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Nyc ACS Social worker Jobs- Why I hated it

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Text Comments (15)
Yunilda Galan (2 months ago)
ACS is soooo corrupted. I hate all of them!
lisa gomez (3 months ago)
Are you a licensed social worker? No. That’s why you didn’t like it. They call all the counselors at ACS social workers but they are not. You need to Go back to school and get your bachelor’s, then your master’s in social work. You don’t sound like you spent one day in college. Maybe I’m wrong bot 6 years in college for psychology is not a degree. A psychologist needs 8 years to get a degree in psychology. I do not believe that you went to school. My husband is a social worker (a licensed social worker) he is now getting his “c” licensed clinical social worker. You were a field case worker NOT a social worker. They just call the case workers, social worker
Tanisha Adjo (1 month ago)
Right don’t make sense it’s crazy
Tanisha Adjo (3 months ago)
girl bye-- go back to school for what to slave? i love what i do from home forget a job--happy friday
Shaylyn Mari (3 months ago)
I have a case in the Bronx and the worker is against me working against me I'm in a dv shelter I don't want to live on welfare I only have one child a 6 year old. I come from a wealthy family in Florida have no support system here but why is she not working for me and against me I've been compliment and it's a b's case. I want better for my life going to school online but I have been thinking about starting my own business. About to move in supportive housing because that's what I could get to get me out the shelter. I made a complaint against her they didn't listen. The worker is unprofessional and yells and screams when things aren't going her way she called my Dr and yelled at her and hung up on her she advised my child's father to file for emergency temporary custody also told me she's out of it at this point but still fishing for bad information to help him when he was my abuser which no one is giving her bad information on me. She advised him to keep her away from me not legally until the court date he did this two years ago and lost and they were not feeling him. He only let me speak to her one day in a while week she kept begging to come home that she didn't want to be there in only writing this cause I don't know what else to do she's telling people don't tell her I spoke to you. Everyone she speaks to asks me if she's crazy or bi polar. There's a little more about her but way to long to write and I've written alot as is. I just want to see if I can get your advice.
sacredcowmusic (3 months ago)
Thank you for your honesty. I retired from ACS after 28 years as a CPS supervisor. I always believed you should never do the job if you're looking for a pay check. I started in the early 80's when crack, AIDS, homelessness and crime smacked NYC into panic. Being out at 3 a.m. in the South Bx. removing kids, going to court to get that remand, being abused by judges, law guardians, family advocates, the media and general public- all of whom hated BCW, was enough to make anyone quit. The turnover was insane, and the caseload you inherited could be more than 100 caseloads, some with no more than a copy of a hand-written 21 in it, but you were expected to do a follow -up with it, even if it was over a year old ! Held enough dying children carried from crack dens where the parent didn't even know her own child was starving to death. Couldn't even find people to care for Failure To Thrive infants because they were afraid of getting AIDS, this before we knew the difference between AIDS and HIV. Times we spent days waiting for a placement, because in those days you stayed with a child until the child was placed. No matter how many kids you had. We had so many children removed that ECS used desks as make-shift cribs, and when the media came in to do a ambush piece, all they saw were children being placed anywhere we could fit them. Reminds me so much of the border crisis. Had one case in Harlem where we removed 23 children. It seemed this apartment was taken over by this "cult". There were 12 adults and the leader was some fanatic who formed his own religion, and the neighbors wanted to get rid of him. The cops were afraid of a riot, so BCW went in with several vans, and 7 CPS. The cops came in with helmets and cornered off the block. We were, like, we don't have helmets or anything but a removal order and plastic i.d.'s. As soon as we came down the block, we heard rocks being thrown on the vans, so we had no IDEA what was waiting. We entered the railroad flat building and it was filthy and filled with kids and mostly women. It ended peacefully, and when we brought the kids out, some people actually clapped and cheered because they saw that we were there for the kids. There were better cases and some worse, especially the ones where the child was a fatality. Some deaths could have been avoided, like the Lisa Steinberg Case, but the child welfare system was a racist system then and to a certain degree still is. But it's not as bad, though transparency and restructure is still needed. In the Lisa Steinberg case the racism was against the child, who was white. Because she was a daughter of a famous author, Hedda Nessbaum and her father, Joel Steinberg was a criminal defense attorney, Lisa did not get the scrutiny she deserved: not by PS 41, her school in Greenwich Village, where the family lived. They were aware of the domestic situation, Hedda was also a victim of Joel's violence, but it wasn't reported until the tragedy of Lisa's death. Ironic two, there was a child welfare office at 770 Broadway, a short distance away from the Steinbergs. Had she been a black or Hispanic child, most agree the school- a "Progressive" school - would probably have called to report the slightest mark on a child. When people use to challenge me on that , I'd say "have you seen the population and color shade of the removed children in NYC foster care?" They'd shut the hell up then. But there was a class, race and political difference and it cost the child her life. I still don't think the system is perfect, but there are some important voices out there. In retrospect, I believe I took this career because it was a "calling". The money was definitely not the draw ! Starting pay was $21,000, before taxes ! My mother was a victim of emotional violence which caused my sister and I to not feel the full effect of a mother's love. We lived with our grandparents, and they filled in that extra love, along with the love we received from other extended family members. But, when I finally became aware, I realized my mother was a victim, depressed, but she never abused us and did her best she could. It did have some effect on us: my sister had some bad relationships and it took me a long time to trust, but the positive things out-weighed the negatives. But I was so intrigued to understand family dynamics and the cause and effect on children, I chose child welfare- even though I was a former Marine, and the only "child welfare" experience I had was as a senior counselor / program director at summer camps in the '70's and early '80's, I figured I'd give it a shot. Saw the ad in the Daily News, quit the Post Office, went for the interview, four weeks later, in training at 80 Lafayette. At the end ( I retired in 2013), it wasn't that much more as a supervisor, but I never regretted it and always put the kids first. Make no mistake, I HATED the bureaucracy and paperwork, and would always advise clients of their rights- including their right to ask for my I.D., or not let me in- which put me at odds with management. I was also a Union delegate, so you KNOW I was on the shit-list constantly, which caused me to be stuck at Supv. 1. And that was fine with me. Would I do it again ? Probably. But I'd probably be even MORE militant ! ;-) Anyway, like I said, I appreciate your honesty and for sharing it as you have. Good luck and God bless. P.S. Nice ride !!!
Tanisha Adjo (3 months ago)
sacredcowmusic faccccccctttsssss
Jen Tres (5 months ago)
Are you serious? Smh you need a reality check. I'm glad you quit. More like you need to quit. The ones that are power hungry need to go with you
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
Jen Tres ok
Rony -v Macean lifestyle (6 months ago)
Thank you thank you thank you so March please keep putting that out there these people think the ACs system is a game but then again you just confirm something I just been sing for the longest this people in America that's institutionalize to a point they don't know no better but to go to a establishment that gives them things for free it's from generation and generation
Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
Rony -v Macean lifestyle right
Trina Felth (1 year ago)
You have given me the push I need. I feel like my life will never be the same now. You have opened my eyes. THANKS
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
Trina Felth Yw
EgoShredder (1 year ago)
Here's a question for you Tanisha. You are American and a business woman with experience. A business friend of mine over here in England (UK) is worried about Donald Trump and China, e.g. the proposals to make it harder and more expensive to do business with China with tariffs, and my friend is worried it might kill dropshipping stone dead outside of the USA. Any thoughts? I suppose Trump might be blowing hot air and that China is too big to mess with etc.
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
EgoShredder yup Trump can only do so much I'm not worried because there is a million ways to skin a cat ♥️💯

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