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Cryptoarbitrager - best Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Robot

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officielle site : http://tinyurl.com/on34kuh CryptoArbitrager is a software solution that allows you to make money on the difference in rates of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin and litecoin. By implementing statistical arbitrage—advanced strategy of hedge funds—the trading robot is able to effectively manage your savings in cryptocurrencies no matter where the market will go! Advanced Technologies The robot trading strategy uses the concept of cointegration of financial time series, which was first proposed by Nobel Laureate Robert Engle. In an arbitrage strategy it doesn’t matter where the market will go - the robot earns on the difference in prices by hedging open positions on cryptocurrencies. Standalone Application Cryptocurrency Trading Cryptocurrencies are one of the most promising investment targets today. Now they will not lay as "dead weight" on your account, but will bring you real money. CryptoArbitrager is a standalone application with advanced GUI that will allow not only use it like automated system, but watch what's happening on the graphs with detailed info
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Andy Woodman (1 year ago)
The shortened link to the official site doesn't work?
Hello is this still updated and managed regularly ? (apis etc) And is there any plan to include other coins in the future , thanks!

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