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Rare 2017 Norwegian Special Coin

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Not many people know this, but the area that is modern day Norway was inhabitated by indigenous people long before the Vikings. They are called the Sami. They lived all the way across Finland, Sweden, and Norway. From the Norges National Bank: ''The Sami woman Elsa Laula Renberg organised the first national Sami congress in Norway. The congress was held in the Trondheim United Methodist Church 6 – 9 February 1917. It was an important event in the history of the Sami people and 6 February was subsequently designated the Sami National Day. The circulation coin will be issued in connection with the centenary celebrations "Traånte 2017" ("Tråante" is South Sami for "Trondheim"). Following input from the Sami Parliament and the Sami Artists' Union, Norges Bank invited seven artists to participate in a competition to design the centenary motif on the reverse of the coin. The winner was the artist Annelise Josefsen from Kokelv in Finnmark county and her winning motif, "Interplay", is featured on the reverse of the coin''.
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Abarons Numismatics (1 month ago)
good coin ! :-)
Marinus Meijerhof (1 month ago)
Are rare euro coins going up in value in lets say 10 years from now?
Very low mintages in perfect condition, yes. The others probably are only worth a little more or at least face value. I collect the majority just for the fun of finding interesting coins. I wouldn't advise paying money for the Euro special coins. If you have extra money I would just buy junk silver (US coinage pre-1964 and gold).
Royal Tips (2 months ago)
Hey,I love your videos,and i just recently got into coin collecting(about a week ago)do you have any tips or anything that can help?Like how do i know a coin is rare?on some websites almost ever 2nd coin i search has a higher value than actual price so im not really trusting them,thanks
el cazador calabria (2 months ago)
Saludos de Argentina excelente video 👍 like
Nice one😆😆

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