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Polish Men Douse Women With Water: Easter Monday pagan tradition dates back 1,000 years

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This sleepy village in southern Poland became a lot less sleepy on Monday. That's because dozens of men in Wilamowice, took part in the traditional Easter celebration of Smigus-Dyngus, or "Wet Monday". The festivity not only involves dressing up in traditional garb and gathering with family and friends, but also drenching young girls and women with water, as part of a pagan ritual dating back some 1,000 years. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (26)
Ch L (1 year ago)
i wonder why UA TV is filming in Poland?.. i mean WTF?.. channel name is not Poland Today..
Vladimir Nachev (2 years ago)
nice I'm Bulgarian and I like your tradition :) we must preserve our traditions for it is good!
Ziemomysł (1 year ago)
Thank you)) Much love from Poland to my Bulgarian slavic brothers !!
Louise Culmer (2 years ago)
how do they know it's pagan?
Extremmist (1 year ago)
Because the Christian Easter ends on Sunday and this is done on Monday that holds no significance in Christianity.
Andy Wood (2 years ago)
+Louise Culmer The celebration has been traced back to the 14th century but may have earlier, pre-Christian origins involving the celebration of the March equinox;[ The origins of the word dyngus are obscure; it may come from the German Dingeier ("the eggs that are owed") or Dingnis ("ransom").[2] The occurrence of the celebration across the western Slav countries (plus Hungary, whose inhabitants' forebears conquered a formerly Slav-inhabited region) suggests a common origin in pagan mythology, most likely a link with the Slavic goddesses of fertility. It may possibly be related to the tradition of watering the Corn Mother, who made crops grow and was represented in the form of a doll or wreath made from corn. This would be symbolically drenched in water and kept over the winter until its grain was mixed with the seed corn in the spring to ensure a successful harvest. In time, the growing influence of Christianity in Poland incorporated the dyngus celebrations, along with other pagan practices, into Christian festivals like Easter Monday
Ukies have a similar tradition where they douse people with gasoline and light them on fire. Very popular with Nazis in Odessa regions.
r0xereq (6 months ago)
naah they have better tradition of slaughtering 300.000 innocent people in inhuman way :)
Extremmist (1 year ago)
At least it's faster than dying for a few months during Stalin's Holodomor...
TheWyodon (3 years ago)
No earny the liar is just trying to make enough money to feed himself. rubles are not worth as much any more and with pootie taking his share of his pay he has to work real hard to keep from starving.
TheWyodon (3 years ago)
Well earny you are really funny to read. All the shit that comes out of your mouth is nothing but lies and made up bull shit. Well the voice of an idiot why do you not go back to Russia and stop making such mindless drivel and rants? You are just looking like a fool with shit for brains.
Spiritdove (3 years ago)
+Operation Earnest Voice idiot comment and not at all funny on a delightful traditional video.
519 Forestmonk (3 years ago)
Looks like everyone is having fun. In the USA we would have lawsuits and accusations of sexual harassment...
A.M. Z (1 year ago)
I am a lawyer and if you will do that any other day , you will be punished by police same as in USA or somebody will sue you. But during wet Monday it is allowed and you will be not punished in our law.
Spiritdove (3 years ago)
+dysart manach im sure if a woman or young lady does not want to be doused she would just say no or stay home the girls enjoy it just as much as the men
jamali hamilton (3 years ago)
+64FulcrumFreak :-P
64FulcrumFreak (3 years ago)
+jamali hamilton Ouch! (>_<)

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