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How To Lower Your Taxes 2018 - Writes off & Deductions/ Small Business

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Start a business here http://workwithtanisha.com/ My free Network marketing series - how to choose the right company and products to build a legacy for your family http://www.allnationalnewstoday.com/what-is-network-marketing-the-series Download the quick books apps http://www.allnationalnewstoday.com/quick-books-self-employed-app-for-mobile/ s form 1040 irs forms irs tax forms irs tax filing forms filing 2018 taxes filing taxes in 2018 filing taxes for 2019 tax filing for 2018 taxes for 2018 tax file 2018 2018 tax returns e file taxes 2018 2018 tax refunds file taxes 2018 #loweryourtaxes #sandybotkins
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Text Comments (11)
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
Download the app http://www.allnationalnewstoday.com/quick-books-self-employed-app-for-mobile/
Carl Grant (5 months ago)
you should start a business just for tax fuckin purpose. I love it. that saying should go on a t shirt.lol great info once again.
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
Carl Grant very True — if we would have learned this in high school we all would be much richer
CS77 Smith (5 months ago)
You really lighting my mind on this important topic, so in other words, a tax write-off just help you to save money?
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
CS77 Smith I use this http://TanishaspassiveIncome.com
CS77 Smith (5 months ago)
Got you, thank you so much. Do you have Facebook ads training for MCA?
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
CS77 Smith keep your money and not give it away to blood sucking government
Gab-reena Henry (5 months ago)
I love learning from you .I can't wait to meet you one day .but I does have to put in earbugs you curse a lot. Lol but I still love you
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
Gab-reena Henry thx for watching
How do I start a business
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
This Is Your Branding Guy http://workwithtanisha.com

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