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What Your Handwriting Says About You

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Text Comments (37015)
The Coconut. (54 minutes ago)
My handwriting changes depending on the pen and how I sit.
PlasticGun 25 (2 hours ago)
If u can't read what you write, you're probably a doctor
Sophie Crouton (3 hours ago)
I don't put a dot above the eye. What does that mean??
Aubrey Gacha (5 hours ago)
So I am well adjusted and I can’t stand to be alone and I am logical I also appear to have good self asteam and I am very talkative that is very true lol 😆
Daniel Adams (6 hours ago)
I do many of these on different days, but they are all positive traits so they are all wrong
RoastedNews ! (12 hours ago)
What if I don’t know how to write?
RoastedNews ! (12 hours ago)
What if I don’t dot my i’s...
DawnPlayz (17 hours ago)
Apparently I'm aggressive, intense, intelligent and curious
Aquicha Mortesen (17 hours ago)
Mine apparently say that I go through a quite random personality shift once or twice every second hour.
All. Of them. Are my hand writting But not the other things they say about meh
I don't even know my handwritting all i know is, the fact that my handwritting is horrible.
Team Fantdm (20 hours ago)
My handwriting is the same as the video said
Strawberra Smodaie (21 hours ago)
My handwriting in exams can vary so friggin much. 3 hrs left-> artistic, neat and tidy writing 10 mins left-> tf is this... scribbles?
Lee Roy (1 day ago)
Introvert, free and afraid of crowded places. They got me.
My handwriting changed every single minute... Welp
Lou Kiya (1 day ago)
lmao I write in cursive I’m offended
Hiya P (1 day ago)
These are actually surprisingly close to what I’m like. (The i part depends on how fast I’m writing though 😂)
ღToy Foxyღ (1 day ago)
I have large hand writing yet I have all the small hand writing ones and none of the large handwriting traits
Jared (1 day ago)
citation needed
laugh studio (1 day ago)
Thanks God i Use Cursive handwriting..
My hand writing depends on my mood
bubble soda (1 day ago)
Rounded letters all the way
OMG this is sooooo true!!! Im surprised! :P no really i am!!
Greasy hair (1 day ago)
What about dyslexic hand writing or as I like to call it Chicken scrabble? What can you tell about me from that? Haha
I always write everything messed up, like every time I copy something down from the black board, I never look at my paper, but just write it continuously. CX
mochiloki (1 day ago)
What if I have like ten different writing styles and I use different ones depending on my mood?
Panda Licker (1 day ago)
Apperantly I'm an outgoing introvert that likes to see stuff.
Emily Johnson (2 days ago)
What about no dots over the i's ? I usually don't dot my i's, and it saves so much time when writing something out long-hand
Simply Sky (2 days ago)
Small handwriting 👏👏 and long space between words
Gabriela Piz (2 days ago)
2018 anyone!!! OK NVM I'll just go
Gymnast 101 Banga (2 days ago)
What if you have a open g
jord carwell (2 days ago)
when i write the letter i i don't add a dot to it at all so it would've been nice to see what that says about someone
tharealamelia (2 days ago)
I’m organized empathetic artistic creative and whatever connecting letters means
Kit Kat (2 days ago)
Soooo i can't stand being alone, sometimes creative, aggressive, logical, confident, introvert, imaginative and sometimes orginized....errr lol
Stephanie Rose Cipher (2 days ago)
Is anyone else kinda creeped out by the music..?
Tae the Brat (2 days ago)
Zineb Hwari (2 days ago)
They didn't have my hand writing
I am sure shy
Layla’s Life 2007 (2 days ago)
I’m artistic restive and logical and systematic
Raluca Gantoi (2 days ago)
I kind of have a lot of the handwritings you presented, but it depends on the moment :)
Large, wide spacing, connected, Top of the T (middle if lowercase), Open O, slash the top of i I'd say all of them are true 'cept the last one
Jacqueline Fuentes (2 days ago)
Small and rounded letters
Swati Vidhyarthi (2 days ago)
My handwriting was not there
Cat Burritoh :3 (2 days ago)
Danar Ganiadi (2 days ago)
I Use Chineese help
ben Charity (2 days ago)
I dont dot my I what does that mean
Ritsu (2 days ago)
My handwritting depends on my mood.
Bull sh!t
Terry 20 (2 days ago)
My hand writing is all of this
Gaming Beast (3 days ago)
How do chinese people relate to this?
xHayleePlayz (3 days ago)
I have small but still sloppy -ish handwriting -
Gooseam (3 days ago)
My guy I’m almost all of these lmao
Flufee 303 (3 days ago)
My handwriting is just messy. It's different if I'm rushing. And it's different if I'm taking time. :p
Ava Matthews (3 days ago)
I do connected letters because I think it’s very loud to put the pencil up then down.
PRINCE KRAZIE (3 days ago)
PSEUDOSCIENCE at its finest. proof_
Angie :p (3 days ago)
They didn’t show the t with the line closer to the bottom and I do that
ForTheLoveOfFluff (3 days ago)
I do connected letters and pointed letters
Sarah Kitty (3 days ago)
I have large hand writing and what it said under that is the opposite if me. Lol also my os Are always open and that is the opposite of me.
Neema M (3 days ago)
A lot of this is stuff is wrong lol
Itz_ Lay-Lay! (3 days ago)
I have cursive all the time I am guessing I should go wih rounded?
UpY GT (3 days ago)
A 4 year old would probably write better than me tbh
NorasBeauty (3 days ago)
Good self-a stem optimism ambitious. Expressive, social and talkative. Overly self critical
Luca Chalkiadakis (3 days ago)
.it was right
Translucent Ghost (3 days ago)
Um I write open O’s but I’m nun of those. Great video though no hate! The rest of them were accurate!
Chocoholic (3 days ago)
Very accurate...for me atleast 🙋
Feikje girl (3 days ago)
So weird becaus it is true
Sandeep V. Menon (3 days ago)
Neither was mine. Mine is partially connected and pointed, with closed 'O's and properly dotted 'i's and middle crossed 't's. I like my 't', 'h', 'k' 'L', 'p', 'q', 'g', 'y' and 'j' all properly long (i.e., longer heads or tails). Does anyone else connect with this????
W.D Gaster (3 days ago)
Oh wow none of these handwriting matches mine, I wonder what that says about me?
bessi lloyd (3 days ago)
I do a closed o and im not confidant or comfortable in my own skin so its wrong for me
bessi lloyd (3 days ago)
These are all wrong
Mikaela TSANG (3 days ago)
I have round letters and narrow spaces... And I am artistic, and I am afraid of being alone 0o0
Mann Tiwari (3 days ago)
I have different handwriting on different page ( depending upon mood) does that mean that I have Dissociative identity disorder!!???
Lara Vdr (3 days ago)
‘Confident and feeling good in your own skin’ I’m outa here bye
Melii Sofii (3 days ago)
I sometimes write my “i” ‘s different every time
OMGitspaolo (3 days ago)
Artistic and creative wich is actually true LOL!!😂
Yao Teck Ng (3 days ago)
Mine is equivalent of a doctor handwriting(based on my teachers review)
Raj Mandlekar (3 days ago)
The pen decides my hand writing
Pronay Ghosh (3 days ago)
I do them all
Nandini Bhaskar (3 days ago)
not true for me
Duh_Mia 17 (3 days ago)
These are not my handwritting
Captain Jack (3 days ago)
Susama Murmu (3 days ago)
My handwriting keeps on changing according to my mood from day to night
Ashok Ninave (4 days ago)
My handwriting changes according to time left for submitting the paper in exam or submitting any book.
Banana Cream (4 days ago)
I am I the only one with average neat handwriting..... T^T
elinael (4 days ago)
where my connected letter people at?
Ariane *0* (4 days ago)
1:25 Thats not me at all 😅
Lindsey Reuther (4 days ago)
Creative, artistic, well adjustable, cant stand to be alone, good self esteem, optimistic, private introvert, organized My handwriting..well..the letter that are taller like (tfhlb) are never much taller than the short ones like (weszn)
Saiki (4 days ago)
1:52 I think I just died inside a little. Why must the dot not be directly above the line?!
Jessica Potter (4 days ago)
I’m all these for some reason
Sam Tesoro (4 days ago)
I can’t even read my own handwriting
Rounded writing and some others
Caydence McGory (4 days ago)
Well Adjusted, Adaptable, detail oriented, organized and emphatic. (Some very false and some verry true)
OliSoap Official (4 days ago)
I have small handwriting and people are like ''oh emmm geeeee that is tiney you know gurllll"
Saoirse Kate (4 days ago)
No no and nope
Zara Scamander (4 days ago)
Yeah for the most part this is true!
Dana May (4 days ago)
As long as you can read it. That's all that matters.
Ursinha AJ (4 days ago)
Black Pinku (4 days ago)
This was 4 years ago and it’s on my recommendation just now...
Camden Paige (4 days ago)
My handwriting matches me perfectly!!! 😂🙃

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