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Here's How You Can Get Your Articles Read

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http://www.1st.nu/ca1-yt - There are a lot of articles out there - thousands or even tens of thousands. Many get read, many don't. This is because readers are picky - in fact they don't read much online. Many of them are skimmers - if they don't see what they like in the first few seconds they move on. These people think reading articles is a chore - especially if the content is very boring. The thing is your article needs to be read for it to work for you. In order for it to be read you need to write your article to be read. It's not a matter of just writing it - it's a matter of writing it so that it has quality, information and the buzz to get people to read them. That being said writing a good article doesn't have to be the end of the world for you. A little research, some time and patience and you can write a good article. The thing is once you get the hang of it your creative muse will come out and you will actually begin to enjoy it. Once you begin to enjoy writing it will show in your ariting and your readers will know it too. Write on something that you know about. When you do that it makes it easier for you to write. At the same time the flow will be there and readers will see it in your writing. Of course you still need the content to relate to your site and the product or service. When you get to writing: Make your paragraphs short. People don't like reading long paragraphs that seem to just go on and on and on. When they see a long paragraph they will simply skip that paragraph or totally just disregard the whole article. Break up your article using sub-headings. This will give readers a chance to take a breath. Not only that it will actually attract them to that portion of the article. At the same time it helps readers transition from one section to another. Another way to break up the article is to use bullet or number points. It makes things easier to remember and it gives emphasis to the information. Provide an attention grabbing headline and interesting content. Look at the news - they are examples of great attention grabbing headlines. It also helps that you maintain that interest from the headline all the way down to the end of the article. Even if the headline is great, if the content is bad the article will still not be read. For some reason readers like numbers and percentage. Scatter some facts and statistics in your article. When you have a good to read article you get to build your credibility. Once you have that it makes it easier for people to trust you and become your customers. **************************************************************** Learn from the Money Masters of Internet Marketing Global Success Club for your global online success http://www.1st.nu/ca1-yt ****************************************************************
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