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Trading opportunities for the FA Cup third round

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For a FREE trial visit https://www.betangel.com/betfair/ For FREE trading advice visit https://www.betangelacademy/ The FA CUP has been reducing in significance every year for a few year now. Everybody will mention its decline this weekend and it's true it has really slipped down the list. Liquidity will be low but the nature of the 3rd round now will present some opportunities. I have discussed it before, so this video summarises this and links to the in-depth videos.
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Philip Brown (8 months ago)
I've just got back from Anfield. Poor game but right result for me. How there was O2.5 goals I'll never know.
rarecockneyguvnor (8 months ago)
when you Green up do you green up on each trade or all together before the off

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