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Key Betfair trading skill - Getting out of a hole with a clean exit using Bet Angel

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Here is an important trading skill to learn. I had wondered exactly what to call this video, but getting a clean exit or how to exit a trade sounded a bit boring for the information contained in the video. Not only do we look at how to exit a Betfair trade, there are many ways. We modify the settings in Bet Angel to show you some features that will help you achieve this.
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Text Comments (9)
Jurgen Allajbej (1 month ago)
I dont understand why the program you are using dosenr have a 5 sec delay in puting betts
Blackmarsh63 (1 month ago)
No delay on the horses.
ekfilis (1 month ago)
The Cider Shack (1 month ago)
Good vid thank you. Is there an estimated queue position feature in Bet Angel. I know its not an exact science but handy for beginners all the same. Thanks
betangeltv (1 month ago)
We haven't put it in as we think it's really misleading, but we may just drop it in one of the new builds because so many people ask for it. I wouldn't use t.
I did not even know that this exists , thanks a lot peter !😃
betangeltv (1 month ago)
There is a lot in there that people are unaware of.
Kriss Ichi (1 month ago)
One thing it annoys me in Betangel is hedge button sometimes if i can't get matched i have to press again and that previous one should disappear. I had many times situations that previous one get matched and open new position for loss.
Tom Makinson (1 month ago)
Kriss Ichi Are you trying to close out in play?

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