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The World's Coolest Banknotes

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*I got it wrong - it may be the second English polymer banknote but there have been a few before it including Northern Ireland and Scotland - sorry! Music by Half-Asleep Music. Thanks to Danielle for helping me find the new £10 on its release day.
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Half-Asleep Chris (19 days ago)
I'll be making an updated version towards the end of the year. Any suggestions for what banknotes should be included?
yave4algeria (9 hours ago)
500 algerian dinar banknote
Dr. Doom (2 days ago)
Canadian are the coolest IMO. If you shine a laser through the Maple leaf, the note denomination gets projected onto the surface you're facing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMGvTYDC5MA The Royal Canadian Mint also strikes coins for many other countries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_countries_with_coinage_struck_at_the_Royal_Canadian_Mint
Jack Sanderson (3 days ago)
You missed the coolest feature of the canadian bill, if you shine a laser through the transparent maple leaf you will see the denomination of the bill appear on the wall
Aditi Thakur (4 days ago)
Indian Rupees
Finn (5 days ago)
North Korean won
Saithanyaa The great (11 hours ago)
Super half Asleep chris
Half-Asleep Chris (2 hours ago)
Thanks Saithanyaa the Great!
Tennis India (1 day ago)
Nicely done 🙌
Vee Cee (1 day ago)
Don’t you just love a fiat currency?
noVACban (1 day ago)
România had polymer bancnote from 2002 (16 years ago).
3oF / Tpelaaja (2 days ago)
What about the old Finnish markka?
SyncKid (3 days ago)
Colon is pronounced Co-loan
dileep koppu (3 days ago)
And then there's Indian 2000 rupee banknote, which was rumored to have an RFID chip in it. Rofl.. (hoax).
Andrew (3 days ago)
I'm Australian and I love love the Swiss notes! As an aspiring Astronomer it's just extra beautiful to me
Good work 👍👍👍
Vic Green (4 days ago)
The old Dutch notes, specially the 50 GULDEN, 250 GULDEN where the most beautiful notes.
YouTube Poop (4 days ago)
I think the American fabric dollar is cool because there it a lot of very small details and a whole lot of things seen only in light
Shakarela (4 days ago)
The hungarian uv part was the nicest and the most creative were the swiss ones
Matheline oketch (4 days ago)
Swiss 😍😍
Md Shafi (6 days ago)
Here in India we distinguish fake and real on the basis that real bills lose colour😂
Sputnik Fox (6 days ago)
Fun fact about Canadian bills actually smell like piss or plastic
ISAAC TRAVELS TV (6 days ago)
my favorite one is myanmar!!
the most enjoyment Americans ever got was collecting all the state coins...
TsarOfTheKaiser (8 days ago)
Its 1 year
Katzenbär Multis (8 days ago)
Argentina's new banknotes are this colorful too.
Alexandrius Comnenus (8 days ago)
Unless Elizabeth Windsor is an alien, she counts.
Roman Thapa (8 days ago)
Nepali 500rs bank notes
MLe MLe (8 days ago)
SAR' Rhand will be printed with massive amount of zeros soon xD watch for exchange scores
Jonas _00_ (9 days ago)
The Swiss francs and the Norwegian crown definitely looked the best. Although those South African bills were really beautiful too!
Ben Josh (10 days ago)
One of the ugliest : Indian currency notes released in 2017 and 2018.
TheShistinator Vasquez (10 days ago)
3:03 Nelson “Mandeler”
SparkyTheFox (10 days ago)
I think the £20 is gonna look great,
I love Canadian dollars. its have a space station in there :D
OpTiC RaZoR (11 days ago)
3:56 Heres how u can make a 10 Australian dollar counterfeit 😂
a meme duck (11 days ago)
maybe the canadian dollar smells like maple syrup is because the money has gone through a lot of hands in its life, and the hands just rub their syrup on the money
Gennadiy Leyfman (11 days ago)
I have decided to collect all those banknotes! The more - the better! So, don't be shy, keep sending those to me!
Nick Ryan (13 days ago)
Where's Malaysian banknote they're quite nice too and have a window
Chris Garner (13 days ago)
I need that Australian bank note.
Jinger Partin (13 days ago)
This is why im a coin and banknote collecter
computername (13 days ago)
Seems like the Swiss have a lot of experience with money
little savage (13 days ago)
South africa represent
Unkreativer Name_HS (13 days ago)
The new 10 francs note is also released.😉
Unkreativer Name_HS (13 days ago)
I'm from switzerland.😂
t t (14 days ago)
Micah Tritscher (14 days ago)
Amazed New Zealand isn't up there! I mean, it's looking the new Australian ones but a million times better haha
What Tutheei (14 days ago)
I love our plastic notes!
Zantrop64 (14 days ago)
Canada should be first, because if you shoot a laser through a certain point of the note, it displays a maple leaf
Its JustZaki (14 days ago)
Have you seen the new Maldivian bank notes?
Heat (15 days ago)
Where do you get a lot of different currencies for very cheap?
Levente DotLokos (15 days ago)
The world's coolest looking banknote is robux
Thanos (15 days ago)
what do you think about the new 200 franc banknotes? I find them fantastic
tencoku (16 days ago)
I love Switzerland bank note. So quality and beautiful.
Marcvs Nonsapiens (16 days ago)
100 lei is awesome - with '100' pierced in tiny holes in the middle, visible against the light. The new australian dolars however are absolutely fantastic - I say it should be the new standard for polymers, not one little window to the side but the entire see-through area from the top to bottom.
kapil kumar (17 days ago)
👌👌👌Omg what a video 👌👌👌👌
Lovely collection.
Saske Uchiha (17 days ago)
Can u give me ur extra notes
Saske Uchiha (17 days ago)
audrey 03 (18 days ago)
I'm Swiss 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 😉
Hindman Army (20 days ago)
Awesome info
Kairumon Darkkley (21 days ago)
Swiss here, At first i've found the new bank notes very flashy, but now i think it looks great PS: at the moment, they realesed the 10 CHF, and they're going to realesed the 200 CHF soon, then only the 100 CHF will wait until one year or two
Atul Narayan (22 days ago)
Anyone from India?
zapahs (22 days ago)
Disappointed not to see New Zealand
Appeldorn (22 days ago)
This is awesome :)
וייצמן רון (23 days ago)
Except the United Kingdom‘s money the rest looks like a joke not money! especially Australia’s.
Olivia Torres (23 days ago)
Wheres usa dollars?
Eli Wilson (24 days ago)
Trust me, Canadian notes don’t smell like maple syrup. I live there.
Bitch Cunt daddy (25 days ago)
Yey cenada
Zerg Cerebrates (25 days ago)
The Swiss Franc is really the best looking one. When I saw them the first time in Zurich Switzerland I was shocked at how beautiful they were. Its very well design and its vertical!
RAY 4K (25 days ago)
Hi, Download the SNB app (Swiss National Bank its for free) and whatch the Swiss Notes it will blow ur mind. Trust me
Famous A A S (25 days ago)
Romanian money is pretty cool
MC banane (26 days ago)
I'm swiss and I feel so honored now
Saisi Were (27 days ago)
Costa Rica
The Miraç (27 days ago)
Turkish Lira is better
Millennium p (30 days ago)
look im Canadian and our bank notes do not smell like maple syrup to prove this take actual maple syrup and smell it then smell a Canadian banknote they wont smell the same. by the way the reason we think they smell like maple syrup is because were told it does so when we smell them we think they smell like maple syrup.
Half-Asleep Chris (30 days ago)
This is something called ‘confirmation bias’, where your brain looks for something that matches what it expects to find. I don’t know. I work with world banknotes and the Australian, New Zealand, UK and all the other polymer notes don’t have this smell that the Canadian Dollars do. It’s probably not maple syrup but they have a strange sweet smell, especially when they’re brand new.
Jackson Brocks (30 days ago)
For the Costa Rican currency you said that they were thousands not millions
Tony Pham (1 month ago)
I recommend taking a look at the Vietnamese đồng (VND). I think they are quite cool although not too unique. I also maybe be partial to it because I am Vietnamese, but that’s besides the point :)
Gabi Cake (1 month ago)
i see the swiss franc, i click.
Ty Ty (1 month ago)
Yeah but nothing beats a crisp 100 usd bill.
PIESLOT axr (1 month ago)
Niquan Evans (1 month ago)
*looks at America Banknotes* Foreigner: bruh wtf is this it looks like grass
T L (1 month ago)
OK this is maybe a dumb question but why they don´t use a more recent picture of the queen for the banknotes?
minisniper97 (1 month ago)
Seems common but my favorite is euros they're do colorful my favorite one is the 20 euro
minyaki (1 month ago)
Canada has *holo money*
Ulincorn (1 month ago)
"The Euro looks cool." -nobody
Ben Dover (1 month ago)
British “people” are the enemy
Romanyalı mapper (1 month ago)
Make coolest coins in the world
cukimuki jajdejo (1 month ago)
El Dae (1 month ago)
teh new aussie $10 has a cockatoo on it if you look in uv
El Dae (1 month ago)
yassssssssssssssss gotta go look at my $5 to see the cool uv stuff
Jonah Capps (1 month ago)
Oi mate, the new 10 has been released and the 50 will be released soon. Would appreciate a update soon if possible
Half-Asleep Chris (1 month ago)
Gonna be updating on 1/1/19
Jason R (1 month ago)
What about the Bahamian dollar?
Kseniya Guner (1 month ago)
Hepsi bok gibi En az 3 tane bana begendi
matt daley (1 month ago)
If you didint know the Canadian money shows the value when shining a laser through the maple leaf.
Zephyrbal (1 month ago)
The US Treasury has had a hell of a time trying to sell us on modern currency. There are really modern prototype designs you can find that go way back, but it wasn't until the 1990's that they were even able to get updates to the basic design past the public.
YummYakitori (1 month ago)
In my opinion, the ukrainian hryvnia and kazakh tenge are also pretty impressive. I’ve bought a 1000 KZT 2012 memorial note to keep as part of my collection. I visited Ukraine and kept all denominations of their banknotes because it’s really stunning especially the 1 UAH note
Lajos Domonkos Róka (1 month ago)
Anthony Kaufmann (1 month ago)
The philippine banknote also looks pretty good
Tony Koter (1 month ago)
Seems that the USA have one of the lamest bank notes.
Joshua79C C (23 days ago)
Lame but uniform imo
usbdevice (1 month ago)
have to agree with swiss franc being no.1! the built and feel of the note is superb. you'll know it when you got it
PunkrockerCPPS a (1 month ago)
These are the world's most ugly banknotes to me. My favourite is the Iranian Rial or the Afghan Afghani.
Nandi Collector (1 month ago)
Truly the most beautiful banknotes 😁 If anyone wants world banknotes for your collection, please check out my channel.
LineoLemon (1 month ago)
i defo like the ones with flora and fauna on them

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