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#NotMyJobMate- Why A Rise Is The WA Gold Royalty Will Harm Working Families

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Western Australia will soon learn the results of the State Government's minerals royalties review. Hear from a few of the thousands of workers whose jobs may be a risk if the Government decides to increase gold royalties. The WA gold mining industry employs more than 20,000 people and pays more than $300 million in taxes and royalties to the Government of Western Australia. That's money which helps to build our roads, schools, hospitals and police stations. It also contributes more than $8 billion to the economy of WA. But it’s more than that. The men and women who work in the gold industry give their time and energy to a huge range of community activities; as volunteer firefighters, ambulance drivers, children’s sport coaches and community leaders. This video shows why the industry cannot afford any increase in the gold royalty. These are the people who will be affected, explaining how important gold mining is to them and thousands of other Western Australians. Join the #NotMyJobMate conversation on social media and sign our petition to stop a royalty rate increase and protect thousands of jobs.
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