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Bitcoin Ethereum XRP ADA NEO XLM Technical Analysis Chart 10/1/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Recorded 7:30 PM Eastern DoGoodThings: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zac-oliver
M. Parouty (7 months ago)
You are a good man! Thats a statistical difference in mentality between Bitcoiners and Fiaters. As a matter of fact, when the insufficiently remunerated mainstream media workers (not owners) were pestering Japanese Mr. Nakamoto, the community also made a little BTC donation to him to show our solidarity. But soon, hopefully traders such as yourself could benefit medical cases such as Zac more directly via a poverty line pegged crypto, about USD 1.9 I think. Cases such as his in poor African regions, for example, are just plain hopeless at the moment given the "humanitarian aid business" is also not immuned against corruption and micropayments to such regions are still infeasible; apart from cars not being able to access these. So, your trading expertise and free videos could help a lot in leveraging!!! Much Thanks again my man! Watch your videos almost every day and you also made me money which I would have lost not being open minded enough!
steven haglund (7 months ago)
thanks dan.
Nicholas Clark (7 months ago)
Thanks again Dan for the great analysis. Stepping back and taking good look at the big picture here, it seems you have two sides to this market. The whales / miners that have a strong goal of keeping this price at $6k. Then you have the other side, the retail buyers (us). The retail buyers seems to be thinning out. Price drops to around $6k and some entity pushes the price up a few hundred but it can’t seem to get past $7k. If no new retail buyers are coming in, then what’s keeping this going? At some point it won’t be able to maintain. Unless we get some big news in the crypto space soon this doesn’t seem like it will hold. Money has to come from somewhere. Just my own view on the current situation. Thanks..
Tashberger Tash (7 months ago)
Many many many thanks!! :)
Chris Kemp (7 months ago)
I am so very grateful for the content you share. You've been exactly what I needed to continue my trading education. Have not been in this space a year yet. So much to learn. Thank you x a million.
Julien Mendoza (7 months ago)
How do u see that symmetric triangle playing out on XLM/BTC ? We just broke out of one 10 days ago.
AyteeSOG (7 months ago)
still holding my short nice and comfy , only bulls sweating
NichoTBE (7 months ago)
stumbled across an old plane crash site?
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Well it is a hiking destination so not stumbled, but yes
Fatal Fury (7 months ago)
Hey check out stellarx its a decentralized peer to peer exchange. Quite cool
Darius Prevost (7 months ago)
Dennis (7 months ago)
Does Bill Clinton have any contacts with money? Xrapid announced live today!! XRP bull run could be imminent! Definitely likely.
Fatal Fury (7 months ago)
As any corrupt politician, BC should have contact with jail not xrp
Evan Hayford (7 months ago)
Thanks brother Dan! You’re the best!
crzykid71 (7 months ago)
Thank you I appreciate these videos a lot!
Frogger 251 (7 months ago)
Music and footage is absolutely beautiful. What’s the music?
Frogger 251 (7 months ago)
How tight can this equilibrium get before we break?
Mina Dimyan (7 months ago)
You're the best man. Thanks for all this content. Will help Zac! Also, just my opinion I liked the previous opening slightly more. :) - please never stop what you're doing!
huntikis (7 months ago)
Excellent gesture from you Dan, honest and with integrity. Thanks for all your time you spend sharing your videos!
Alexander Alexander (7 months ago)
Thank you a lot
Michael G. (7 months ago)
Thanks for the update Dan!
Gettem Rollin (7 months ago)
Good thing done for today, thanks for the video as always and for sharing young Zak's story. If we all gave just a little bit, even in appreciation of all the free videos Dan puts out it wouldn't take long for Zak to get he chance he deserves.
Steve Nicholson (7 months ago)
Get a haircut, my mom thinks so.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Your mom sounds boring
Robert o (7 months ago)
Purchase a drone for your travel videos! You will not regret it
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Already having a tough time with just a camera. I want to just BE ...not worry about capturing stuff, flying stuff, more stuff to travel with. Stuff stuff
J. D. (7 months ago)
I had to smile,my own analysis today pretty much mirrored your own,including thinking of putting a stop buy on that .26ish level on XLM. I still have a long way to go but I have learned so much from just watching your videos and then hitting TradingView and trying to apply what i learn. Thanks man, really you are a great teacher.
93Mischief (7 months ago)
you could hear the passive aggression when he said XRP
Brainwashed Sheep (7 months ago)
@chris and so is bitcoin
Fatal Fury (7 months ago)
Xrp $1c
1Peasant (7 months ago)
Xrp $1m EOY!
Fatal Fury (7 months ago)
Beacuese xrp is scam.only good to make more btc .xrp its good for gamblers to.they get the adrenaline rush from this hpump n dump shitcoin
Frogger 251 (7 months ago)
93Mischief XRP is the banksters coin
Mike (7 months ago)
Debosruti Dutta (7 months ago)
What would be your stop-buy price for BTC on Coinbase?
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Too far away from resistances for me to want a stop buy right now
abe fattah2 (7 months ago)
Best and most honest Crypto Tuber out there !!!!
Matityah (7 months ago)
Top notch analysis! How can I become a member?
B G (7 months ago)
In the description. Courses and alert system.

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