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Text Comments (362)
Thomas Maloney (1 month ago)
Daughter had some of the same fun and games attempted on her while in Rome Italy.
Charles C (3 months ago)
It is quite dangerous in Ukraine. These people have weird mood (Street Group Mugger) that you descrived in this video. This never happens in El Salvador. No one could hit you like that just for nothing. Perhaps it is because of the WAR in UKraine
Guilherme (3 months ago)
Went there 2 weeks ago, had zero problems. I felt safer in Kiev than in my home country.
itsokimasian x (4 months ago)
3rd category we call it street vendors
Elise Markey (4 months ago)
the second type of people are what we call chavs in the UK (I live in Britain, and I am from a rough town where there are loads of them), there's loads of them all over the country.
Martin M (5 months ago)
Tak/Da/Po/Ja/Si/Hie/Ono/Yes, Olga, that's true everywhere in the world, even here in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America or anywhere.
Darren Pringle (5 months ago)
2:18 why should I avoid gopniks I’m actually friends with some & they’re very cool we play games, socialize & we smoke pot together
s6xei8ht (5 months ago)
Thanks for the headsup, you are the savior
Hussain Hamid (7 months ago)
Cobra Commander (7 months ago)
So Avoid the Shaved Head Sweat Suit guys, typical 1990's style looking Russian Gangsta look. Just be street smart, or avoid Countries with horrible economies and massive Government Corruption.
Sanjay sachdeva (8 months ago)
your Ukraine/Population 45 million and i just want one wife :((((((((((((((((((((((((
Marlon (9 months ago)
That street seller shit happens all over western Europe too
Anmol Wankhede (9 months ago)
you speak so nicely { accent } and the best part is 2.45 to 2.55
Алекс Ckott (9 months ago)
Olga, I had an altercation with a drunk man outside a Dance Club in Zaporozhye on my second trip to the Ukraine. The girl I was with was also drunk. They knew each other and the interpreter kept pulling me aside because I would block this guy from putting his hands on my girl. Nothing ever came of it because I know I am in a foreign country and I did not want to make any trouble. He was so drunk he could hardly stand. We called a taxi and got out of there. Upon my first trip I witnessed two drunk men dancing with each other in a club and was told this was normal male bonding. I am making my 6th trip this month to Odessa to visit my fiancee. I met her September 2017. I love your videos and I love visiting Ukraine.
Naman Kumar (10 months ago)
Very helpful advice mam.
Alexander Lisin (10 months ago)
Дай 5 рублей)
Tezender singh (10 months ago)
Yes dear I did subscription and also press Bell icon
Final Fantasy (11 months ago)
On my first day in Ukraine a street seller tried to sell me a wristband and asked for 50-100 Grivna. I was thinking like 'oh shit that's a lot of money' and I said I didn't exchange my money yet. He said Turkish Lira is okay too and I gave him 20 Turkish Lira. I thought I got off cheap but the next day I figured out I already gave him more than he wanted haha.
Data Masked (11 months ago)
TRACK SUITS! Avoid men in TRACK SUITS! And, by the way, the United States is a nightmare compared to Ukraine in terms of safety. Americans shoot each other every day because there's no gun control here. You take your life in your own hands visiting the U.S. No joke. Very dangerous country.
Kristoffer F (11 months ago)
Lemme marry ur sister
King of the 601 slavs (1 year ago)
Olya sorry I haven't wrote you in while I want to visit but I.'m of mixed heritage I did I a DNA test through ancestry.com and my results are 71% or almost ¾ Ukrainian 18%Spanish and 8% Greek would I be safe and how do Ukrainians feel about Americans with mix Ukrainian ethnicity I'm very dark complected because the Spanish and the Greek ethnicity thank you Olya you always reply andvery helpful
Wolpertinger (1 year ago)
Note to myself: Always avoid drunk people, gopniks and street sellers. :D
No Name (1 year ago)
Thanks Olga, this is great information.
wally morgan (1 year ago)
So your saying your robberies are polite? Give me your money, please? Lol
cafer türker (1 year ago)
Buy a pepper spray in case of any emergency and stay away from taxi drivers cause they always charge you more money,hang out at good places (mostly cheap for tourists because of economical problems of Ukraine).stay away from drunk people.but if you need to fight then do cause they will give up.
Ram Tyagi (1 year ago)
You know Olga these people are everywhere in this world.....you will find such people in every country. But thank you so much for making us aware about it.
aabir hossain rana (1 year ago)
thank you friend for your advice!!!
Boby Berry (1 year ago)
The 3 types of people to avoid in Ukraine are, Ukrainians, Ukrainians and.... Ukrainians, your welcome.
80brax04 (1 year ago)
You ever make your way to the US I could definitely show you a good time!
Sputnik (1 year ago)
SO what happens as a foreigner, you beat up drunk or 'sports' people or Money people?
1ukjunglednbraver (1 year ago)
everything you say i can relate to from the uk.
lostinamerica (1 year ago)
People visit Ukraine and Russia to drink volka and get drunk and screw prostitute's.
Monster Vodka (1 year ago)
It sounds like Chicago.
Thordur Hogna (1 year ago)
So you don't have a lot of alcoholics in Ukraine ,that's nice to hear :)
Hang Geng (1 year ago)
Btw, on maidan square, I got cheated while letting the pigeon holders to scam me 320 hryvnas back in 2013!! It was at least MUCH BETTER than China though cos my roommate in china was scammed 8000 rmb for a tea house scam which is about 32000 hryvnas!!!! I didn't really wanna hurt the girls feeling that's why I decided to take the pigeons photos...now though, I'll never do it again, still have those photos in my camera))
Rhick Martinez (1 year ago)
Hello miss Olga I'm Mr Rico Banta from Philippines but I'm working here in Saudi Arabia I want you be my good friend if you want ok, I have only one question to you what is the difference of orthodox to the Cristian Catholic.
fixedgearforlife (1 year ago)
Across the board, don't talk to anybody, and keep moving. That's the easiest way to avoid a lot of BS.
Dirty Pete (1 year ago)
I'm relieved the drunk guy with a knife kicking me cant kill me...thank fuck for that...
Willy Nelson (1 year ago)
даровой сыр лишь в мышеловке/Free cheese only in a mousetrap
Arcanine Doge (1 year ago)
I moving to ukrain soon for studies Im the type of peacefull personne hope i dont get in trouble
scazermazz (1 year ago)
I see the word DOOF is worldwide :)
Боря Дюпон (1 year ago)
Same rules apply to Russia. The usual trap is : do you have a cigarette? No, sorry. Oh you don't smoke? No I don't. So you're a faggot? And here you go... By the way most of these people are not drunk they're just looking for trouble
Rimrock300 (1 year ago)
Generally pretty safe country, safer than e.g the US. One do not got all the drug and gangs, so much street violence etc. The biggest danger for a forign man concerning Ukraine, except going into the war zones, is being robbed by dating scammers. Getting some tips from vblogs, like Olga's, BEFORE you jump too deep into it, can potensially save quite much time and money. if looking for a Ukrainian lady (that is, it you are able to listen and learn to some degree, naturally)
Kekistani Kekfrog (1 year ago)
I would just avoid Ukraine altogether. The place is a slum and the AIDS/HIV rate is pretty high.
Arthur Clements (1 year ago)
I can't avoid alcash because I am alcash.
doğukan Bulgurcu (1 year ago)
i give up to coming ukraine :D hahaaaaha
Adam Eden (1 year ago)
It is nice to know about this kind of situations. Thanks.
Craig Lee (1 year ago)
Been there twice and this is good advice.
tania maximova (1 year ago)
Omg, they still exist - "people in the sport cloths". So sad, I though those things have gone.
w Jh (1 year ago)
U r right,we took pics in Kiev ,there's some guys come to take pic with us, after that they ask for money , 😏,anyway I learned lesson, so I'll know what to do next time
Raj Kumar (1 year ago)
u r beautiful
RW4X4X3006 (1 year ago)
Never seen a Gopnik in Ukraine. I don't think the grandmothers would put up with them hanging around, anyways.
Burhanz Kozi (1 year ago)
I am planning to come to Ukraine but this is not good
Eddie ed (1 year ago)
those people look like ultra supporters
P.G.R. Preetham (1 year ago)
lol.. did you just say "less alcoholics in ukraine ? " you are funnyy olga. :D
... of course we don't have a lot of alcoholics here.....
Khan1 Khan1 (1 year ago)
olga can you become my girlfriend for 1 or 2 days when i come to Ukraine.
Elton Dsouza (1 year ago)
you look beautiful olga, its da 1st time i saw few videos, very well presented & spoken, ure country is beautiful, love from india
mo vlog yolo squad (1 year ago)
Can u make a video of Odessa national medical university or all medical universities of Ukraine.many Indians will.watch that.it would be very useful.start from kiev.
YPO6 (1 year ago)
Is there "police officer scams" in Ukraine where scammers pretend to be police officers and demand credit cards and money from tourists?
Felix (1 year ago)
THe 3rd type you can find here in Oslo/Norway to. People who are dressed up as clows , and "giving" away baloons and then trying to charge the parents for it.
mamus4 (1 year ago)
In Ukraine avoid these 3 types, Ukranian, Ukranian and Ukranians
Snake (1 year ago)
what's the difference between gopnick and пацанчикк?
Lotfi Mouelhi (1 year ago)
Ukrainians are not racist may be Olga but read the omments and see how many assholes racists you caught red handed ( disgusting generalizationists)
Steve (1 year ago)
"We don't have a lot of alcoholics in Ukraine?" What????????????????
baron d (1 year ago)
My God, I will never go to Ukraine.
Anu Cheeki Breeki - i v Olya!
Jay Andrews (1 year ago)
Some guy wanted to arm wrestle me...but he lost.
mossfleet (1 year ago)
That is an outright lie, you saying that you do not have a lot of alcoholics in the Ukraine. Drinking, the consumption of alcohol and alcoholism is out of control in the Ukraine, Russia and Eastern European countries as a whole!
Jack (1 year ago)
Ukraine Nazis and Right Sector Banderists!
David Rusterholz (1 year ago)
I know where I will be going and not walk the streets alone the tour company will supply me with driver's for my tour's thanks for the advice Olga! Part Ukrainian on my mother's side... Cherniwchan...greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Christophe GUILLAUME (1 year ago)
The best thing is to NEVER go to Ukrain. Shityyyy country. If you wanna have sex with Ukrainian girls (they're hot), just go to your local esort web sites. Ukrainian prostitutes are the best (with Russian ones). The rest of the country : nothing to see.
Odins Wolf (1 year ago)
Hello thanks for the video was really good to know I'd like to visit Ukraine looks very beautiful I've been to other Eastern European countries like Romania, Bulgaria & Poland all very nice too
CDNBaconRich (1 year ago)
How much cash should you bring just for a taxi from the airport? and how much cash do you need per day on average? Thanks Olga
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
for taxi you need around 30-40$, not more, and for food just for you in average restaurant - up to 50$ per day
dialect stat (1 year ago)
But girls like gopniks rather that botanists. Or I'm wrong?
A Z (1 year ago)
Actually, the 2nd type Olga is referring to are called "titushky" (тітушки). This comes from the last name of a young punk who was very athletic and wore a sports suit (like Adidas). He was hired by former president yanukovych to provoke people into fights. During the revolution which began in 2013, peaceful demonstrators would gather in Kyiv to peacefully demonstrate. The leader of the peaceful demonstrators emphasized that they no be violent. So, what yanukovch did was hired young punks in sports suits to follow the example of titushko and who would pick on and provoke people into fights by taking "cheap shots" at people who were not expecting a "low blow" to the groin or punch to the face when they were not looking and did nothing to deserve it. These young punks were paid by yanukovych to provoke peaceful people into fights in order to break up peaceful demonstrations. Then the police would move in to make arrests of peaceful people who were then blamed for violence when in fact they were NOT violent. But it was a well thought out plan to stop protestors by young punks who were paid by yanukovych. These titushky was call "provakatory" or in English, the "provokers".
Jaising Sing (1 year ago)
David W (1 year ago)
When it comes to avoiding people who are drunk, I normally couldn't agree more if they are behaving badly. That being said, some people can be funny when they're drunk. Just ask the late Rob Ford, who imitated a Jamaican accent whilst drunk at a restaurant in Toronto's northwest end in 2014.
Hanzel QQ (1 year ago)
пидараска ебаная
antzontoast (1 year ago)
I'm moving on and avoiding a stupid person!
Hassan Baluch (1 year ago)
they want money?? haha hall of shit Ukraine!!!
Monster Vodka (1 year ago)
You forgot to add the REALLY horny people. They are too much.
Monster Vodka (1 year ago)
Drunk people? No bar hopping then
bob bot (1 year ago)
What about a guy carrying a chainsaw and an axe
Taras Pidlubniy (1 year ago)
beware of gopnik!!!, dont go to troeshina in Kiev!!! ))
no1conrod (1 year ago)
Having been to Ukraine on several occasions I have found it to be very nice never had any problems, my wife is always with me as she comes from Kharkov.
ARE! (1 year ago)
Life Of Boris channel have a realy cool informational video abouth gopnik´s culture :D
Etienne Terblanche (1 year ago)
Hallo Olga, I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and want to come to visit Ukrian soon. Thank you for all the good advice. I look your other videos also an it is very good !! Keep up the good work : ) Say Hallo to your husband and baby.
newgorillagoop (1 year ago)
Nice video Olga. ;) Gopniks sound like some stereotypes here but I guess there are people that fit some stereotypes in all countries. We have them here too. They've just switched up from track suits and gold necklaces to other clothing and hangouts. ;D
emptychannel (1 year ago)
Ukraine has a high rate of alcoholism.
Erick He (1 year ago)
I encountered with similar people in Vancouver Canada, and I just pretended that I don't understand English, in the end that guy just walked away. I guess if I ever visit Ukraine and encounter with them, I'll just speak Mandarin Chinese to them and to see how they react.
theshwong (1 year ago)
#4 Crypto-Jewish Cabalist Tycoons
Kyle Harrison (1 year ago)
been to Kiev many times. Go have a great time ! Very safe city overall. I am married to a Ukrainian lady so have been there frequently. Have encountered the people she mentions but telling them to get the fuck out of your face or you'll kick their  asses gets the point across. I have only had to kick someone's ass twice in all the times I have been there, Most of the people are very nice in Ukraine. This is a minority she is referring. And they're all bark and no bite, pussy boys. They act like gangsters but squat to piss. Kiev is a beautiful city and Ukrainians are great people ! Go visit, you won't regret it !
Oğuzhan Yelek (1 year ago)
Kyle Harrison how can we find a good Ukrainian lady to marry ? Do u have some advices ?
Duane Young (1 year ago)
K H - Hell to the yeah!
Milind Goria (1 year ago)
2 indians were murdered actually in uzgorod ukraine last year :(
Show bobs and vagene (1 year ago)
+Milind Goria wow...i read about them online. One of their friend was injured in the attack too. Indian news channels covered that news. Thank you for sharing that story.
Milind Goria (1 year ago)
either for money or for no reason but yeah they were killed and they were my friends :/
Show bobs and vagene (1 year ago)
Jonathan S. Friedman (1 year ago)
Hey, your cute there, can I have your email?
Patrick McDonald (1 year ago)
I was in Ukraine last year. I will be back soon. And yes the pictures with birds ,got me in Kiev. The people after I got to know them,very real and kind.
Steven Wintersnight (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Jon Harmil (1 year ago)
very nice ... thank you for sharing...
bullwings c (1 year ago)
One time after lunch at TGI Fridays off Kerschatyk, I gave ten dollars to a frail old woman beggar. No less than 30 seconds later seemingly out of nowhere, my friend and I were surrounded by at least 5 to 6 people all begging. We started to walk away fast....which turned into an all out sprint. That didnt stop them. I look back and even that freaking old lady has now turned into a runner. Anyways, half way down Kreschatyk they finally gave up. Still makes me laugh today when I think about it. God I miss those scammers.

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