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Navigating Ukraine’s Labour Market: What does the future hold?

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Ukrainian political and economic instability is forcing the country's job-seekers to adapt. Despite tough market conditions, the number unemployed fell by over 130,000 during the first 10 months of this year. Those figures - from the State Statistics Service. But with an extensive shadow economy running at some 50% of GDP, the accuracy of this data could be quested. But whatever way, tough competition for job openings is forcing some Ukrainians to become more pragmatic - prioritizing self-development over short-term high remuneration. Catherine is one Ukrainian trying to re-enter the labour market. She's preparing to return to work as a TV and online journalist after maternity leave. But a job with relatively normal pay is tough to find. Katerina, Ukrainian job seeker They offer salaries where the positions on offer pay very little but take you immediately - I'm not willing to work for that sort of money. Catherine continues to search. Meanwhile, another Kyiv resident Lyudmila has found the next career step. To get there, she sent hundreds of CV's and attended dozens of interviews to find the marketing job - but believes one quality set her above the rest - knowledge of the English language. "That's a big plus, about 20 percent... and sometimes the job is scrapped just because you don't know the language". Knowledge of foreign languages, new technologies, creativity and innovative approaches to work - these qualities are most valued by employers, says specialist recruiter Tetyana Pashkina. But these are not the only ways Ukrainians are changing. Tetyana Pashkina, recruitment specialist "What we’re thinking of doing next year is promoting a healthy lifestyle because this helps one to get a higher paying job". Ukraine’s drift further into the service sector, the high skilled and low cost workforce and opening of the EU market, have led a positive outlook in 2016 – where employment and salaries are expected to grow. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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wazza33racer (2 years ago)
they are in the death grip of the IMF now, Ukraine is toast. poor bastards.
Kyle Brooks (2 years ago)
Ukraine is bankrupt. No gold & corrupt politics. The U.S. is no different.
ZippA T (2 years ago)
Ukraine's future will be great if they can free themselves from the russian scum oppression that has plagued Ukraine far too long.
barendts (2 years ago)
It will worsen, but this is the path that Ukraine chose.
barendts (2 years ago)
+Clone Dogg I'll let you in on something too, I did back when money was good and times were better. I 'adopted' a granny with a befriended neighbour. There's this organisation that looks after old and abandoned women to get the least bit of quality of life. That lady has passed in the mean while, as did the neighbour. She was a Ukrainian elderly lady (I'm honoust, we picked the ugliest and saddest in the list of people one could choose), and she did write us letters of appreciation. I'm happy to have contributed a bit to the last days of her life to be it a bit better.
barendts (2 years ago)
+Clone Dogg I know, a lot of people have been moved in one of the many times Stalin ordered for an exodus, resulting in a lot of ethnicities everywhere. In the beginning of the Crimea situation, Ukraine talked about the Tatars, which to my believe always were considered the 'less popular' people in the region. But besided Tatars, there are also many Ukrainians in Russia and vice verse, that it complexes things a lot. Just think of famlies that are driven apart, because of the political situation in both areas. It's not good.
barendts (2 years ago)
+Clone Dogg I wish you all the best and succes you need.
barendts (2 years ago)
+José Dourado Sure, a chicked Kiev awaits me anyway. Enjoy your Christmas eve.
José Dourado (2 years ago)
+barendts me yes. Please end it already

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