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FFTCG NA Crystal Cup Indianapolis - Constructed

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Join us for the Constructed FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME North America Crystal Cup at Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis! Commentary throughout the day provided by The Break Zone: https://bit.ly/2uG3Uql
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Disappointed Godzilla (3 months ago)
Smithy??? Geno?... no.... Okay then....
matheus dolci (3 months ago)
about things of i whant on kingdom hearts 4 -every universes of appred on all games of franchise -go beyond of dysney and final fantasy -play with the vilians dysney universes new of i whant -whreick in ralph -marvel -star wars -phineas and ferb cartoon network universe -ben 10 -jonny bravo -amazing world of gumball -samurai jack -justice league action -powerfull girils -legend of korra nickelondeon -sponge bob -teenage mutant ninja turtles -angels -odd parents anime universe -dragon ball -one piece -naruto -seven deadly sins -persona 4 -sonic x -street fighter 2 victory -bleach -yuyu hakushou -runshi kenshi book universe -harry potter games universe -mortal kombat -sonic -castlevania -chaos legion exclusive content -god os war(plastaityon consol) -pokemon(nintendo console) -mario(nintendo console) -zelda(nintendo console) -hallo(xbox console)
matheus dolci (3 months ago)
i forgot to mention anime universe -fullmetal alchemist cartoon network universe -statick shock disney universe -mulan
GreenPunch Games (3 months ago)
Guru (3 months ago)
Sleeping dogs 2 😣
trey thomas (4 months ago)
That FFAT2 deck i wish i could see all his cards
apanapane (4 months ago)
Stream starts at 00:07:32. Exhibition game starts at 00:13:33. Quarter finals game 1 starts at 00:44:22. Quarter finals game 2 starts at 02:10:33. The finals starts at 03:28:10.
Anthony Lugo (4 months ago)
Square enix I'm sure you can afford to hire someone to trim the video
Martin (4 months ago)
Love Titles! Any links the the Titles decks used?
Kpop_Makenae101 〜 (4 months ago)

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