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Chechnya Anti-Charlie Rally: Massive protest in Grozny against cartoons of Muslim Prophet Mohammed

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Hundreds of thousands of people have staged an anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Chechen capital Grozny. Protesters carried signs declaring "We love Prophet Mohammad" and "God is the greatest" through the city center, rebuilt after two separatist wars in the past two decades. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (93)
belkacemi hachemi (9 days ago)
c est incroyable ce mohamed est un vrai geant de l huma nite
Sattar Amiri (29 days ago)
Sattar Amiri (29 days ago)
I love u chenchen Muslim brothers and sisters love from Afghanistan
Mashaa Allah We Love Muhammad (S.A.W)
anwar Khan (1 month ago)
I love Chechnya from India
my channel (3 months ago)
Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH..Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH...Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH...Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH..Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH..Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH...Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH...Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH...Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH..Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH..Labaik Ya Rasool ALLAH.................tiger of islam Chechnya muslims............i from. pakistan
Khaled Ahmed Talukder (5 months ago)
Respect From Bangladesh.Western country should peaceful with World Muslims.Or One day they will damage by Muslim when muslim is powerful.or Allah can destroy these country.All Muslims in the world shoud be together.Welcome to Chechniya for your together & respect our prophet Hazrath MD S. Chechniya Republic long live.
mansoor alemad (5 months ago)
Love chechuan
ThUrT EilNo (5 months ago)
islam protects the living and the dead. something the western world would never understand, they even mock there own christ.
Waseem Ullah (6 months ago)
Pure Muslims pure souls best Islamic state
Giorgi Jackeli (6 months ago)
Greetings and respect my Chechen brothers and sisters from Georgian ! I fully support your protest ! Down with such " democracy and freedom of speech " !
mickey mouse (7 months ago)
I love checnya from Thailand
Suhail Khan (7 months ago)
Respect from india. We Love our prophet
Md Sham (7 months ago)
Assalamu alaikum Lots of love to chechanya people from indian muslim
All In One (7 months ago)
I love chechan muslim brother....... from india
adam benam (7 months ago)
The Muslim's enemies (evils) are attacking sometimes religiously, emotionally, economically or militarily and so on. So standing against them (the evils) is a success. That's great Chechnya
adam benam (7 months ago)
Allah bless you all
Love from iraq😘
madasser hussain (11 months ago)
Love to Chechens from a muslim
jason poole (11 months ago)
Mate mohammad was a low, cocksuckling, Pedophilic, imbecile, come and get me fuckwits, because give me the opportunity, I will be sneak going you, from this day on.
IKRAM Idrisi (11 months ago)
Love from india
IKRAM Idrisi (11 months ago)
We love chechanya
Saad Tamim (1 year ago)
allahu akbar..love from Bangladesh
Erik Persson (1 year ago)
I thought Chechnya was more developed than this...
Abudlrahman Rehman (1 year ago)
I love Chechnya you in my Heart Chechnya people is Best I will try I come Chechnya my Allah give me chance my All pary accept my Allah I love My All Muslim
Raju Kumaran (1 year ago)
DirtyChechen Jihadis
Rehan Khan (1 year ago)
i love Chechnya india muslim
Mohammad Maksood (1 year ago)
I'm Indian we love checheniya brothers
Respect from Kyrgyzstan .. We Love Checnya Republic
Aminath Dhiye (1 year ago)
we Muslims love our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
now, where is the westerners who think Putin is their friend against extremism?
Rendi Speedshop3 (1 year ago)
beda yaaa dgn indonesia, walaupun majority nya muslim, tpi klo di checnya lebih cinta agamanya
Notorious A F (4 months ago)
Rendi Speedshop3 indonesia lebih mirip turki, sekuler ..
Immad (1 year ago)
thats the way to go Chechens... know nothing about ur leader Qadirov... seems like a good man.... anyway...Pak luv chechnia, Dagistan, Kazan.
Robby Ashario (1 year ago)
muslim in chechnya muslim sunni or syiah?
prince pares (11 months ago)
syed abdul (1 year ago)
kim (1 year ago)
1st time I see Muslim's protest without fire and blood.
Suhail Khan (7 months ago)
kim ho the hel r u
muzaffar rojava (8 months ago)
Polski Antysystemowiec cause it's muslim.
Polski Antysystemowiec (8 months ago)
kim Cause it's european
PS 619 (1 year ago)
kim finally civilization..
Red Onion (2 years ago)
this is how you d o it
chechen people real muslims thanks for you❤
اللهم صلى وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم
Gita Wulandari (2 years ago)
Respect from Indonesia .. We Love Checnya Republic
Omar Katmer (6 months ago)
سلام عليكم
MOHD YUSUFF Sharif (6 months ago)
names are your choice and religion is your choice.no compulsion.
muzaffar rojava (8 months ago)
wonderfullife I know every indian hindu feel betrayed whenever they hear Indonesian muslims with hindu names. LOL
Gita Wulandari (2 years ago)
+wonderfullife Thats right, hindu culture is part of Indonesia. name of the airline, a person's name, emblem, slogan, language and religion of Islam is identical Hindu tradition. I think Indonesia is the largest Muslim world and the most tolerant in the world. Indonesia 80 percent Muslim, the rest Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Confucianism (the religion of Chinese immigrants). have you ever been to my country? Where do you come from?
wonderfullife (2 years ago)
+Gita Wulandari i also found alot of indonesian muslims have hindu name.. are they more tolarent muslims then muslims of other countries ?? do they practice some hindu traditions ?? wondering
Kazami-san ♥ (2 years ago)
This is not real Islam, Muslims don't do that, that's chechan Muslims, they don't present original Islam :)
PakMan (1 year ago)
What do you mean they don't represent Islam, they are Muslims. They believe what we believe, it doesn't matter what colour, culture or region they're from, they're all brothers and sisters
Ifraz Ali (2 years ago)
what are you saying
Abu Chechen (2 years ago)
No you are wrong
Junaid Unar (2 years ago)
Love from Pakistan to all my Chechen brothers.
wonderfullife (2 years ago)
why not protest against terrorism, if Islam is really a religion of peace ??? bunch of hypocrites
CheChenBoyYT (1 month ago)
Oh we already do that. You're just to blind, ignorant and retarded to see it.
The Blitz (2 years ago)
you want us to protest beside Charlie's magazine .. which means to join our ennemies hahaha go kill yourself
Demond Wilson (2 years ago)
I was going to argue, then I decided to let you destroy yourself
x iLLzYaz x eLijAH (2 years ago)
thats one happen in middle east right now more about politic power between sunni, syiah the others or between nationalist ethnic kurdis and the others. even all of them are arab and speaking arab but they're from different ethnic. the problem with the muslim all over the world are they think theyre more Islamic than the others. thats why they will kill their own people. they think they are better and righteous. only the leader from middleeast can change this situation. other muslim country are poor or 3rd world.
Munja (2 years ago)
bunch of retards
Dub_Scratch (2 years ago)
Putin needs to come down hard against Islam in Russia.
Sagir Ashraf (4 months ago)
Dub_Scratch entire world cannot stop the spread of islam
Ifraz Ali (2 years ago)
+Shri Indiana you are just ugly disgusting jealous Indian
Abdullah Ahmad (2 years ago)
Putin is an ally of islam and he shares our enemy of America and Europe we are allied to Russia and if they declare a war against the Jewish Zionists and Americans we will join them
Kika Kika (2 years ago)
l m so sorry for these ignarant cartonist Mouhamed is our love our prophet Mouhamed live inside us Mouhamed is a great person he mean all things for us انا كفيناك المستهزئين وانك لعلى خلق عظيم we need peace please don t touch us on our beleive u have ur religion as us .we ask respect of relegion l m muslum l m not terrorist .
Mohammad Arshad (2 years ago)
i love chechen muslim brothers.....from pakistan
Mohammad Maksood (1 year ago)
Mohammad Maksood
Dozodo Kun (2 years ago)
+Dub_Scratch we will never convert to christianity forever....
Dozodo Kun (2 years ago)
+Dub_Scratch no one cares you idiot..what the point if you say a bad things about islam? nothing...
GOD bless Chechnya 4m Somalia
Sandro Kovalev (3 years ago)
Ugh - Chechens, you're a great people with a unique culture...do not allow these Arab Wahhabis/Salafis to turn you into fanatics.  Your culture is not Saudi, it's Chechen.
sasha hunk (6 months ago)
Sandro Kovalev I think sir you are mistaken there is nothing Arab about being Muslims. In Islam people are allowed to follow their own culture chechen people don't speak Arabic and they don't have wedding in Arab way. Please try to distinguish between these two it's just being racist to call all Muslims Arabs just because we Go for pilgrimage to Mecca and madina doesn't mean we have become Arabs.
"i think we, muslims.. are ignorant to what al Quran teaches so when we cut off peoples heads, its only because because Al Quran and Allahs words are clear commandments and must be followed.. but when we follow these verses.. people get upset because they dont want their heads chopped off.. so i think we muslims are misunderstood, alhamdulillah" typical muslim who is ignorant of the satanic methods of Allah. but thry ate muslims by culture.. not by faith.
Hadi Abdulhameed (3 years ago)
Im a muslim a cartoon doesnt make me kill someone ( i mean seriously ) our prophet's reputation (as u can see) is not hurt by some cartoons, so i dont see any reason at all for all the muslim anger against those idiotic cartoonists... i mean, muhammed was insulted much more than that when he was alive, and that did not affect him... anyway,, that demonstration in grozny shows that muslims are THERE,,,,,  but that doesnt mean you should hate on them....... i mean free speach ,, RIGHT ??  anyway,,,, this message is not intended to change the haters' thoughts about islam cuz im pretty sure i'll get tons of comments from islamophobes XD  (it's so predictable) so i just wanted to say in conclusion ...have a nice day :D
Vexilator (1 year ago)
Hadi Abdulhameed charle hebdo was a hoax.
maxamuud adan (3 years ago)
Fuck u
Ahmed Ali (3 years ago)
When some muslim leaders go to Paris to say sorry to the charlie hebdo magazine i fail to understand why so...thumbs up for ISIS in this case...
MrMochikan (3 years ago)
Though I cannot stress enaugh how stupid and hipocritical this "I am Charlie" thing is. While I strongly denounce this mass murder and shooting, one should not crap on everything that is sacred. Freedom is not about giving rights to someone to crap on other people virtues. Freedom is not about discrimination of other people religion, race or whatever. I don;t understand why these 4million people in France didn't make the mass demonstations when over 2000 people in Nigeria were butchered, or those poor victims in Ukraine were blown up in the bus etc etc. I am not muslim, but I am not Charlie either.
jon henry (3 years ago)
That was pritty good.
Infinite (3 years ago)
Oh dear lord.. Z Aquarius and alfabravo80... the two biggest idiots on YouTube.  Tell me boys, how much does Kremlin pay you to troll on this nice page?  I doubt even you believe the garbage that you comment.  How funny...calling Ukraine nazis while talking shit about Jewish people.  Thanks for revealing who you truly are.  ;)  And for AlfaBravo...Russia supports Zionism much more than America ever will.  Just look at what Putin said when America wasn't supporting Israel enough.  If anything, Putin is Israel's hero.  Now crawl back under your holes.  Garbage trolls.  I can't even begin to mention how hard Russia's oligarch has fucked over Chechnya.  
Bla BlaBla (3 years ago)
They'd better gather in that mass for asking independence :D Chechnya - guberinia Rosii.
Alesky Banas (3 years ago)
Notorious A F (4 months ago)
Keyboard warrior !!
Noxchi (1 year ago)
Alesky Banas nique ta race c'est toi l'animal
Kika Kika (2 years ago)
why u see him like animal i think so ur relegion ask for tolerance and respect of others l m muslum i m not animal l am not terrorist and i think its our right to respect our religion .u havent right to judjed others any where and any time u have to know us before peacccccccccccccccccce we need it to live in safty

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