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Rebooting Graveyard Tanks: Ukraine rebuilds Soviet-era tanks to boost military

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Dozens of tanks from Ukraine’s infamous tank graveyard stationed in a secret depot in the city of Kharkiv are being brought back to life with new hardware. Many of Ukraine’s once thriving tank factories were abandoned after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and hundreds of tanks were left to rot. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (153)
Frederick Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
well done Ukraine!
Özgün Demir (2 months ago)
old or not, a tank is always a tank and is capable of rip light armor and people apart.
PrzemyslawKarol (3 months ago)
Does they use premium rounds , like in world of tanks ??
BandytaCzasu (5 months ago)
Employ the Myth Busters, pay them for converting those junkers into RC vehicles, and have them controlled by your best gamers. Don't make your soldiers go into combat in those steel coffins.
michael F (8 months ago)
That’s great and all but our Russian friends would’ve steamrolled Ukraine if they wanted to with unstoppable 1400mm RHA equivalent T-14 tanks. They recognized the referendum and accepted Crimea as Russian territory. They don’t intend to invade Ukraine.
Maxim Chepelev (10 months ago)
A T-64, with a gas-turbine engine, and a 128mm gun.... had no idea Ukraine was hiding these beasts from us all these years.
1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN (1 year ago)
This is actually so smart. Soviet tech always works.
Kriechbaum (10 months ago)
Except when it doesn't. Like all the soviet planes that fall out of the sky. And the soviet powerplants. And the soviet economy, extremely reliable :D. Soviet tech is anything but reliable. People think that all things from the soviets are like the AK (one of the few things that are reliable in russia).
Mankar Camoran (1 year ago)
Yep, that's definetly good idea to use tanks that was branded "old and uneffective againts modern weaponary" in the SOVIET UNION!!!
pukalo [CDN] (1 year ago)
Lol like the Chieftain, the multi-fuel engine of the T-64 was known for being very unreliable.
Özgün Demir (2 months ago)
yep just like the t80. Still its better than nothing. They have also t80's and t84 oplots and modernizing them for fight. Things can get hot very soon.
abce basf (1 year ago)
treadstone1222 (1 year ago)
125mm gun
powerhp (1 year ago)
With Kontakt-5 or better Relikt armour kt, auto fire extinguisher and new optics T55 it's still a good tank. T64 and 72 very good.
Just don't forget to put some cage armor on them...
Elkabong53708 (1 year ago)
Better than any American tank, even the vaulted M1 Abrams is a POS compared to Russian built and designed armor.
Dirlewanger FIN (1 year ago)
Not really, only good things about soviet tanks are their low profile and low weight with wide tracks which gives good performance in mud.
Nathan Smith (1 year ago)
The makers of the tanks aren't very.... Nobyl!
Wisewarna Nazara (1 year ago)
Are they the missing tank from Chernobyl?
455cui (1 year ago)
128mm cannon never heard before
SquirrelFromGradLife (1 year ago)
nice parking job
Quevan Pham (2 years ago)
Goodmove Porospycho, fixing tanks that was part of Chernobyl disaster and giving it to your soldiers to slowly die in in. Genocide
Quevan Pham (1 year ago)
genocide war crime in donbass and lughasnst you neonazis banderas shell and bomb civilians housing everyday what do you call this, is it because they speak russian ?
Ass Hole (2 years ago)
Well, when I look up the date of this video. Im fairly sure thuse tanks are already in Donbas Militia hands by now :D
Afghanistan Click (2 years ago)
I wish these facilities were provided to poorer nations like Afghanistan which has many of these abandoned tanks.
Luis Guevara (2 years ago)
Venezuela supports you Ukraine : )
Davey Bernard (10 months ago)
please be reasonable, camerad Stalin :D
Iosif Stalin (2 years ago)
+Luis Guevara No dude!
Edgar Addington-May (2 years ago)
you lost me at t-64
Krešimir Lokin (2 years ago)
there are t 64 and t 80 in the videi
hakim91 (2 years ago)
+Driver2904 yeah, its a t-64
Driver2904 (2 years ago)
+hakim91 i retract my comment due to the fact they are t-64 i was thinking t-62
Krešimir Lokin (2 years ago)
+hakim91 they arent...its t 80 look at the wheels
hakim91 (2 years ago)
+Driver2904 ok thats weird lol
Ouija1210 (2 years ago)
these tanks they are using are irridiated soviet tanks from CHEROBYL!!! ukrainains are using irridiated tanks your fascist government are criminal thousands of ukrainian soliders will die due to radiation and they openly admit it.
Lizardpile (1 year ago)
These aren't from Chernobyl lol. Why would there be irradiated tanks in Chernobyl anyway? only BRDMs and engineering vehicles were left there. These are tanks left in tank repair facilities and depots after the fall of the USSR. they were no longer needed and left to rot. A similar fate awaited thousands of former Soviet tanks all over the CIS, many of which have been scrapped now.
java miller (2 years ago)
+Ouija1210 I had no Idea Chernobyl was in Kharkov.....
miki7777777ful (3 years ago)
old , bad armour , not effective
They can kill a M60 or M1a1 Abrams
Matthew Burger (7 months ago)
the T-64 can be upgraded to modern levels very easily after all the orginal t-64 isn't far ff the orginal M1 abrams
Lizardpile (1 year ago)
With the reactive armor these are fitted with, they are well protected against RPGs. And seeing as they are facing mostly weapons from the same era as these tanks, they will be fine. These aren't bad tanks, just outdated.
OMEGA (1 year ago)
+miki7777777ful it was good for her day, forget the armor etc, the gun is potent, with the proper ammunition of course. Also I forgot to mention the M1A1 was vulnerable to RPGs, not the M1A2 abram.
riphaven (3 years ago)
Good, now go kill some Russians and send the dog tags to putin.
Chuck Davis (3 years ago)
Great work but there is no way they can defeat the Russians, they are just too strong for them.
Özgün Demir (2 months ago)
no, they sent some of their soldiers there too, even spetsnaz. There are google earth satellite images of russian bases with a lot of buk missile systems in Ukraine soils. All the world know that the mh17 was shot down by those buks. And interrogation of a captured spetsnaz soldier he admits they were sent there. There are even a few t90 tanks spotted in separatists side. Here in yt videos, some Ukrainian soldiers report they have been fighting two types of groups. One so called those dpr separatist militias, and sometimes other much professional groups, that they said they cant be ordinary people, they were way too professional. Those are Russian soldiers. Do your research you'll see.
Chuck Davis (2 years ago)
Jimmy actually most of the areas contested by the russians and ukranians have been won by the russians, after intense and merciless shelling, they take most of the fortified areas from the ukranians  
Gregory Louis (2 years ago)
+Jimmy Jackson Ever heard of Arena defenses on a T90
Jimmy Jackson (3 years ago)
+Chuck Davis Well technically the Russians are not heavily involved because they have not send their Troops into Ukraine but you'd be Surprised what a few heavily fortified defenses can do for you, especially if the infantry in those positions have Javelin missiles or other modern day high tech missile systems they could effectively with these stop any Russian armored Advances.
DoctorOP (3 years ago)
128mm gun oh really?
Scar (3 years ago)
Good. The DNR and DPR will need new tanks that Ukrop troops will abandon in the next battle
ir killer (3 years ago)
wat is this channel? russia today knockoff? no the fact is youll never be really soviet okay? your sovietness you left it out
terok1711 (3 years ago)
What a shitty commentary is that, tanks shown in the video are T-80 tanks not T-64 and all modern soviet vehicles have a 125 mm smoothbore cannon. 128 mm was used by Germany in 1945…
Marko Hrastinski (3 years ago)
All tanks that Ukraine has are from Soviet-era,there is only differences if there are in active service or in reserve.
zzeBIGcosmos (3 years ago)
hell yeah
Andron MacBeton (3 years ago)
Tanks are useless if commanders are brainless.
Jeremy Sun (3 years ago)
Tanks are steel coffins. 1 Konkurs. 1 tank. 3 dead.
1Fireskull (3 years ago)
Though vulnerable to anti-tank weapons, a tank commander who takes adequate defensive measures can destroy a lot of enemy positions in a short period of time and survive. It is good to see Ukraine resourcefulness in the defence of their beloved country and people. Слава Україні! Слава героям!
Iosif Stalin (2 years ago)
+1Fireskull Fuck upaina!
José Dourado (3 years ago)
Enough for Russian drunk invaders.
Bunduru Foryou (3 years ago)
The US has thousands of older M60 Pattons laying around I don't see why we couldn't include some of them with the arms package.
Dmitri Patronov (2 years ago)
Now the question is, who will educate the Kiev army how to use M60's tanks? Or in that matter a Javelin which missile costs 86.000.00$
LordEd21 21 (3 years ago)
+jojo meta Well restoring the m60's would give many US citizens jobs which are in a high demand so it would be beneficial for us to send them tanks as well as some old Gustaf M2 recoil-less rifles.
Cave Johnson (3 years ago)
+jojo meta give the m-60s to ukrane so we don't have to bother storing them
Hunter Michaelson (3 years ago)
+Nobody Awesome I know! We could have given them the M60-2000 which is an M60 chassis with Abrams armor on the outside.
jojo meta (3 years ago)
+Nobody Awesome It would be better to send TOWs and Javelins rather than repairing and making an M60 battle ready. The Javelin will work on the first second of usage and TOW too. They also need basic technology and design for drones, so they can make their own. US isn't gonna throw MQ9 reapers out there and get their tech stolen.
jamali hamilton (3 years ago)
Nice ending :-D
Vladimir Eng (1 year ago)
Get Russia out Ukraine, they lose two empires we don't need Russia
tanner bakker (3 years ago)
ytpKANG (3 years ago)
More tanks for the rebels :)
the dab (3 months ago)
I like to know were they getting them T-72B3s and T-90s from.
Olafs Grevins (10 months ago)
Terrorists buy their tanks in shop. After that they paint fake urkrainain recognition marks on them make them dirty and damaged and then take videos how ukrainain army gave gift them again. Good job comrades. Of course there is a real captured tanks too. But first tanks they bought in shop.
TheRdamterror (10 months ago)
if that whas so the war wout be over in 3 weeks
Vladimir Eng (1 year ago)
Russia invaded Ukraine
Soon to be tank operator graveyard.
Russkiman96 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Griggs show me where there is a russian made tank in dnr and lnr. please all i see is old soviet tanks which have been captured from ukraine forces or old conservation tanks
Daniel Griggs (3 years ago)
You mean Russian hardware
Ita Athey (3 years ago)
These Ukraine tanks will over people again. Nothing new.
CrismaFire (3 years ago)
Glad to see the tanks being used. It saddened me when I saw so many tanks forgotten in another video. I would love to buy one.
pcblah (2 years ago)
+CrismaFire You can, some websites are selling them for $60,000
Dmitri Patronov (3 years ago)
Soviet Tech will always work.
Dmitri Patronov you know what happen in kursk danm casualties of soviet was 6k german 750 vehicles
Iosif Stalin (2 years ago)
+Colin Johnson Kursk wasn't Soviet but Russian.
Dmitri Patronov (3 years ago)
+Colin Johnson k

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