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The Economic Benefits of Mining in Alaska

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Council of Alaska Producers video on the economic benefits of Mining in Alaska. Learn more at www.AlaskaProducers.org
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Silvanahv (4 years ago)
Can you tell me what software did you use to create this video?
Wired344 (5 years ago)
Why did you remove my comment? Trying to hide the truth!   Pebble Frikken Mine, Will Kill the entire run of salmon in just 4 years if permitted to disrupt the flow of ground water. Like I said, during the winter water flows thru the ground and under the ice in the streams. if there is no ground water flowing into the streams the streams will freeze solid and kill all the little fishy's. Run DEAD.    Bristol Bay Alaska Sockeye area  1.5 BILLION dollar  Economic value Per Year. Don't let them tell you otherwise.  Come see for yourself, Fly to King Salmon Alaska about the first of July, visit the beautiful borough of NakNek,                                 go to the D&D restaurant,the Red Dog Saloon, Fishermen's Bar, or Hatfields.   Or back in King Salmon you could go to Eddies Fireplace, King Co Inn. Take a Float plane to Brooks Lodge, at Katmai  National park and watch the Bears during a major feeding friendzy. Then eat some yourself. Enjoy the scenery, then tell your friends about your vacation.  
Wired344 (5 years ago)
Don't even go there, Pebble Friken mine is not good for Alaska, or the Global Economy. Not at the head waters of Bristol Bay. What will kill the entire salmon runs is, The depletion of water movement through the streams during winter. The Open Pit Mine will disrupt the natural flow of water under the frozen top layers of earth to the streams that are frozen on the top but there should water moving under the ice in the streams, where the young salmon are living. If you stop the water movement the entire stream will freeze and so will all the fish. Kill the entire salmon population in just four years, then they will be gone forever. Bristol bay salmon bring in 1 Billion dollars of revenue per year. There goes the Global Economy.    Just think about it? Better yet, go to Naknek Alaska in June or July and see for yourself. Take a float plane to Brooks Falls and watch the Bears feasting on the  Sockeye Salmon you want to destroy. Frikken A  Mike.

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