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The Magna Carta 1215 AD (Full Text)

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The Magna Carta (The Great Charter) was a document drafted by Stephen Langton, Archibishop of Canterbury, to make peace between King John "Lackland" of England and a coalition of rebel barons who opposed his despotic rule. Source: http://www.bl.uk/magna-carta/articles/magna-carta-english-translation Follow Ancient Recitations for extra content on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientRecitations
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Nicholas Jones (2 months ago)
Dominique Ford (2 months ago)
but fuck niggas know that Jay z album fuck u think he got it from like tuoac makeveli or however u spell it all races have sell outs n everything historical especially plants(hemp marijuana 💯)
James Quail (4 months ago)
Does this sound like Sargon.?
KNM 84 (7 months ago)
I think we need to re-establish the magna carta...i think the establishment have forgotten what was in it.
batner (11 months ago)
"Borrowed from The Jews" I guess no ancient document can stand without us being mentioned in some way
Fearless Leader (24 days ago)
To be fair, the Jews were probably the only money lenders in England at the time. In essence, the document is referring to “money lender” whenever it mentions the Jews.
James Gordon (1 year ago)
This sounds like Sargon of Akkad
onlinealiasuk (1 year ago)
I thought id have a break from current affairs, i'll google some history ...and what do i hear its Sargon reminding me how western culture is rotting in the fields
JD Kaffun (1 year ago)
The fuck? I come here for a school project and I hear Sargon.
I'm a scholar of the period. I've devoted the last two years of my life studying English history and even got in my car and physically been to key locations around the country to get a real life feel of the things and people I'm reading about. The Magna Carta is an extremely important and precious document for several reasons. One of the major reasons being is that it was, perhaps, the first time since the conquest that the conqueror class had wholeheartedly dropped their Norman/French heritage and embraced English identity and patriotism. Modern scholarship accepts that Norman and English acculturation and assimilation had generally completed its process by the end of Henry II's reign but this here, the Magna Carta is the very first thing that happened in post-1066 England that we the English can be proud of as if we did it ourselves. The Magna Carta is well worth celebrating and William Marshal should have a national holiday
Tommy O Donovan (1 year ago)
Artical 61....must give us pause.
dave aston (1 year ago)
13:12 is the start of the stuff everyone remembers.
Bushman Outdoors (2 years ago)
Pat Rick (2 years ago)
It is claimed the common law of the western world comes from England yet the common law of England died with the fraud of Magna Carta in 1215. All law, whether; admiralty, contract, strict liability, American, Canadian etc. make reference to "persons". A person is a noun and a noun groups persons with places and things. Did the Most High create man and woman or persons? Is man a place? Is man a thing? Is the Most High a respecter of persons? No! Pope has the Douay Rheams Vulgate bible which is quite similar to the Queen's King James Bible yet both usher in the Ancient Scriptures. However, the Vatican court has the code of canon law which could be construed as the code of Cana'an law or the laws Cain would be proud of! For example, sodomy of boys is a right of passage of which Vatican refuses to do anything about! This makes pope fallible as it is a crime under God's Laws. If you look at Magna Carta 1215 you will note, from the introduction, it is all about the clergy! What did the clergy have to do with Magan Carta 1215? Was this device not between the 25 Barons and King John? then why the clergy in the introduction? The clergy has its place in Magna Carta 1215 because in 1213 pope extorted a contract with the pagan King John LACKLAND. In this device he pledged himself and his heirs to pope for ever plus one day. All the presidents of the 13 Colonies are heirs of King John LACKLAND. Clinton and Trumpf are also heirs of King John LACKLAND. Why do I capitalize "Lackland"? I capitalize it because John owned no land but in 1213 he gave England to pope! My friend, I just gave you my car! I hope you enjoy driving it! If you are familiar with the "Game of Thrones", and you search for the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth you would find she is of Judah. However, when you scrutinize the genealogy of Judah you will find middle east, then Ireland, Scotland, Argylshire then England, for all intents and purposes in 1603 with James I/VI. James has the KJV passed to Elizabeth. King John was other than of Judah therefore pagan. William and Mary (papal Bank of England) were Edomites. George I/II were of Judah but not George III (Royal Proclamation 1763, Law Society of Upper Canada 1797 anon. Queen Victoria fails to make the grade thus the so-called British North America Act 1867.) What we have is the Game of Thrones. The pagans are placed on the Throne of Thorns to cause damage. When the damage becomes apparent the pagans are switched with the Judahite rulers to take the heat to discredit God. If you were Satan and wanted to destroy all life what better tool to use than God's representative in Judah? Don't you see the awe, wonder, logic, brilliance and evil of the Most High Satan!!!! OUTSTANDING! Sorry for jumping around; Look up Thomas Jefferson's letter to Thomas Cooper dated 1814 re: common law! He nails it to a "t"! Jefferson also states the English judges were and are complicit with the frauds of the clergy! Even if pope places Judah on the Throne of Thorns pope is bound to Command Deuteronomy 4:2; not to add to or diminish from the Law! Pope is the trustee. "Government" are the contractors. Through the scheme of Demonocracy people permit the contractors to rule over them by way of the social contract viz the "vote"! In the 13 Colonies we find the greatest evil and international terrorists; the American Voter! If not for the vote, no president would ever be able to wage war under the purported authority of We the Persons! If one votes they empower the beast. When one votes they are recorded and, when the time is ripe, are thrown to the lions for their sins of terrorism! This is what the sports stadiums are all about! They are the modern day coliseums where the "christians" will be executed! The condominiums are, in reality, jails and execution chambers for when Vatican says so, people will be herded into them, locked up then the water turned off! Just how brilliant is that!!! If you need more information or documents kindly get back to me
Ashley Rowlands (2 months ago)
I understood every point exactly we have been enslaved from birth by the registration of birth we are signing our children into the beast system to be enslaved in order to work you need to pay tax to buy a house taxed earn wages taxed it's the system that we allowed them to make we are slaves from birth we don't conform our children are taken away our car our house our money prison debt debt debt
Àleifr Klingfjordr (2 years ago)
+Pat Rick Is that even english?
Àleifr Klingfjordr (2 years ago)
+Pat Rick Can you condense your point into one paragraph?
Àleifr Klingfjordr (2 years ago)
Fucking what?
Whiteknightdrew (2 years ago)
Yep still can't find the old English law that says that a husband can legally rape or hit his wife, it's not in the Magna Carta either. It's also not in any laws from Norman England, the whole Bible itself or The Body Of Liberties. Anyways, you should do The Body Of Liberties next. It was a law book from an English settlement in the year 1641. You can find it on the internet, it's not hidden in museums.
blablabubles (2 years ago)
Orcbolg (3 years ago)
Maybe you could read the children of Odin next? It is an interesting old religion/mythology. It has interesting story's, morals and tales.
Orcbolg (3 years ago)
Maybe you could read the children of Odin next? It is an interesting old religion/mythology. It has interesting story's, morals and tales.
Frank Blackcrow (3 years ago)
It seems to me that the elite 25 barons were given a lot of power through this document.
My Urban Exploration (3 years ago)
Would you consider in doing the Australian constitution?
Johnny Salami (3 years ago)
Can you do 'The Knight in the Panther's Skin' ?
The Goodly Dragon (3 years ago)
I don't want to overload you, as I know you're busy.But at some point would you read the American Declaration of Independence?
BubskaTheSecond (3 years ago)
I would appreciate if you were to put your "my thoughts" screen at the end of these videos as well. I would like this channel (and its comment section) to invite just a little bit more discussion. Anyway, loved the video as always, although non-ancient history really isn't my thing.
Jonathan Denny (3 years ago)
Could you please make a Sargon Sat-Nav? I want you calling me a fag when I take a wrong turn.
Rick Szalay (3 years ago)
Dang, The Magna Carta goes through a hell of a change in tone about halfway through. Right where they start talking about the barons.
Greeky Roman (3 years ago)
LoweWahrolen (3 years ago)
As I said before please read the Bihistun inscription of Darius, you can find it at Livius.com. It isn't to long, I don't think more than 10-15 min
Alice Belmont (3 years ago)
I learned more from this video than I ever have from the History Channel.
frederick rawson (1 year ago)
not former laws they are our common laws
Cave Bear (2 years ago)
For some reason, history in the media and school today doesn't talk that much about our countries former laws. Unless it is about how oppressive they supposedly were to women. It really pisses me off because laws are the most important part of our history.
AwesomeJesto (3 years ago)
+Seapion Did you learn about the Jesus aliens...? NO! HISTORY CHANNEL-1 ancient recitations or whatever- like 0
fat Man (3 years ago)
Lol they spelt Carta wrong. What idiots back then
Vittorio Giurifiglio (3 years ago)
+grauniad2liberty Great Charter
+Randomness65535 Yeah probably. But there is a chance he isn't. I've seen people say similar things with no irony.
grauniad2liberty (3 years ago)
+Basil II, Emperor of the Romans The Bulgar Slayer Also, it was written in Latin. Magna Carta == Big Charter
Radical Fence Sitting (3 years ago)
+Basil II, Emperor of the Romans The Bulgar Slayer I don't think he's serious tbh
+fat Man There was no printing press, no dictionaries, and also, spelling was completely different. What is correct today would baffle a man living in 1650, let alone 1215. It seems it is you who is the idiot.
Richard Stockton (3 years ago)
Fun fact: King John was the direct ancestor of every single US president, save one. . . Martin Van Buren.
Peanut (3 years ago)
"Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, and ruled between 1332 BC and 1323 BC. He was the son of Akhenaten and took to the throne at the age of nine or ten.When he became king, he married his half-sister, Ankhesenpaaten. He died at around the age of 18 and the cause of death is unknown."
Myself (3 years ago)
+FruitVegFitness No it was Aliens
Peanut (3 years ago)
+Richard Stockton 60% of indigenous Britons share Tutankhamun as an ancestor.
Richard Stockton (3 years ago)
I read this a few years ago. I was surprised to see that Jews were singled out for getting screwed on post-mortem debt repayments. I was not surprised.
Rafe758 (1 month ago)
The Catholic Church made Usury (charging interest on loans) a crime, punishable by excommunication. Since Jews had a hard time acquiring any property for themselves, a common way for Jews to make a living was loaning money to lords at an interest, because lords were notorious for overspending. Laws like this were very common however, which put as many caveats possible to paying back this interest, because nobody likes losing money and the Aristocracy was not very fond of Jewish peoples. During some points in time, Jews and Muslims were forced to wear clothing that distinguished them from the rest of society, or live in designated Ghettos. Massacres also took place often, I recall one account from central Germany during the Late Middle Ages where the townsfolk threatened to kill 2000 Jews who lived nearby if they didn't agree to get baptized. around half agreed, the rest were burned.
Beggar42 (3 years ago)
+Richard Stockton I guess, shooting from the hip here, that this was due to the nature of the debt. Debts to Christians, I reckon, were of the sort of not yet having payed someone for services rendered or goods supplied. Whereas debts to a Jew tended to be of the usury sort. And usury was an absolute no-no ( ... except when no one was looking). Besides, any excuse to screw over the Jews.
The Wayfarer (3 years ago)
Would you ever consider reading a full book like Frankenstein? Not to sound like a Feminazi but Mary Shelly is the greatest female author of all time, and I'm quite confident that you'd like the literature and be able to make a good audio reading. If not, something smaller like Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a good short story? Just throwing this idea up in the air, if you just wanna do readings then by all means, whatever you think is best I'll listen to :)
Robin Shaw (3 years ago)
+Joseph Hobbs Not speaking for Sargon of course, but isn't this supposed to be just ancient recitations?
The Wayfarer (3 years ago)
Just a small joke, don't worry :L I'd read a similar comment making fun of the idea
fat Man (3 years ago)
How is that sounding like a feminazi?
Alman556 (3 years ago)
Could you do the Enchiridion by Epictetus next?
Elround4 (3 years ago)
+Alman556 I second this. Stoicism (and the similarities it has with some aspects of Buddhist thought) is fascinating. ^^
Burn Midnight Oil (3 years ago)
Omegon (3 years ago)
Do you plan to do a hangout solely on history?
Fifn is for nobody (3 years ago)
+Omegon I'd listen to that.
Fifn is for nobody (3 years ago)
Why aren't you reading something written by a woman? Such a sexist.
xXThe FETTXx (3 years ago)
+ZsemleHUN understanding sarcasm and having it be useful are two separate things.. When I see people agreeing with the premiss of the wrong side of the joke, it didn't help anyone. It would be like trying to make a racist joke and people agreed with the racist part...did that really help?
Viktory (3 years ago)
+xXThe FETTXx if people dont understand your sarcasm its not your fault its theirs
xXThe FETTXx (3 years ago)
+Chris Marlborough You have to think before you post a bit...I see that this all was in jest, but you created an avenue in which ignorance can exist. sure it's funny but you still gave a platform to ignorance where it has a point...sarcasm is great, but only when people understand the sarcasm.
xXThe FETTXx (3 years ago)
+Chris Marlborough I don't think you understand history.
Radical Fence Sitting (3 years ago)
+fat Man I agree. While all current subscribers of this channel come from Sargon's main channel, I'd rather not bring the SJW ridicule (as entertaining as it might be) to this channel.

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