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Iaso Instant Tea -vs- Iaso Detox Tea Weight Loss

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Merline Wilcott (4 months ago)
How much is the instant tea 🍵 price
Tanisha Adjo (4 months ago)
Merline Wilcott hi here is the site but you can also do a sample pack https://getmytea.bigcartel.com/product/tlc-instant-detox-tea
stevohendrixHD (1 year ago)
Please don't drink two a day. You'll regret it. One a day is recommended and it's the right amount lol trust me 💩
Sharon Mitchell (6 months ago)
stevohendrixHD lol
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
stevohendrixHD lol
Brittany Kondilas (1 year ago)
are the ingredients the same in the instant tea
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
Brittany Kondilas no Hun go to my site to see more info

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