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How to exchange money in Ukraine

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Do you like this video and appreciate my efforts? I will be grateful for donations: - PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/OlgaReznikova http://learnukraine.blogspot.com/2015/02/how-to-exchange-money-in-ukraine.html In this video I will tell you how you can legally exchange moeny in Ukraine
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Text Comments (35)
Can I exchange Indian Rupees.
+Olga Reznikova Thanks!
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
I guess, but better bring USD
Sargent bologna (1 year ago)
How do you stay sane in winter in Ukraine.....I bet colder than a witch's tittie's!
steve davis (1 year ago)
She is so cute. Am visiting Kiev this weekend and hopefully we can hang out. [email protected]
Jon Harmil (1 year ago)
Olga, how much will cost if I buy 'Ukraine money at a bank with a credit card?
dominic k (1 year ago)
Jon,something between 5 or 10 euro.it is everywere a bit the same,stupid question because you talking about e few euro,s!
Brij Mohan Sharma (1 year ago)
Olga in ur marriage video u n ur hubby r really divinely blessed royal couple. Amen God always keep impregnable umbrella protective umbrella always over ur head throughout life
David Rusterholz (2 years ago)
Will avoid cash as much as possible will take my debit and credit cards. Going in May to Kiev, Ukraine! Thanks Olga...
Eric MB (2 years ago)
greetings from Lima - Perú Olga !!!!
QDLux (2 years ago)
My name is Matthew. Thank you for showing me what Ukraine dollars look like. I was very moved how your bank notes looked like. I hope I can get more Ukraine dollars soon. I am from United States. I been enjoying foreign currency all my life. And I love it. I hope you have a blessed day. see you soon in your next video, Matt.
Wolfgang Lenhard (2 years ago)
That answers two of my questions at the same time. What this strange certificate is for and why the ladies at the bank would not change my Griwnas back to Euros ;-) But I received this certificate very seldom. Maybe only once every ten times I changed money. I my have an old one from 2012 or so. Do you think I can still use it?
Firdaus Juli (2 years ago)
can we withdraw cash from ATM machine with foreign debit card that have Visa or Mastercard logo? what is the best bank in Ukraine?
Brett (3 years ago)
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Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Bret Manitoba thank you!
Brett (3 years ago)
Which bank give me the best exchange rate ? How much do your banks charge on fees like for example in asia I paid maybe like the equivalent of $5 Australian dollars per transaction. How much do your banks charge ? Years ago when I went to H.K the Hang Seng bank gave the best rate so that is important to know which banks give best rates ?
Brett (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova When I went to New Zealand I walk around 5 banks and ask what you give me for 1 AU dollar ... I found cheapest rate. thats the kind of info that is valuable.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Bret Manitoba no fees in bank, but nobady tell you the best bank for exchange.. You need to see in current moment and decide by yourself.
Tony Rome (3 years ago)
Olga thanks for this advice, ,its been almost two years since I was in Ukraine and I see  there are new policies with  currency exchanges, however the exchange rate for US dollars  is beneficial i guess depending  on the cost of living in Ukraine .
JoeEyesLFC (3 years ago)
I'm going to Kiev in August with a mate of mine from the UK, we'll be having a day tour of Chernobyl! do you know anything about the Busses from Borispyl airport to Kiev (Maidan square)? thanks
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+JoeEyesLFC Yes, there is a lot of Busses and you can see them on bus station near airport. There is no problem with it, so don't care)
Armando Lozada (3 years ago)
Hi Olga, it sounds kind of similar to Venezuela, but here "the person who exchange money" is the best in terms of the rate itself. What about there? How big is the difference between rates from the bank, exchange office and the person-to-person exchange? Thanks a lot :) P.S. I loved your accent !
Khyat Khan (3 months ago)
+Olga Reznikova Pakistan shaker
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Armando Lozada As for me, banks have better rate, if you want to buy dollars, and person is better if you want to sell dollars)
Jerry V (4 years ago)
Ahoj Olga,is their any limit with ATM to get a Hrivnas?..after recent mess ,how much the ATM charge fees??...my bank supposed to cover all the fees around the world,hopefully in Ukraine too.Are you pay everywhere in Hrivna in Kmelnytsky or they asking for dollars in local stores or clubs ?.whats the situation now,everything just got so expensive?..thanx for answer.dobrou noc Jirka
Jerry V (4 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova Thanx for your answer.I am going next week . So I would go to exchange store ,official one ,and rest withdraw thru ATM ...cant wait .. Ukraine s calling :-)
Olga Reznikova (4 years ago)
We accepted only grivna. Maybe just at market, someone can take a dollar, but generally we use only hrivnas. At store or clubs they 100% accept only hrivna. I know that we don't have ATM fees. Maybe this depends of your card, but I know that there is nothing fees. The same like in Czech republic. Where you can pay in Euro??? Maybe only at market... All stores ask kronas
Christopher Haist (4 years ago)
ATM machines always worked best when I was there, and make sure you get rid of your Hrivniy before you leave.  the only place I ever found that would take them outside Ukraine was at the airport in Warsawa.
Eda Akınay (1 year ago)
In Slovakia they change them everywhere
Christopher Haist (4 years ago)
It's a trade.  You get a better exchange rate using an ATM, but most banks charge you an overseas transaction fee.  At least it is safer than carrying a lot of money around!
Olga Reznikova (4 years ago)
Yep, ATM is definitely the best way for exchanging money)
Manfred Bismark (4 years ago)
Hello OLGA. Good video. Slo: (GRIVNA -EVRO-(euro)). Bye Rudi.
Ramzan AJ (4 years ago)
Thank You Olga
Papa Bear (4 years ago)
Very useful information! Thank you! Exchanging money sounds like very hard in your country
A_k mohamed Dhiblow (1 year ago)
how much 10$ usa is equal the money of ukarine please tell me because I important ✌

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