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Why Black People are not Taught to be Entrepreneurs

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Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
How I earned $70k My main opportunity http://workwithtanisha.com
Tanisha Adjo (4 months ago)
Gifted Millions ok cool
Gifted Millions (4 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo It works! Thanks!
Tanisha Adjo (4 months ago)
Gifted Millions idk click link in description box
Gifted Millions (4 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo For this link it says unknown code.
J- XL (9 days ago)
100% Truth. More of our people need to hear this message.
Gcinukwazi Zwezwe (23 days ago)
chewing while speaking is very annoying
Nicky Moore (25 days ago)
The gum smacking geesshhh😵
DLR Express, LLC (1 month ago)
kwaku ba (1 month ago)
Who is supposed to teach blacks to be entrepreneurs? The government? The school system? Well in that case no ethnic group is being taught. Its something you learn on your own. Just like swimming is not part of the official curriculum. In this day and age there is nothing like they don't teach whites I mean blacks about such and such. You simply Google it. You can see 8 year olds teaching quantum physics on YouTube. Something I didn't learn till college. There is no excuse left for ignorance. That is a choice we make mot a sinister government or phantom white supremacy trying to hide stuff from Asians I mean blacks that is abundant on YouTube and being watched by 8 year olds. At this point ignorance is either a choice or a consequence of bad parenting.
20000Jaze (3 months ago)
Gifted Millions (4 months ago)
What is your business? I'm interested in learning. successlevelcoaching.com does not work. 🤔
Gifted Millions (4 months ago)
Regardless, I love what you do and keep up the great work. 😊😊😊
Gifted Millions (4 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo I'm not sure why the site is not working on my platforms. It keeps saying this site cannot be reached and sends me to status.clickfunnels.com
Tanisha Adjo (4 months ago)
Gifted Millions it works http://successlevelcoaching.com/
Sassy Jay (4 months ago)
You have valid points but your fucking chewing gum is a total distraction, damn.
Scotty Hines (4 months ago)
So true SiS
Tight Grip (4 months ago)
Great information
Jay Black (5 months ago)
Dear Tanisha, Thank you so much for helping me. I was a street dude. But I saw your face. I Clicked on it because your sexy. But your mind is the best thing. Your helping me start my business. Expand my business. Your right. Rap music, Real house wife's. This is not helping me. I trust you as a black woman. I don't trust them white folks. But I know you can help me. Thank you. What I want is to start my construction business. Help felonies get job's. By the way you are so sexy.
Darnell Landry (5 months ago)
Great video Sister!
Last Greatest (5 months ago)
Great video. Could of done without the gum chewing.
Tashawna Bryant (6 months ago)
Good job the truth is just as you said it goes out of the black community and into the white community.I just watch a jamaican female that open a natural hair store and she said it her self she was the only black person in the room. Every aspect of her business has been given to them.Just restating the facts.
Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
Tashawna Bryant yup
josh culver (6 months ago)
take dat sh!t off yo head! Organic
Nadia Pauline (6 months ago)
Great sis! I subbed... nice to see other sis putting in work.😍
Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
Nadia Pauline thanks for watching
And yes we definitely need to learn how to be an entrepreneur. If you been train to be only a worker, only a fool thinks he can just transform to an entrepreneur with no reprogramming, retraining or training, restructuring of the mind, thoughts, learning how to sell, how to market yourself, etc. You will fail..like most of us have...We need reprogramming..
Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
Smazzit Training Institute right
Hello I am so glad I found your channel..It's lovely to see another black woman doing big things..I have been searching for many years..You are right. The more you learn, the more you attract for the better which is the "Power of Knowledge." ☺
Anderson Durham (6 months ago)
My business requires my full attention, there’s no such thing as doing this part time. It requires full commitment everyday and almost every hour.
Anthony Bates (8 months ago)
Actually, we don't need to learn how to be entrepreneurs rather all we have to do is just do it. It's true that we do need to save 15% of our money. We also need to start something at our "kitchen tables. I make radio controlled airplanes, dollhouses, cars and the like. This is a 350 billion dollars industry. I do not sell a lot but I do sell.
steve Haynes (8 months ago)
I'm glad I found your channel 💕
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Learn compound interest http://bitcointanisha.net
Sarah F K (9 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo just sent you an e mail
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Sarah F K ok
Sarah F K (9 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo thanks Tanisha
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Sarah F K (9 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo Tanisha your e mail is not in the description it takes me to other links please copy paste it here in this response it’s easier thanks
kay mitck (10 months ago)
You sound so sexy as hell!! Keep those videos coming...
Ron (11 months ago)
Speak Sister !
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Ron thx
northsidegeneral (1 year ago)
Wow! I went to school with you. lol. that's what's up!! Great video! Very insightful.
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
Good Life (1 year ago)
Great job
Mane Beaute (1 year ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes! I have been building my Mary Kay business and working different jobs for 25 years. And these jobs out here today, don't even want to pay you or even give you fulltime hours. Get a business started ASAP!!!!
Enterprise CEO (1 year ago)
I am going to share this video on my own channel and playlist
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Enterprise CEO thx
EndsWithM H (1 year ago)
Fantastic video! Just what I needed to hear. Blessings from the UK♡
JayFalconsfan404 (1 year ago)
I love ya hustler mentality ma sound educated and continue pushing yourself to greatness
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
JayFalconsfan404 thx I will make sure you subscribe
rap bey (1 year ago)
thanks sis....i needed to hear this today, peace!
itumeleng judith (1 year ago)
i listen to this over and over. inspirational. when i make my first million i will let you know..
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
itumeleng judith Yw
itumeleng judith (1 year ago)
Thank you. 2 hours minimum on my dreams
Hannah Castello (1 year ago)
I like this! I swear Tanisha is queen latifa sister from another mother. Content is truth
Sarah F K (1 year ago)
Thanks sister you greatly motivated me! Please could you give me the names of your books ? Cheers
Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Sarah F K I have a facebook group you can join
Dont Worry About it (1 year ago)
Learn to love your virgin hair, good video.
suriboyjoel (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your wisdom, I'm inspired by you and I hope you will reach out to many more minds. I'm with you. Greetings from the Netherlands.
Rowland (1 year ago)
Great video you can see from the views you get compared to other worldstar hiphop channels where most blacks are.
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
Rowland Alexander lol thx
Jonathan Joffe (1 year ago)
I found this motivating and I am a white dude.
Jaythegreat85 (1 year ago)
Mark James (2 years ago)
To many people don't want to do that because they"want it right now"and don't look at how they can win long term. They play checkers and not chess.
Mark James (2 years ago)
+Tanisha Adjo Yes it does...You have to have patience and discipline.
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Mark James exactly want now stuff but now stuff makes them broke
Mark James (2 years ago)
good stuff!!! Facts
Tequilla Gross (2 years ago)
Please keep spreading this topic.
Tracy Durrant (2 years ago)
Excellent content! Keep sharing - subscribed!
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Patrich Reid (2 years ago)
YES Tanisha  Marie preach
Sophie Marie (2 years ago)
new subscriber!!!! i had too. 2 minutes 1 second in...i was clapping like yessss!!!
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
awesome girl
losrob27 (2 years ago)
You hit it right on the head, sista. I'm so tired of seeing so many of our people making poor financial decisions. I think the reasons why the black community is so far behind every other community economically are ignorance and self-esteem issues. If we can just get our people more motivated and educated, we will thrive just as much as everybody else.
losrob27 (2 years ago)
Sneakers, clothes, trash music (like you mentioned) and trash TV (Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, R&B Divas.....)
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
so true ..most Black's worry about sneakers and clothes
Christopher Bell (2 years ago)
I am with you. I read Grant Cardone, too

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