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US Helicopters Land in Poland: Six US army helicopters make emergency landing

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Much to the surprise of local residents, six US army helicopters have made an emergency landing in farm fields in the village of Gruta, in north-central Poland. The unscheduled stop was made because of poor visibility caused by stormy weather. The US servicemen turned out to be excellent ambassadors for their country. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (39)
Technickk1 (10 months ago)
Polish village
Officer 911 (2 years ago)
practice for invasion
hjpop (2 years ago)
of an allied country under NATO banner...interesting...
Michał S. (3 years ago)
Podnieceni i zadowoleni, banda idiotów :)
Tomo514TS (2 years ago)
+Michał S. Wiesz powinni widłami ich przywitać
Archi Dembol (3 years ago)
Ambasodr Mull put a highier Voult to a next ne Ambasador we loved himso for the next we put a higher stakes.
Eva Gerber (3 years ago)
Stupid as usual...we dont know them any different way...
ElectricDreams (4 years ago)
American military are always welcome in Poland
J Carlos Porras (4 years ago)
Great story.  It's good to see a positive story about the U.S.  God bless the USA.  :    )  We love Eastern Europe and especially Poland.  :     )
The Tech Guy (4 years ago)
Look out Russia!  NATO has arrived!
I.REMEMBER.my.MEDICINE (4 years ago)
1:08 Poland is in Central Europe, and Lithuania is in Northern Europe culturally. Geographically they are in western Europe. Silly reporter :D
kevjtnbtmglr (4 years ago)
Please don't try to counter RF propaganda with yours.
José Dourado (4 years ago)
Russians are going to get drilled
José Dourado (4 years ago)
Russians are going to get drilled
Smelson (4 years ago)
Ukraine Today is as much a propaganda outlet as Russia Today, CNN, Fox news, MSNBC and the whole lot of them. Where does UT get it's funding?
David J Gill (2 years ago)
+dieyoung RT is Kremlin directed propaganda. (The media is not free in Russia.) FOX is politically biased Republican Party mouthpiece. CNN and MSNBC are only biased toward making a profit.
I.REMEMBER.my.MEDICINE (4 years ago)
+dieyoung I know, and I do take it on my critique table, but it's annoying to see things obviously not true, like photos in RT from other conflicts presented as photos from Ukraine. In UT, I see no distortion. Unlike RT, Ukraine TV actually seems to be quite good and objective.
Smelson (4 years ago)
+olympus mons True, RT is blindly pro-Putin, but that shouldn't be a surprise. Anyone who can't recognize that RT has their own bias and takes their word as gospel is ignorant. But, to not recognize the ties 1+1 media's (UT's parent company) Ukrainian oligarch and now provincial governor Ihor Kolomoyskyi has to the west and Israel, a country in which he shares citizenship. If you were truly for the dissemination of truth for the Ukrainian people, you would recognize the agenda and conflicting interests the financiers of this network have with the citizens of Ukraine. 
I.REMEMBER.my.MEDICINE (4 years ago)
+dieyoung The only channel reporting the conflict in detail was RT, and it was mostly made up and blindly pro-putin. UT is a necessary channel to report what is happening.
Smelson (4 years ago)
Whatever. You can think what you want, I already said RT is propaganda. I mean for fuck's sake, we are watching a video from an English speaking Ukrainian news channel that began broadcasting in late August (Ukrainian independence day, to be exact) at the exact time there are tensions between Russia and the West because of Ukraine. That doesn't seem a bit peculiar to you?
marcelo602 (4 years ago)
So nice they are. Really great people.
roomba (4 years ago)
No, they copied a page out of the Russian script. That was just a show of force and a PR campaign.
Syed Ishaq (4 years ago)
I think the landing was intentional just to scare Russia and create a fuss, just saying..
hammer jockey (4 years ago)
uh no lol i was there. sorry to tell you but the reasons were true. the weather was so bi polar they left when it was perfect flight weather and we later got word they had to land
Syed Ishaq (4 years ago)
The Mayor should have asked her to Run.
magnumsz1 (4 years ago)
Slava NATO, death to russian occupants,fashists,brotherkillers
Alexandre Nascimento (3 years ago)
ɟɹǝɐʞıu n (4 years ago)
ahhh the unexpected smell of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY right in your backyard
Joe Brosnan (3 years ago)
+I.REMEMBER.my.MEDICINE Oh I don't think he meant any disrespect to Poland friend, none at all. :) Americans enjoy parodying the stereotype of them being "overly proud", with statements similar to what he made, and other ones such as "'Merica!", and "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of FREEDOM". He was just having a bit of fun ;)
I.REMEMBER.my.MEDICINE (4 years ago)
Poland is a democratic county for 25 years (if you exclude 1st and 2nd republic). Its freedom of media is one of the highest in the world (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Press_Freedom_Index), and scores higher than the US in the second matter, so who felt the fragrance of freedom? :) Still, the US is more than welcome to stay in central Europe. And I mean it.
# (4 years ago)
Wow they are a long way from home.  Who buys this junk media?
hammer jockey (4 years ago)
+Chrisallengallery i was there. it was not staged. the weather was wayyy too bad to fly. earlier it wasnt bad. but when they left it got horrible
# (4 years ago)
+assyrian tactition In other words, they were not lost and this was orchestrated. 
hammer jockey (4 years ago)
what do you mean?

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