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Last Farewells to Hero: Opera singer Vasyl Slipak laid to rest in Lviv

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Ukrainians said good bye to Vasyl Slipak, an opera singer killed in Donbas region. Hundreds of people attended the funeral ceremony in Lviv, that is Western Ukraine. 42-year-old Vasyl Slipak died in eastern Ukraine on July 29th. He was shot and killed by a militant sniper. Prior to the conflict, Slipak had been living in France for 19 years. In 2014 he quit his European career and returned to Ukraine to fight against the Russian-backed separatist forces. Shortly after the message of his death Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko posthumously awarded Slipak with Order for Courage. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Mamod Houssein (2 years ago)
racist stupid boy
Hero's never die
David Nikon (2 years ago)
one less scumbag.
ukrainian99 (2 years ago)
And then there will be one less ruSSofacist scumbag.
ukrainian99 (2 years ago)
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José Dourado (2 years ago)
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Srg720 (2 years ago)
rest in pieces, shitbag
Srg720 (2 years ago)
+ukrainian99 big doofus? Lol
Srg720 (2 years ago)
+ukrainian99 lol big D?
ukrainian99 (2 years ago)
+Srg720 Dorks don't get the nickname Big D in high school ;)
Srg720 (2 years ago)
+shlomo shekelstein congrats you're a butthurt idiotic parasitic jew
1Fireskull (2 years ago)
Vasyl Slipak was ready to defend and if need be die to secure a future for coming generations of Ukrainians. "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends," Jesus Christ.  Rest in peace, my brother.  We will meet you in paradise.

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