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Practice your VOCABULARY, LISTENING, and COMPREHENSION with this game

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Want to improve your listening skills and improve your vocabulary at the same time? Do you want to have fun while learning? In this video, I will teach you common words we use while describing people's faces. Then, you will practice your listening skills in a fun and interesting activity. Get a pen and paper ready for this interactive and hands-on video. If you want even more practice, try my helpful quiz at the end of the video at https://www.engvid.com/vocabulary-listening-comprehension-faces-game/ #engvid #vocabulary #LearnEnglish Next, watch my video on 11 'MIND' Expressions in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_N9iPueids&list=PLaNNx1k0ao1u-x_nKdKNh7cKALzelzXjY&index=12 TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video we are going to do something very special. Okay? We are going to practice our listening skills by doing a really, really fun activity that I love to do with my classes. So, for this video, we are going to be listening for adjectives about the face. Okay? So I'm going to teach you a whole bunch of new words, and maybe some words you already know, when... That we can use to describe our faces. Okay? So you are going to first learn some new words and we're going to review some words; and once you have these words down, what we are going to do is I am going to describe a face to you, and while I describe it, you're going to listen carefully and you are going to draw the face. Okay? So this is what you're going to do: You're going to take your pen or your pencil, and a piece of paper, and you are going to draw what I describe. Okay? Now, it's okay if you're not a great artist; you don't have to be for this video. You don't have to Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci. Okay? As you can tell, I'm not the greatest of artists, so that's okay. But after you listen and you draw what I say, you're going to look at your picture and you're going to compare it to my picture or what I was describing. And then you can see: "Okay. Are these the same? Are they different? Did I follow the instructions? Did I understand these adjectives correctly?" And so this is a great way to really practice your listening, and to also learn some new words. All right? So let's get started. Ta-da. Here is my art. Okay? So I'm going to describe these pictures now, just so you learn some new words, and we're... We're also going to review maybe some words you already know. Okay? And I hope none of my drawings creep you out; I know that, you know, they might be a little bit unusual, but let's get started. So, when we're talking about faces, there's many different ways to describe a face; I've just picked two. This man has a long face. Okay? His face is in the shape of an oval, but it's also very long. Now, compare this to this person who has a round face; more like a circle. Okay? So, during the description I'm going to be describing faces, and I'm going to either use the word: "a long face" or "a round face". Okay? So, here we have the eyes, we have the nose, we have the mouth... In this picture we have lips which are these things, so we might have really red lips or big lips, like Angelina Jolie; maybe small lips, thin lips. Okay? Another thing I'm going to talk about in this video is eyebrows. So, the eyebrows are this part of your face; they're the hairy part above the eyes, here. So, I have two different types of eyebrows. These eyebrows... So you see we have eyes here. The eyebrows here are very thin; whereas these eyebrows are thick, or we can also call them bushy eyebrows. Okay? Because they almost look like bushes. Bushy or thick. Okay. Another thing you're going to hear during this listening activity is I'm going to talk about wrinkles. So, what's a "wrinkle"? Well, as you get older, your face starts to develop these lines, usually around the eyes or maybe around, you know, your smile - and we call these age lines wrinkles. Okay? So here's the spelling of that word. So, you'll be hearing this word during the listening activity. You might also hear the word "braces". So, braces are something that helps your teeth to become straight. So, during the listening, one of the people I'm going to be describing may have braces. So this is the teeth, and it's just a piece of wire that goes across the teeth to help keep the teeth straight. Okay. So, anything else on this picture? No? Let's move on to this picture. The other thing you might hear during this activity is I might be describing facial hair. So, when I'm talking about facial hair, I'm not talking about the hair on the head; I'm talking about the hair on the face. So, this man has a lot of facial hair. He has a beard, which is hair that comes from your chin, down. You might have a short beard or a very long beard. This man has a long beard. I also put a moustache on this man, so that's the facial hair or the hair under the nose - the moustache. And this is how we spell that word. […]
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Cle Mendes (9 days ago)
Excellent explanation, you’re great! Thanks a lot! I didn’t know that I could draw!😀
Safar Ibadov (9 days ago)
Rageb Rezeg (13 days ago)
thank you so much
Fizha arsad (14 days ago)
Thank u emma. Ur best teacher ever❤❤❤
Sandra Correa (16 days ago)
"he is a very strange-looking person actually" lol :)
I have drawn Mario only.
Malu (20 days ago)
Super useful
Tapas Mondal (22 days ago)
Hello, Emma I am from India Recently I started to watching your Videos. Really really helpful to me. Thanks
Ger Con (23 days ago)
hi Emma, just wanna thank you for your tips in ielts and i got 7 overall and an 8.5 in listening. you are awesome teacher...keep on doing great things...
Antony joseph (24 days ago)
I am a introvert student. My English very bad. I just began a special English class. Can anyone help me.
Isac Vasconcelos (24 days ago)
I have loved it, please more videos like this... I from Brazil and I have learned so much with you... Thanks.
Thanks you verry much
Mishaal Ijaz (25 days ago)
Hi, should we use "their" or "his/her"' in our essay for unknown gender? For example: "The defendant feels better because he/she is judged fairly" or "The defendant feels better because they are judged fairly". Which one should we use in the IELTS (especially for task 2 of the writing section)?
LazyMxnn. (1 month ago)
My last drawing not totally looks like Mario HAHAHAHAHA, It very weird cartoonist picture. Thanks for your teaching! It helps me a lot.
John Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Hello Emma. I recognize you from Lynda(dot)com and I subscribed to you here as soon as I recognized you because you explain very well.
Very nice
lullaby Memo (1 month ago)
How to know how much good are we in english??
ادم اياد (1 month ago)
Great job I like your new idea
Italo Goncalves (1 month ago)
Youre a sweet and great teacher! tks
Hi Emma, your doing well, thank you very much.
Arjun RP (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot mam
Alain Freres (1 month ago)
what does "So they do come up. " mean (in french) please - forehead - chin -> chinrest - tongue-in-cheek - bald
Ahmed Education (1 month ago)
ارجوا من الجميع أن يؤمنوا بالله ورسوله فإن الكافرين لن تصدقوا ما سيحصل لهم فإن يأجوج ومأجوج سوف يقتلوهم و يتركوا المؤمنين فأرجو من الكل أن يؤمن إن لم تصدقوا هذا أيها العالم فليس لي دخل أنا لا احاسب بل الله هو عز وجل الذي يحاسب رسالة إلى الأجانب والإنجليز
Miguel Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I don’t understand why a person would dislike this video if she is try to help everyone who want to learn. People do you understand that she is giving us a powerful weapon to pursue a career and obviously have a better future. Come on. Thank you Emma
RebeL AP (1 month ago)
11:38 She’s Ronnie! xD
E learning by Tanvir (1 month ago)
Very useful.
90 Solutions (1 month ago)
hai I am vivek , this video is very useful .during learning English for beginners . thanks Madame.
Eyal Hadid (1 month ago)
my mario drawing looks like a torkish old soldire from the 1890 kakakaak , and dora locks very badly . anyway that's lesson was great , and so you emma .
Xanda Majid (1 month ago)
im in grade 12 from south of kurdistan you are best 👏👏👏👏
Saroj Ghimire (1 month ago)
I love you
amal kurian (1 month ago)
so much helpful , thanks much
Nghĩa Nguyễn (1 month ago)
this video is really helpful
Funnmasti Masti (1 month ago)
Emma you are good teacher
Mario Bros (1 month ago)
emma krasivaya 😍
Cristian Apreotesei (1 month ago)
Thank you so much Emma for what you're doing. Love the way you teach!! You're great!
sukh singh (1 month ago)
hiiiii.... Emma👋
shanmugavel Prabakaran (1 month ago)
i have an idea to write a english grammar book. Mam, i request u to give me tips.
Roldan Liquigan (1 month ago)
I love emma
zaid ns (1 month ago)
اسلوبك رائع جدا شكرا لك من كل قلبي😍😍😍😍
Marco Gonçalves (1 month ago)
good work
cherfi rachid (2 months ago)
thank you very much emma for all yours lessons and your all other collegues but you and adam are the best
HiXaM JOCULAR (2 months ago)
where you been vanished Mrs Emma ,long time we didn't see you ,useful video as usual :)
Nick Oranovsky (2 months ago)
Thanks Emma
jagdish saini (2 months ago)
mam i am a indian and you are best best best teacher of english
Nour Cara (2 months ago)
Too easy Emma :(
sudesh rupasinghe (2 months ago)
Good teacher
Simon Conteh (2 months ago)
I m connected Thanks a lot
mohammed ahmed (2 months ago)
excellent lecture, thanks
Barin Zaxo (2 months ago)
Heber Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Emma you are great!! You are improving all the time with the topics in the videos. Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
awatef kaadan (2 months ago)
Interesting lesson...thank you
Rï Mã (2 months ago)
Hello , My best teacher around the world 👏👏 bravooo ur videos helps me a lot about the English ...💟💟 I love you 💟💟
Mubarak Ab (2 months ago)
Hi, Emma. I’d like to get your lessons by Skype. Please let me know if it’s possible. Thank you!
gamal salma (2 months ago)
You’re amazing !!!!!!
김은주 (2 months ago)
Great!! ^^
Sikender Singh (2 months ago)
Make a video on ACROSS AND THROUGH difference pl,
jeans are Jin (2 months ago)
It really helped me . thanks a lot 💕
John Noble (2 months ago)
most of the people, you started to work with, left doing this. why do you keep doing it?)
Hajer Altmemy (2 months ago)
I am Arab, I want to learn English🙂
noor hasn (2 months ago)
Hello Emma please tell me about give online course to learn English and I wish to reach at professional in english please Emma thank you
Mary Shah (2 months ago)
Hi I'm from Trinidad, my daughter is leaning alot from your video's, jus want to say thank you so much and may God continue to bless you...
Aldo F. Guevara (2 months ago)
I watching your videos 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
evacucue (2 months ago)
Excelente 👌🏻 tnx teacher ✌🏻
Anvar Rizaev (2 months ago)
Nice, thank you!!!
Jeferson Americo (2 months ago)
Hi People. I'm Jeferson, live in Brazil and I want to practice english. Can someone help me?
Khaled Sabry (2 months ago)
Thank you Emma you are very nice person and a great teacher. I love you.
INFINITE TECH (2 months ago)
You're awesome, Actually 🤓 you look very beautiful and your voice is more than that.
Parabéns pelos vídeos! Ainda não sei escrever em inglês! Mas você é uma ótima professora!
주미진 (2 months ago)
Levi (2 months ago)
I know the word cheeks, especially butt cheeks. Yeah
ahmed 70 (2 months ago)
It's great Video. Thank you Emma
Md Towhid (2 months ago)
Its truly helpful. Thanks a lot.
Javeed Ahmad (2 months ago)
Emma your lessons are very useful for me because these lessons aware us from various things which we got forget
It's Hard to Die (2 months ago)
I love the the lessons and u toooo
Muktar al-amine (2 months ago)
well done indeed Emma ...i really enjoy following ur classes. Teaching for free while others seek for useful information by spending o lot of money inorder to improve their language ,however ,,,instead it just decline.. ..but here with u i can tell this and believe me, we feel so proud because we gain benefits
Crazy Baby (2 months ago)
Hi emma. I need to know what is your first video. Well first class what's his name tell me please
Chengshi Du (2 months ago)
GAINS:I have learned a lot about expressions of human faces from this video.The most important point is that do not translate English into your mother tongue.For example,when you look at the face and the picture face,then face is face in English,not the 脸(lian) in Chinese. Just regard yourself a guy who grows up in English speaking countries.
Alexander Vanegas (2 months ago)
You are the best teacher💖😚👌
munenori sugiura (2 months ago)
fun. very nice lesson. subscribe👍✨
Justin Crew (2 months ago)
Thank you teacher
Abdi Aden (2 months ago)
Are you married Emma?
Paulo Ricardo (2 months ago)
Maravilha de canal. Continue assim. Vou aprendendo devagarzinho o Inglês.
Buthaina Alamer (2 months ago)
Thank you Emma ...you're the best..
Asmaa Saad (2 months ago)
Emiliano Graminholi (2 months ago)
Emma, i understand all you are saying.
silver Leaf (2 months ago)
Hi there, we need to record your voice for learning purpose , can you do recording ? We can deal on price!
silver Leaf (2 months ago)
Any reply?? It's real project!
Mohamed Khdr (2 months ago)
I understand from you more than anyone else
Emiliano Graminholi (2 months ago)
Congratulations Emma, your traces are lack...
Sakshi Jaiswal (2 months ago)
hi emma your teaching skills are very help me
Maria J Garcia (2 months ago)
You are a great teacher!!! Thank so much 😊
Bilal Ali (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
that's interesting and fun lesson, i like it.
Дохлый Ёжик (2 months ago)
Thank you, Emma. It's wonderful! I'm going to play this game with my daughter.
Ayat Ali (2 months ago)
I love your videos Respect from pakistan 💖 💖
Ahmed Hasan (2 months ago)
Emma I really like you and your videos it is interesting and very useful God blessing you
The_H_SPe4 r (2 months ago)
you have to see mario guys its perfect art
Mutoni Diana (2 months ago)
I love this classes do help me thank you so much
Dema Belka (2 months ago)
Great! The lesson was really fun )). Honestly, I drew all pictures a bit weird but Mario was a plausible ))

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