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Government Shutdown Day 1 2018

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Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
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Crystal Smith (8 months ago)
Always on point sister, wanna send you a video, later, that will blow your mind. Which your a smart woman, you already got a clue about, what the govt, is doing. Your right, we gotta work for us, that slavery mess is dead. I read or listened to a video that said behind the scene the government, make shut down all the banks, and no one will be able to get their money. This has to do with the chip, and all that stuff, we're in trouble, and still people don't like to stick together. God bless, you for at least keeping us, informed. Which I try to read and watch all kinds of things, to keep myself abreast even, If I can't stop, it at least I won't be shocked. God bless, much love. Peace
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
Crystal Smith gotta create your own—- it’s one thing to talk about it but you gotta take action too 😀
Powerful message..much respect!
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
Jamal Campbell AKA arcaneinfo facts
Gab-reena Henry (8 months ago)
What Forex trading?
Francesca Coleman (8 months ago)
Gab-reena Henry foreign exchange deals with trading currency from other countries its risky but do able ive dabbled meh crypto currency is not available on any exchange market ie nasdaq Nikki... not yet the Chinese are certainly trying
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
Gab-reena Henry it’s still bitcoin just another way to earn with it
Kush Yisrael (8 months ago)
I'm in for the fight, let's get ready to rumble!
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
Kush Yisrael shit where do we start ?
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
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You Tuber (8 months ago)
Jasmine Mershon (8 months ago)
Real shit!!! Thanks sis.

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