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Okean Elzy at the Lviv Arena: thousands sing national anthem at Ukrainian Independence Day concert

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Ukraine Today broadcast the Okean Elzy concert LIVE from the Lviv Arena on Ukrainian Independence Day. One of the highlights of this unforgettable concert was when the entire crowd sang the Ukrainian national anthem as one. http://uatoday.tv/ https://www.facebook.com/uatodaytv https://twitter.com/uatodaytv/
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Text Comments (137)
Ricardo Pontes (1 month ago)
Come join the European family ;*
Anthony Childers (2 months ago)
Slava Ukrainya from America. We stand with you!
Lucas Rech (3 months ago)
Im Brazilian my name Lucas Slava ukraine my heart will always be with you
Ukraineball_DE (6 months ago)
Wer singt auch mit?
Борис Бритва (8 months ago)
Подивився на коментаріЇ, дякуємо вам браття та сестри зі всього світу, ми впораємося!
Galician Polonizer (8 months ago)
Who doesn't love Океан Ельзи?
abcikillyou1 (11 months ago)
Don't know any other anthem as good as Ukraines
Slava Ukraine!
Văn Phạm (1 year ago)
слава Україні Героям слава
I have tears. люблю!
TheRobertalion (2 years ago)
"Ще не вмерла Українa" & "Іще Польща не загинула" <3
bilal hussain (2 years ago)
Powerful anthem singing with heart and patriotism, cheers to the Cossack nation from Chile, South America.
Y.Laver (2 years ago)
I'm just so proud to be Ukrainian🇺🇦💙💛
olegwrite (2 years ago)
Подивіться на цих Людей -вони НЕПЕРЕМОЖНІ ! І нехай маскавити навіть не намагаються вдертися в Україну-ка - зломають свої ікла! СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!!!
MikeTeaveeJr (2 years ago)
I think your national anthem is cool.  Also, now that Jamala came away with the Galway Crystal Pill Mike at the Ericsson Globe this past weekend, the Lviv Arena deserves to be the site of next year's Eurovision Song Contest.  All they need to do is tack on a retractable roof, and it's good to go!
MIKOfromTW (2 years ago)
beautiful song
southern slav (2 years ago)
слава україні і всіх тих,хто 100їть з нею в
Giorgi Georgian (3 years ago)
Слава Україні !
barmaley 777 (3 years ago)
Nice melody.
Karabas Barabas (3 years ago)
погибель окраине
Jimny Tran (3 years ago)
Excellent! Long live Liberty and long live Ukraine!
Gio Gvarianashvili (3 years ago)
love from Georgia! დიდება უკრაინას!!!
SupraPolli (3 years ago)
Amazing ... +1 from Germany ... :)
Simonas Urbonas (3 years ago)
Amazing. Love and respect from Lithuania, brothers and sisters !
Nome Inventado (17 hours ago)
<3 Lithuania
Lietuvos Patriotas (3 years ago)
Very beautiful anthem! Slava ukraini, from Lithuania.
я не знаю що за хуйло устанавливать don't like
Слава Украïна,
Bhouncer (3 years ago)
 ukraine will be looted by america and the eu. Ukraine markets will be opened by the eu and everything will be stolen. then western Ukraine will collapse. To fix this kiev will borrow money from eu. this will get them into debt. then they will borrow more to repay the debt which will get them further into debt. then the country will descend into poverty and become and economic slave to the IMF. Ukraine got the 'europe'  they always wanted. eUkraine are traitors to slavic unity.
echipuosaperlo (3 years ago)
haha xD
Bhouncer (3 years ago)
truth of what? that you call people names? how old are you 12?  idiot
echipuosaperlo (3 years ago)
HAHAHA i know it hurts real bad, i know, u little loser, in fact u dunno what to say, u can't deny the truth, poor retard troll xD
Bhouncer (3 years ago)
hahahh whatever helps you sleep.
echipuosaperlo (3 years ago)
there's nothing else to add, putin is a terrorist murderer, the only real threat to the civilised world.
Livingherenomore (3 years ago)
 Украина- болею за вас всей душой! Трудные времена, однако знаю что вы одолеете! Уверен! З.М. из Грузии
Edgars Cheksters (4 years ago)
Parasha var braukt mājās.šos viņiem neuzvarēt.
jurijs27 (3 years ago)
+Edgars Cheksters попросту поглядел твои все коменты и решил что ты таковой! попал в 10-ку?
Edgars Cheksters (3 years ago)
+jurijs27 ho ho.kakie lydi)))kacap kacapovich.sobstvennoi personoi. Znachit ya fashist???vot eto novost.a baba u mena v Kieve, no russkaya,ona kto?aa naverno predatelnica?)))uyebi noga nogu,vas ponyaty ya nemogu)))auf wiedersehen)))
jurijs27 (3 years ago)
слышь ты ганс фашистский отродо! заткнись!tu esi sliktak neka fasisti! izguli kroplis reibumu!
madsaras (4 years ago)
God bless Ukraine!
Edgars Cheksters (4 years ago)
Hei braļukas)) Tas ir ļoti svinigi.
englandcalling22 (4 years ago)
Ukraine will never fall.
Prisonbull (4 years ago)
As a Pole I can honestly say this performance gave me goosbumps. Sława Ukrainie!
Dan Dobrjanskyj (1 year ago)
There are many in Poland who hate us call us facists, but we Ukrainians especially those in Western Ukraine share a bond with Poland.  Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła! Slawa Poslka
Detarte (4 years ago)
Stay strong Ukraine, this fight is for your own freedom. I can feel your struggle, here in the Philippines way back in 1986 we did this kind of people revolution to remove a dictator and very corrupt government of Marcos. Putin and his cohorts can only break you if you give up. By the way, your national anthem is one of the most beautiful anthem that i ever heard. 
IgorPetrovich96 (3 years ago)
how are the Philipines doing after 1986?
John Dough (4 years ago)
I was in the Republic Of Cyprus Few days ago and i saw Hotels,restaurants and pubs all raising the Ukrainian Flag. the world is with you. Russia is Isolated now and have no friends so now they are in north korea signing trade deals thats very funny
Yamyam Yamyam (3 years ago)
+echipuosaperlo ;) We have benefit from europe union but we dont want . İ wish you wont join us :D Russia changed bro after soviet wanting to be like Usa . New imperialist bastards :D They was attacking to Afghanistan for make them soviet after usa helped taliban and gave gun . Same things happening today . İts not about islam . İts about politica, history and imperialist benefit . You west peoples sometimes look like idiot :PJust belive one empty box ( Television ) :P There is internet today Thanks to God :D
echipuosaperlo (3 years ago)
Yes, i agree with you, i don't think turkey belongs in the european union. Anyway i appreciate turkey and erdogan because i hate russia and putin.
Yamyam Yamyam (3 years ago)
+echipuosaperlo nothing just i dont want Turkey in Europe union cause we are muslims . We can make our Turkic unity or İslam unity . Already Europe union dont want Turkey :P Also Europe union economy not good now like old .
echipuosaperlo (3 years ago)
yeah, and so what?i am christian eh?
Yamyam Yamyam (3 years ago)
+echipuosaperlo its christian union for me :D and i am Turk :D
Gala Zabavska (4 years ago)
oczywiście że hymn! zwychayno -gimn! konechno zhe eto gimn Ukrainy! a Slava - molodec!
Fundament List (4 years ago)
Пир во пора чумы.. Насколько наивны и недалеки эти "братья"... Сделали майдан для "торжества народной власти" и выбрали шоколадного олигарха, позже поверили в некоторую временную "АТО" уничтожившую полный юго-восход страны и стержень экономики... Безмозглые выродки.
gio tsiramua (4 years ago)
gaumarjos ukrainas, gaumarjos gmirebs!!!!
Etienne Henrij (4 years ago)
I don't speak any ukranian but this still gave me chills. Don't worry you will drive those russians rats of your country and crimea one day.
Wolle098765 (4 years ago)
your german brothers and sisters are with you! Slava Ukraine!
K VAS (4 years ago)
мычаниё будто от голодных шакалов на саванне в Африке
hohol65 (3 years ago)
+K VAS Ну, вашему изощрённому слуху милее альянс неуязвимый... Сосите!
Edgars Cheksters (4 years ago)
Ti vonychiy urod.gryazy podzalupnaya.chto ti voopshe vonyaesh.parodiya na cheloveka.mozgov voopshe netu.bidlo
websterbodybuilder (4 years ago)
Beautiful !
Christina Fedyk (4 years ago)
QED Zack - do you really think the people in the arena last night give two shits what you think.   What's your issue with Ukrainian people all of a sudden?  By the way - Zack's photopage is one of a human hammer and sickle folks - isn't it sad.. obviously harking back to an age he'll never see in his lifetime again.   Zack - you're an illiterate ape with delusions of past grandeur.  go back to the 1800's you tool and stop trying to dishearten the ukrainian nation.  you ukrainian or even russian?  didn't think so.   
L'irriducibile (4 years ago)
glory to Ukraine! glory to heroes!
lawnews (4 years ago)
Martin Robin (4 years ago)
bendera lovers, fie to them
thecatbehemoth (4 years ago)
Hahahahahaha! You mean people who love Bender? Or maybe Ostap Bender? Hahahahahahaha you idiot...
MrHaun (4 years ago)
As an American who hates what Russia is doing and would give anything to be a man at arms on the front... Slava Ukraine! 
TommyVIO (4 years ago)
+Евгений Киселев Your nick name is "Kiselev" which says everything about you!!!  PROPAGANDA!
Arvydas Al (4 years ago)
+Евгений Киселев russia is doing fascism and this poor country must be splitted in several peaces, because russia is artifical country
what Russia doing?
thecatbehemoth (4 years ago)
Gerojam Slava!
Radosław Lepka (4 years ago)
Ukrainians have never been so strong. Strong nation couldn't be just overcome. You have huge potential to become an economic tiger. Good luck form Poland.
Radosław Lepka (3 years ago)
No doubt, UA has a great potencial. You must build a civil society, and be proud of yourselves. And good things will come sooner than You think.
IgorPetrovich96 (3 years ago)
if we would be at the same level as Poland it would even be heaven for us
DeathWatcher (4 years ago)
Just watching another nation that is going through some hard and trouble times be so patroitic for their nation brings warmth to your heart. :) hope ukrainians win back eastern part of their country and then try to make peace with Russia if the Russian stop this all and their conquest. Slava Ukrainia!
magnumsz1 (4 years ago)
Slava Ukrainu! I'm from latvia, if i was a president, i mobilize all army and sent it to help Ukraine against russian occupants. I'm sorry our president Berzins is monkey dick, so nothing is happening. I hope Ukraine some day forgive us this "watching from side'' .Our president is pussy, sory again....
Dan Dobrjanskyj (1 year ago)
Paldies Latviju, mēs esam jūsu brāļi, kā jūs esat mūsu!
Tako Gogokhia (4 years ago)
+Max Dotsenko I'm from Georgia and agree with you...we should fight together against the russian occupation
Etienne Henrij (4 years ago)
+Max Dotsenko don't worry latvia estonia and litva and even poland are all NATO members and Russia isen't the force it used to be anymore. Just a sad disgusting shadow of it's former self.
Tok75 (4 years ago)
+Max Dotsenko Hope you would consider including at least some Czechs, because not all of us are indifferent to your cause  ! And at least some of my fellow countrymen can see a big lesson in our history... I think that at least some Czechs (and Slovaks) still do remember what is it like when uninvited army of "brothers" crosses the border !
nope (4 years ago)
Thanks for your support anyways. Its really means a lot for us all.
Olha Semenyuk (4 years ago)
They are amazing!!! 
zlack legna (4 years ago)
Oksana Mik (4 years ago)
Olha Semenyuk (4 years ago)
+Max Dotsenko ???
L'irriducibile (4 years ago)
+spin house чтоб русское быдло не приставало :-)))
Max Dotsenko (4 years ago)
+Olha Semenyuk get the hell out of here, russian scum 
Serhii Ukraine (4 years ago)
+spin house педрило парашное хуйловское, не демонстрируй свою тупизну
zack21000z (4 years ago)
Wait, you mean your anthem isn't "Puuuuuutnnn Khhhuiiiillooooooo"? I thought those were the only two words you khohols were capable of uttering. Although, this song is very similar in its lack of any rhythm or style.
Olha Semenyuk (4 years ago)
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=khuilo Khuilo. Khuilo is the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. 
José Dourado (4 years ago)
Go back to your miserable life in Nazi Russia
websterbodybuilder (4 years ago)
zack21000z (4 years ago)
+Max Dotsenko They pay me in starving ukranian refugees that defect from the army that sent them on a suicide mission, I get one starving khohol to work the farm for every 500 thumbs ups I get on shill comments.

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