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Ukrainian Grivna (1-10)...1 UAH is about $0.037 cents worth :(

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Ukraine...very cheap to live and travel there. Country is currently plagued by an on-going conflict in the Eastern part of the country. Our currency exchange business is desperate and has decided to buy and sell Grivna. More comes in than goes out, but if we earn a few more Euros revenue than why not?
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1Mariofan (6 months ago)
It's not a civil war, its a russian invasion.
All about hobby (1 year ago)
Hey sorry 100 time it was my mistake from today only I don't advertise my channel sorry!!!!!!
All about hobby (1 year ago)
It is satisfied sorry I don't Advertise about my channel on your channel
Alomayri A (1 year ago)
Beautiful man I love it
The 200 is my favourite with the Stork on the back. I have thought about buying it because I like it.

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