hair colour is not nice
Casius CB Usman (8 months ago)
MrClimatiseur (8 months ago)
In Algiers this same apartment would cost about 500 USD ! renting an apart in ukraine is cheaper than in a north african country
bcobbold (8 months ago)
Just dont go to Odessa as a foreigner then. Tourist area restaurants are dearer than London as soon as they hear a foreign accent!
Diamond Diamond (8 months ago)
do not tell lies to people ... the prices for the moment have grown and are growing in Ukraine! if we talk about Kiev then it is very expensive as well as traveling to other countries of Europe! Do not deceive people !! I want to say that in this video there is a lot of false information, I say from my own experience of traveling to different countries of Europe, and here are the prices in Ukraine as well as in another European country! and learn how to speak English first, or else it's disgusting to listen to you
دمع عراقي (9 months ago)
I love you
Adnan Adnan (9 months ago)
please make a video of livestock business . and give rates of milk meet and cow . Pakistan
Hannibal (9 months ago)
Are you a brunette or blonde? By the way looking exquisite my lady :-)
Thomas Feer (9 months ago)
Can you please clarify if every citizen has got a health insurance? I know people who have no insurance for the family and a flue costs them easily 800 HRS (30 USD) for medication. I was surprised to hear that it is so cheap even in private hospital. And treatment for other things like surgery costs USD 200 and more (cancer surgery).
youshould know (9 months ago)
A little range on apartment renting would be nice, like $500 - $900 with pictures if you decide. All other info is excellent.
Emmitt Abramoff (9 months ago)
It's a lot cheaper in Russia because the Russian Rouble is so weak
Emmitt Abramoff (9 months ago)
So much more better architecture in Russia
trainer james 2013 (9 months ago)
Ukraine has special expensive prices for foriengers, Every country screws foriengers. It's how the world works. Economic 101 for dummies.
That was a very good video, i was watching a video the other day all about the Ukraine.. Enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing... Carl
Joonas Jatsinainen (9 months ago)
The prices of pizza and hamburgers sound really high... I'm sure you can get these much cheaper than $8 and $5, especially outside Kiev. You can find them cheaper than that even in the west.
Thastor (9 months ago)
Olga if you need music for your awesome channel feeel free to use my music :)
Thanks for your valuable advice but can you tell me about chernihiv
L. J. Bush (9 months ago)
Hi Olga/Olya do you guys have any places to rent recumbent electric trikes , also is it legal to ride those on the streets without a license or insurance? Are the rent prices you are quoting through airbnb? The best value I found on eating was the chicken roll-ups/burritos from the street vendors in Odessa, they were like $2-$2.50 and they were so large you can cut them in half and get 2 meals out of them, I'm sure you have those in Kiev also.Thanks, I hope you guys are doing well.
Hang Geng (9 months ago)
And best apartment in Harbin?? 15000 yuan month=2400$
Hang Geng (9 months ago)
Here in Harbin China, crappy apartment a month: 1500 yuan=240$, good apartment: 3000 yuan=480$
Hang Geng (9 months ago)
200$=5600 hryvnas! 1000$=28000! Wow
Life with Leda (9 months ago)
I enjoyed the videos very much. I want to visit Ukraine soon. The music and culture is intriguing.
Joachim Simon (9 months ago)
My girlfriend lives in kyiv and i can give a little tip on cost! Pizza dinner for 3 with starters, 1 small beer 2 large and a cola with lagre XL pizza at Mr. Cats will cost you around 25 $ but at happy hour you get 1 more pizza for free. Thx Olya for information ;)
W G (9 months ago)
Why are you using another countries currency USD to denote the cost of living in the Ukraine which should be the Ukrainian Hryvnia?
Olga Reznikova (9 months ago)
W G and who will understand prices in uah except Ukrainians ?
James Martin (9 months ago)
Ms. Olga, you forgot about movies : ( please how much does a movie ticket cost in Ukraine? Also, dinner & a movie good for a first date with the ladies in Ukraine?
auto auto (9 months ago)
Good video
Yuses kid M (9 months ago)
I want travel to ukraine for one month,,,😊
Willy Wonkowski (9 months ago)
Why would I like to live in Ukraine?🤔
Juma khateeb (9 months ago)
Is it safe ? For tourists. I heard a lot , people there don't like foreigner?
Olga Reznikova (9 months ago)
Jason K people are fine with foreigners
ho wingh (9 months ago)
This is one the best channel you can find on YouTube talking about Ukraine. Thanks so much Olga :)
Me Me (9 months ago)
Dye your hair black green purple
basko (9 months ago)
Me Me No and never.
Bohdan Iszczuk (9 months ago)
I would like to know if a person can keep one or two cats in an apartment and if there are stories in Ukraine to buy cat food. Also if there are animal clinics.
Olga Reznikova (9 months ago)
Bohdan Iszczuk Yes, Sure, there are all of this
Aco Vukomanovic (9 months ago)
Can you record video what ukrainians think about ohers nations? I am serb and I love Ukraine, especially Kiev!
TVN dno (4 months ago)
they kill poles and russians
Naresh Kumar (9 months ago)
No one can do in so esay way like u
Naresh Kumar (9 months ago)
Nice Realy deep lesson to visitor
Mohammed Khaled (9 months ago)
Less than 1000$ to travel there from Middle East Appartment= 200 Food and transport= 150 Entertainment well easily from food and transport. The things that are expensive = ginger Things you’ll not find= spices, the spices here are bland af
Naman Kumar (9 months ago)
Olya is something wrong with your teeth.
Manfred Bismark (9 months ago)
Brent Arnold (9 months ago)
That's all good if you have an American salary while your there.
That's sounds too good and impossible for the average of people (for 90% in general) to have such level of salary in Ukraine.
Reema G (9 months ago)
why is everything so cheap
khaled naser (9 months ago)
thanxs Olga ... that is really help full
Valissimo (9 months ago)
for 50 dollars you can't eat, you can survive (satisfy only primary needs) as one yogurt costs 1 euro, while the minimum salary is 100.
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
Valissimo They don't use Euros and 1 Yogurt is not nearly that expensive.
Jason S (9 months ago)
Does anyone in Ukraine live off of the grid? Like in cabin in the countryside?
Alex Hennigh (9 months ago)
Hey Olga!! I have a question if I may be so bold, what part of Ukraine do you live? Because in October my friend and I are going to come to Ukraine to visit our friend Serigy. We were going to stop in Kyiv then make our way to his home city of Kharkiv. I only ask because I think it would be an absolute pleasure to meet you. That's if you are okay with that of course and if we come through your area
Bluff City Supply (9 months ago)
Ukrainian MRI: $30-$40 American MRI: $2,000 - $4,000
Stive Smith (6 months ago)
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan lol dumbass, those are illegal Mexican, with heroin and crack addicts
Bill Green (7 months ago)
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan NO! They are NOT all over USA. Stop lying. It is a very small percentage of the population. There are estimated 500,000 homeless in the US which is about 0.1% of the population. In Ukraine it is estimated 1 million people are homeless which is over 2% of the population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_homeless_population
Lenard Malcolm (7 months ago)
Bluff City Supply Australian mri $0.00 well 1.6% of tax a year
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (9 months ago)
Bill Green: When i was very young, went to Ukraine with my family, i did not see tent cities. As for recent years, i don't know, after all there was a little war. but keep this in mind, tent cities are all over USA at peaceful time.
Bill Green (9 months ago)
You're missing the point. Even with 200 tents it's a small percentage of the population. Every country has these homeless people, even Ukraine.
Todd Hunter (9 months ago)
when u have 70 dollar pensioner money [friend of mine] per month, life is great in beautifull ukraine????????????????
BEGO AROUND WORLD (9 months ago)
thank you
Jan Schlösser (9 months ago)
Thanks, that's exactly the kind of information I was looking for.
diego mx (9 months ago)
very interesant video ...but i eat for 7 dls in some good restaurants in Kiev..) ...the rent princes you are giving is for long term contract..(one year or more).. ..in Dnipro a nice studio (39 square mts) in center for long term contract(one year) is 300 dls a month.. ...i like ur videos
N0tigamer (9 months ago)
Thanks Olga ! I’ll be coming to Ukraine this week
David Lewis-Allagoa (9 months ago)
N0tigamer Which city?
Trump News Network (9 months ago)
very helpful thank you.
Thastor (9 months ago)
just seeing trumps face in eastern eu country video comment section makes me laugh XD
ENOCH (9 months ago)
thanks olga. good information. and you don't need makeup. just a very little maybe. naturally lovely women look worse with alot of makeup. alot of makeup is for piggy women. you are naturally lovely so alot makeup will make you uglier. let your natural slavic beauty shine and not cover it up with too much makeup. doozhe dobre.
literallycaneven (9 months ago)
mike swason (9 months ago)
Thank your information. I am interested.
amaromem1 (9 months ago)
Traveling to Ukraine = $2000 Apartment = $300 Food = $20 Meet so beautiful girls everyday = $0
amaromem1 (7 months ago)
L. J. Bush Hehehe totally, depends where you are from, but I was considering returning to you country.
amaromem1 (7 months ago)
Hang Geng You just need travel any country and meet girls by yourself. Of course if you arrive looking for a wife or something like that just because you have money you will get what you deserve :
Jim R Hyde Jr (7 months ago)
I stayed from March 6-17, 2018 in Kyiv Flight, roundtrip from JFK to BSP= $617 Apartment in downtown Kyiv, 11 days=$400 (This apartment was 1 block from Independence Square, and with 15 minutes walk from all 3 main Metro lines) Food is variable, eating out 3 times a day, 11 days=$150-400 (As I said, it is variable, depending on your taste) Metro Card with 10 trips=$2.25 Uber Taxi to most places=$3.80 to 5.70 per trip My advice on travel. Plan ahead, ride Metro as much as possible, then schedule Uber from Metro to your location. Saves you a bunch of money.
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
amaromem1 Airfare from the US is no where near $2,000.
OhFishyFish (9 months ago)
Catch HIV = priceless.
App Pedia (9 months ago)
Would you like to visit my country INDIA
Danny Shadle (9 months ago)
Olga if I wanted to find a place to rent over there could you help me out? I thought you did some realty over there
Michael (9 months ago)
Would you show some affordable luxury Apartments to purchase in your Video Blogs please. Thank you in Advance.
Long Chun Pang (9 months ago)
Great video. Just a side note, average paycheck in Kiev is about 429 USD per month so the cost of living is not low relative to income
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
Long Chun Pang But it is for Americans, that's the point. It is dirt cheap for Americans. I lived in Ukraine for several years. I lived in Kherson, down south. It was much cheaper than Kyiv.
Blue Travel Plus (9 months ago)
Salary in Kiev is around 300 USD. Very flew earn more than 400
Javed Khan (9 months ago)
Long Chun Pang yeah i agree with u...
andypandy73 (9 months ago)
omg everything very cheap in ukraine
Walid Aljah (9 months ago)
Olga, is paying 400$ for a big studio flat (38m2) with modern furnitures (shower cabin, LCD tv) located on lesi ukrainky boulevard, close to metro Klovska, a good deal ? The district is nice, I guess it can be considered downtown, but the building is old and bad. Is it worth ? Thanks
Olga Reznikova (9 months ago)
I think so, actually 38m2 is not big at all, this is one of the smallest apartment ;-)
Borys NS (9 months ago)
....The relatively inexpensive cost of living in Ukraine is a great reason for tourists to visit, but not the only one. ....Ukraine is such an interesting place! There are so many things to see and do. Transcarpathia's snowy white mountains, the Black Sea, yellow and green fields of sunflowers, virgin forests, meandering rivers and even a stretch of tawny sand dunes! All tied together with a precious black earth soil...a very diverse country. ....There are also many other phenomenal natural wonders as well as glorious man made monuments thoughout Ukraine...the exploration possiblities are limitless. ....Less not forget the tasty and healthy Ukrainian food...with a unique culinary tradition that rivals any country in Europe. ....Finally, one will meet many Ukrainians who are genuinely friendly, kind and sincere. By simply showing interest in Ukraine and respect for the culture, you will make many new friends.... all without a bit phony pretense in their hearts.🇺🇦🌻🇺🇦
Ethan Schulze (9 months ago)
Thanks, you’re very helpful with Country data on Ukraine.
Keith Fox (9 months ago)
I think these prices are too low. Of course it depends on standards but if you have North American standards and size expectations you will be in the $500 to $1600 USD per month for something you would consider nice. You can easily spend $3000 to $6000 a month for luxury accommodations. Of course it also matter are you staying for a couple months or moving there. You can also rent apartments by the day instead of hotels and get decent places in the $16 to $45 per night instead of $200 plus per night for a North American brand hotel like Fairmont or Hyatt etc..
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
Keith Fox I don't know what you are talking about. Unless you are renting a fabulous apartment you will never spend that much. You can get a western style apartment for $400 easily. $400 was the most I ever spent on an apartment in 7 years in Ukraine and I over paid. Your expectations are way out of line with reality. American's, which I am, drive me crazy. This Ukraine, not NYC. You cannot expect to find a huge wonderful apartment with all of the western conveniences in Ukraine. Basically they don't exist. Perhaps in Kyiv but no where else. I go to Ukraine to be with my girl, not live an extravagant life style.
Christian Strahlberger (9 months ago)
Keith Fox and you can buy a apartment for 10k or for 10million in Kiev. She just give a good example.
chris hamlin (9 months ago)
Good video but i think you have ered on the more expensive average. Can you do a video on trains. I travel by lux often mainly to the south. But I couldn't understand why prices fluctuate a lot. For example a night lux from lviv to Kyiv can be 580 grv the next train 10 minutes late can be 1100grv. Thanks
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
chris hamlin Where did you find a lux train? There aren't any that I know of.
Jeffrey Martinez (9 months ago)
What if a American goes to dentist will they get you or you have to be a Ukraine how would it cost
TVN dno (4 months ago)
+Mohammed Khaled we kill muslims, don't event think to visit us
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (9 months ago)
Olga Reznikova Do they do root canals? I am past due on dentist.
Dominika Domaczaja (9 months ago)
Mohammed Khaled it's really cheap. ;)
Mohammed Khaled (9 months ago)
Jeffrey Martinez I got my braces here. 500$ yep it’s extremely affordable
Olga Reznikova (9 months ago)
If you go to private clinic, they don't care if you are local or foreigner, just pay money))
Love Russia (9 months ago)
The official average salary in Ukraine is 200 USD. The average pension is 50 USD. The poorest country in Europe.
Lenard Malcolm (7 months ago)
Love Russia how about you fuck off and we are not brainwashed get out of the Ukraine then prove your selfs.
Love Russia (7 months ago)
Lenard Malcolm How about you mind your own business? We don't need any advice from the brainwashed people.
Lenard Malcolm (7 months ago)
Love Russia of cause a Russian troll bot had to be here not for long they won’t be and so what ? There good people and I’m Australian and heading back again in a month also my government is doing a multi billion dollar trade deal weapons and so on how about Russians stay in there own country and leave the sovereign country of Ukraine alone
Love Russia (9 months ago)
ppoint432 Kosovo and Moldova are also much supported by the West. So the level of poverty is the same.

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