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How to Achieve Massive Results in the Stock Market

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How to Achieve Massive Results in the Stock Market ★ SUMMARY ★ If you invest or trade in the stock market and want to achieve the big results, there's a process and a system you have to go through to get there. I want to share a concept with you that will not only help you in your stock trading but also in every area of life. "0 + 100 usually doesn't usually equal 100." Things don't go straight from 0 to 100 in life - there is an escalation or curve that accelerates as you get moving. Posted at: http://tradersfly.com/2015/03/how-to-achieve-massive-results-in-the-stock-market ★ SHARE THIS VIDEO ★ http://youtu.be/NfvUFl5KtZA ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: ★ http://bit.ly/addtradersfly ★ ABOUT TRADERSFLY ★ TradersFly is a place where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience about the stock market, trading, and investing. Stock trading can be a brutal industry especially if you are new. Watch my free educational training videos to avoid making large mistakes and to just continue to get better. Stock trading and investing is a long journey - it doesn't happen overnight. If you are interested to share some insight or contribute to the community we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! STOCK TRADING COURSES: -- http://tradersfly.com/courses/ STOCK TRADING BOOKS: -- http://tradersfly.com/books/ WEBSITES: -- http://rise2learn.com -- http://tradersfly.com -- http://backstageincome.com -- http://sashaevdakov.com SOCIAL MEDIA: -- http://twitter.com/tradersfly -- http://facebook.com/tradersfly MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: -- TradersFly: http://bit.ly/tradersfly -- BackstageIncome: http://bit.ly/backstageincome
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Text Comments (25)
Sou'ded Qadri (1 year ago)
This guy maybe the best utuber ever
MoneyManFernando (1 year ago)
Can you explain more about the Fibonacci effect and how a trader or investor can use that to maximize profits. Thanks
MoneyManFernando (1 year ago)
What is this sequence that he talks about. I didn`t quite get the name of it ?? And how does that relate to stock market investing ?????????????
BadCow (1 year ago)
I could listen to you speak all day long. It's your voice. Thanks dude.
James Ryzlot (1 year ago)
So - how much money do you have? JR
James Ryzlot (1 year ago)
Quebec and California should leave and join Mexico
Ezra Pound (10 months ago)
California is a cesspool! Leave
some one NAME VALENCIA (2 years ago)
what can I do with 300 bucks Also is making around 60 centa a day good or bad on average; I started 3 business days ago never practice, but it's like a video game to me.
Sabinro (1 year ago)
Sasha Evdakov agree with you. invest in courses and implement that on grading demo account where you can trade like real. if you can prove it there. you can go trade with real.
Nicolas Lamer (1 year ago)
Great idea
Alexander Senna (2 years ago)
good reminder. Thats a really nice shirt btw
Saif Siddiky (3 years ago)
Great advice. I thought I'd be a millionaire over night...... Didn't quite happen. I did make £22 on my first trade lol
Tippu Tip (3 years ago)
How can I tell if an earnings report is good or not?
Tippu Tip (3 years ago)
But....by then the opportunity to profit is gone? Should I take a business accounting class, would that level the playing field ???
bigkruns (3 years ago)
Great advice, I just started trading about 5 months ago and I was and still seeing big companies rallying 15% on the ER and I thought I can achieve 15% return in short time but you are right. I will have to make several transactions in order to get 15 % return in one year.
Silvers Rayleigh (3 years ago)
What platform or software do you recoment me and also a broker ?
Alex Salter (1 year ago)
mathieux martin so say what it is then? obv catch. always is.
mathieux martin (1 year ago)
go to his site, hes got it posted
Enrique (3 years ago)
So I want to make a $1000 a month profit. Lets say my start up is $2000. And I can add 2000 every 6 months? Can I genuinely get there in a year and a half?
Jose Ramirez (3 years ago)
Question do u think that the stock markets are bound by this rule.. like the rules of physics?? ..how reliable is it?
shengli07 (3 years ago)
win big VS. win constantly.
warrior1902xD (3 years ago)
+shengli07 constantly
Girolamo Aloe (3 years ago)
I like this video ;-) .. it is just what I try to do. but i want also have ~70% of trades closed in profit, time by time, to keep profitability for the middle long term.
Be Ren (1 year ago)
I've seen consistently 40% of stocks are profitable. I look to keep my 60% losers with low losses by spreading my $ out at 5% per company.
dash leo (3 years ago)
Great advised, Thanks Sasha!

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