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Eshan Kanwar (3 days ago)
Instead of doing all of those steps to get out of the ice... just normaly get out and ask your mom can i have hot coco and play fortnite and skip school tomorrow...
Waterfall :D (3 days ago)
What to do in a storm? More like what *NOT* to do in a storm
Paige Keeler (9 days ago)
Do not listen to the one about pulling someone who is drowning out of the water by yourself you should never do this under any circumstances. They WILL drag you under to stay afloat and you'd be putting both of you in danger. Find something that floats or that can reach them try to get them something to hold them up or pull them in. In the other case of you were the one drowning, stay calm it can save your life. You need to relax focus and try to float on your back preferably or any other floats you know. When on your back make sure you push your stomach up or it will not work. Then when safely floating attention is what you need. Yell, get people to know you are in distress and they can help you properly. But for both situations just stay calm, and stay safe
Kevin Mendoza (26 days ago)
0:15 jejej xd 0:47 damn it 1:00 thats easy 1:28 obviously no dah 2:22 obviously man Desde 1:22y
Ramsés Vásquez (1 month ago)
It just came out that we have about a decade to stop the utter destruction of the planet we live in if we do not take some drastic measures to reverse the processes. Otherwise you can kiss everyone goodbye, you n yours cat and dog...everyone.....please get educated and put in your two cents.
Vivek Sharma (1 month ago)
can we ride a car under storms
Nilbe Pangan (1 month ago)
कैंसर के रोगियों के लिए अति आवश्यक जानकारी - यदि आपके आस पास में कोई व्यक्ति कैंसर के रोग से बीमार है और ईलाज करने के बाद भी फायदा नहीं हो रहा है। जिन कैंसर के मरीजों को डॉकक्टर्स भी ईलाज के लिए न कर चुके है। उन असहाय और परेशान रोगियों की सेवा के उद्देश्य से योगी जी के यहाँ वृन्दावन में आयुर्वेदिक उपचार किया जाता है। इस उपचार से कैंसर के चौथी स्टेज के रोगियों को भी लाभ मिलता है। कैंसर के वह रोगी भी संपर्क करे जिनको कैंसर के घाव हो चुके है। जिनके घावों से निरंतर पस और पानी बह रहा है, बदबू आ रही है, कीड़े पड़ चुके है। वह रोगी भी निराश न हो उनका भी योगी जी के यहाँ उपचार किया जाता है। यह जानकारी आप अपने आस पास या परचित में यदि कोई कैंसर रोगी हो तो उसको दे जिससे किसी का अनमोल जीवन बच सके। अतः इस जानकारी को लोगो तक पहुंचाए। कैंसर के रोगी इन नंबरो पर संपर्क करें - 9761770770 , 9068647770
Jayashree Sreedharan (1 month ago)
kishore nekkanti (1 month ago)
Who likes 5 minte crafts give a 👍👍
samuel samuel (1 month ago)
Good ideas
A.O Technology (1 month ago)
I am your 28 m subscriber
Veena Mehta (1 month ago)
Your videos r helpful....😊
My name is UGLY (2 months ago)
A crush of mine was drowning. I saved her with what you told me, and we r together now.
MDI MDI X BRUNO (2 months ago)
Rahul kumar (2 months ago)
What is a strock ???
MASTER HARSH (2 months ago)
7:17 is a bit weird
E (2 months ago)
he gon drown before his muscles seize up
Ashlee Santillan (2 months ago)
How about when u trapped in a burning house?
MUERTE BLACK (2 months ago)
El elebador ya lo sabia por gers xD
Benjamin Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Elevators don't fall. They have breaks even if they do. I don't need the elevator tip.
Kala Muniandy (3 months ago)
Very useful tips👍
The Cool Cuber (3 months ago)
6:03 Rest in peace currents😂
vanni Võ (3 months ago)
pink fairy (4 months ago)
Thank u so much😘😘😘😘
KAVIN RAJ S (4 months ago)
Second part video music super
Alex Pogrmic (4 months ago)
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Ninja Dude (4 months ago)
One time I was riding my bike and then a storm came and I rode my bike in a storm I have done that many times
Bhai ye channel bhi Inka . Bright side bhi Inka . Ye kitna kamate honge
3:08 is my favourite and my favourite song
Niah Edmund (4 months ago)
Wait why would u be RIDING A BIKE while it’s LIGHTING/STORMING😂
KAILAS HIWARDE (4 months ago)
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OwO Productions (4 months ago)
So thats why when i cough my mom pats me in the back kthanks
dragonman45 (4 months ago)
This could save my life!
Afsha Parveen (4 months ago)
thanks dear😃
Solar Skyes (4 months ago)
First to get pinned (I hope this works)
ERROR (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/MdmZk_suE0g This youtuber copied your video!!
Ceo Minji 막내 Shuhua (4 months ago)
We pat them hard or softly??
V - Arcade (5 months ago)
what if a plane is about to crash on you when elevator is going down?
গাজাখোর (5 months ago)
Shailey gupta (5 months ago)
Rohith Rohith (5 months ago)
Very bad video
Keya (5 months ago)
During it is safe to stay inside the car guys google it..
Keya (5 months ago)
I mean during lightning
부계정 (5 months ago)
ㅉㅈ 영상 원본이네
Vinod Tikare (5 months ago)
Why or why not
xX QuicSc0pe_Pr0 xX (5 months ago)
I can't ride a bike.LOL!
xX QuicSc0pe_Pr0 xX (3 months ago)
But I learned
A Ollikainen (5 months ago)
Good video
ims allah (5 months ago)
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ims allah (5 months ago)
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Major Alex Gaming (5 months ago)
3:17 music name?
Major Alex Gaming (5 months ago)
XxxKristine_ WolfexxX someone might know ;-; lol my little niece like that song ...so I had to find it for her ;-;
jothee ramdevu (6 months ago)
laying on lift some membersneed lift then they will lay on you in a small lift
SURYA AJITH (6 months ago)
Mohammed Saber (6 months ago)
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Mustafa Khan (6 months ago)
3:06 music?
Sahayam Sahayam (6 months ago)
thank you
Honor (6 months ago)
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Baryula Biryelli (6 months ago)
I almost drowned because I'm just 7 years old but I saved myself :o
Baryula Biryelli (5 months ago)
Punpon Boon well it's just my first disaster
Punpon Boon (5 months ago)
Baryula Biryelli I have never been in any disaster before
okay okay-Dogew00f (6 months ago)
Oh no, the elevator cords broke, what should I do? Oh, I know! Jump :D.
A S (6 months ago)
Mind: I don't wanna die by not watching this
CHARR KR (7 months ago)
this was just what i have been looking for thanks!! new sub!!!
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링ˇ뀨 (7 months ago)
hey! I'm korean... I think korean's youtuber 짤잼 take your movie(?) and say "this is mine, and you take mine!!" What do you think this problom? I think you have to go police, say "짤잼is take my movie "
주니푸아씌 (5 months ago)
아미 ARMY 맞아요 ㅜ
Talk N Review (7 months ago)
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Yashwanth Dornala (7 months ago)
In a freely falling elevator the gravity is zero u cannot lie down on the floor ..
Dawlat Elmiligy (7 months ago)
Can you help im 8 years i have a problem with breathing i breath hard
Cavycupcake (2 months ago)
Dawlat Elmiligy You're probably Asthmatic, or you might have a lung infection.
Baπdit TM (7 months ago)
Dont put your arm on your Heads if you are in a falling elevator!! Instead Grab the back of your Head with both arms. It should be like this: hands covering the back of the Head and your arms will protect the sides and the elbow will protect the face
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Dee- 1 (7 months ago)
Lintang Amelia (7 months ago)
Ranveer Singh (7 months ago)
Siddhant Tiwari (7 months ago)
I think this is the shortest video ever of yours👍
Arshad Ansari (7 months ago)
5:51 see the legs of the person helping😅😅😅
ONLINE TECH (7 months ago)
Facts Community (7 months ago)
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Kay Diamonds (7 months ago)
Do you know? My dad had cramp on the sea and was about to drown and someone saved him and who saved him I bless him
explore new things (7 months ago)
Can anyone tell in which app are they editing these videos
Mckenzie Frenzy (7 months ago)
6:35, what if you don't know how to swim?
NO Clickbait (7 months ago)
Wow helpfull tips... Thank you bright side 😊
Tomato (7 months ago)
matpat sent me
Dato Shubitidze (7 months ago)
I'm not snake nub
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Shyam Bihari Mishra (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/418t6a4TP_U 😱😱😱
Krisztián Nagy (7 months ago)
you can't fall in an elevator.
Prabhpreet Singh (7 months ago)
I am from heaven and yes these tricks help me reach my destiny
Creative Bird (8 months ago)
Could you do a 'how to draw a person'? I am really bad at them, and i need help! The animated people are really good and I need help! Than u!
prenom nom (8 months ago)
BAAA BAAAAA BAAAAAA biznessss bizness biznesss BAAAA BAAA BAAAAA
prenom nom (8 months ago)
1 in 0.00000015% ? What does that mean ?
Noah Pereira (8 months ago)
Furious Emerald Axe (8 months ago)
No you wait till the car is completely submerged and the pressures will equal and you can open the door and swim out the MythBusters proved that an underwater car
༒꧁ ꧂ (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/MdmZk_suE0g What!??!??
Mar isaYT (8 months ago)
Number 1: dont walk on ice then
테러라이저 (8 months ago)
PNB LOL (8 months ago)
You change the music
Hoon Goon (8 months ago)
Watch out little teddy
Not Dave (8 months ago)
1:42 «The likelihood of being stuck in a falling elevator is extremely small: 1 in 0.00000015%.» I go to school. That is an extremely high probability. Stay away from elevators!!!
SethBrown321 (8 months ago)
Oh it's BRIGHT SIDE back with the clickbait

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