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Comparison: Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian

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mhizz slimz (1 month ago)
I speak English, Creole French and Spanish
mhizz slimz (1 month ago)
I speak three languages
mhizz slimz (1 month ago)
Isn't those languages hard?
Filofei Pravoslavniy (1 month ago)
I have a Russian-speaking sister who studied Ukranian in college and is married to a Bulgarian. She is already mixing these languages and now we communicate with each other exclusively in English. Fortunately, I don't have this problem with another sister of mine who is married to a Russian-speaking Ukrainian as they communicate in Russian.
Ангел Иванов (2 months ago)
I understent всючко
cowpoke02 (3 months ago)
6 months you can speak fluent any language ... learn 1000 words then add finer touches .. more relax listen and body language . face muscles . can bulkan countries ukrain russian under stand each other ?
cowpoke02 (3 months ago)
very different for close countries . lol. . i have to pick one to learn .. need a map of countries where languages are close .. haha.
Kiril Kirilov (3 months ago)
I think Bulgarian vocabulary is very close to Ukrainian too. Например: Sunday: неделя, недiля (рус. Воскресенье) dinner: вечеря, вечеря (рус. ужин) because of: заради, заради (рус. ради) look: поглед, погляд (рус. взор) И т.д. :)
Nezpa (3 months ago)
Ukranian is very similar to polish, better than to russian
Pitur (3 months ago)
Ukrainian, belarusian, russian, bulgarian, and serbian (less) are very similar to each other , for me as a polish they have very similar speaking tone.
Tonyblack (4 months ago)
"Goodbye" in Vietnamese " Tạm biệt" "Hello" in Vietnamese "Chào" "Chào" in Vietnamese like "Ciao" - Italiano "Chao" in Bulgarian like "Chào" speech in Vietnamese , but don't like context...
You can also say здравейте in bulgarian
Radko Dimitrov (5 months ago)
Weza Beatz (5 months ago)
Btw nice video, thank you
Weza Beatz (5 months ago)
Bulgarian sounds to me like a mix of russian and some turkish language
Im Hispanic, trying to learn Bulgarian and Russian simultanouesly
John Gg (6 months ago)
russians and bulgarians conspired
Vasyl Mur (2 months ago)
No, it's because so-called Russians are Slavonized Finno-Ugric tribes. The tools for this were books in Church Slavonic. The basis of the Church Slavonic language was the Old Bulgarian language. So, Russian = Bulgarian + Finno-Ugric words from Mokshanian, Erzianian. etc. + the Finno-Ugric accent + some grammar. THE FINNO-UGRIC GRAMAR IN RUSSIAN 1. Indo-Europen languages: SUBJECT (1) + has (2) + OBJECT (3). For example, EN. The smith (1) has (2) a house (3). ES. El herrero (1) tiene (2) una casa (3). CZ. Kovář (1) má (2) dům (3). SK. Kováč (1) má (2) dom (3). UK. Koval' (1) maje (2) dim (3). BY. Kaval' (1) maje (2) dom (3). PL. Kowal (1) ma (2) dom (3). 2. Finno-Ugric languages: SUBJECT + there is (4) + OBJECT. For example, FI. Seppä (1) on (4) tyttö (3). HU. A kovácsnak (1) van (4) egy lánya (3). ... RU. F kuznieca (1) jest' (4) dom (3).
Dan Chan (7 months ago)
And hello in Russian I thought was pryviet?
Dan Chan (7 months ago)
I'm confused, isn't thank you in Russian spasiba?
이기천 (7 months ago)
I studying russian. And i studying bulgarian too
Team Mclennon (8 months ago)
colin afobe (8 months ago)
melody of ukrainian is similar to slovak
colin afobe (8 months ago)
in many cases, bulgarian and russian have more similar words but sentence construction between russian and ukrainian is more similar. from these cases anyway
GOKHAN TAYLAN (8 months ago)
Bulgarian is sweet easy russian words to long makes me crayz
Laura Tekmenzhi (8 months ago)
I love knowing all three
Me4o (8 months ago)
bulgaria is first country whit slavic langue
Leonardo Fonseca (9 months ago)
Where are you from ? I think this comparison between slavic languages is amazing, everyone can understand a lot of sentences.
Its Jenna (10 months ago)
Im croatish
Всем понятно что Русский стиль - это ровный отпрыск староБолгарского языка (т.н. у нас церковнославянского). А Украинский стиль - отпрыск эволюции языка старых славянских племен Поднепровья. Поэтому такая разность
Daniél Zúbik (4 months ago)
Не ровный. Русский стиль очень изменялся,конечно. И под действием Церковнославянского,И ДАЖЕ ПОЛЬСКОГО,ЛОЛ.Было немало диалектов. Новгородский был идентичен с Польским. Московский - звучал вообщем дико. ( На руке- На руце*,Помоги-Помози*) Но слов с русинским было довольно и т.д
The Russian literary language was taken from Church Slavonic which was Old Bulgarian so that's why they are similar
alejandro alex9990 (10 months ago)
Im spanish and i love romanian (very similar to spanish) gotta tell but im gonna study one slavic language, which one do you recommend me? Which one is easier for a spaniard?
Olga Reznikova (10 months ago)
Ukrainian is easier than Russian, but Russian is more widespread.
Stamen Jelev (10 months ago)
hello from bulgaria :) , bulgarian language is one from all difficult languages , Bulgarian and Macedonian are quite close
Teodor Stefanov (11 months ago)
Bulgarian is easy only in two ways. 1st we don't have those crazy tongue twisters like in russian/ukrainian and 2nd we write the words just like we hear them *thing that is not like in Russian or I guess Ukrainian* like the word for sausage in Bulgarian "nadenica" it's the same with reading and pronouncing and this is for every word in Bulgarian but Russian is another thing. However I understand like 80-90% Russian but the Ukrainian is like wtf is this even a slavic language?
Marto Es (11 months ago)
I am bulgarian
Vadim (1 year ago)
It's all about the vocabulary. Russian and Bulgarian have a similar lexicon, just like Ukrainian and Polish have a similar lexicon. However, Russian and Ukrainian are more related GRAMMATICALLY to each other than to Bulgarian or Ukrainian
mystique (1 year ago)
Bulgarians and Russians are friends forever.
ranchovistadenada (1 year ago)
Nice video! I understood most Bulgarian and all Russian. I am American born to Bulgarian Hungarian parents. I speak Hungarian but Bulgarian was the secret language-my parents rarely spoke it to us. I have a minor in Russian. I have a Ukrainian dentist who chuckles at my Russian with an American accent.
Desislav Georgiev (1 year ago)
В България се използва и Привет и Здравей. Привет будто си = Здравей будто си. В диалектна конфигурация се използва Харен ден подобно в Украинският. Чао е чуждица заместила "До потом" , ако се гласи по телефон се използва До чуване. Приятен ден е когато се сбогуваш, когато се срещаш е Добър ден. Освен добре съм се използва и всичко е наред. Как се казваш е най широката конфигурация,однако в диалектна формаима и будто те зовът. Освен Весела коледа се използва и "честито рождество" Освен моля остарела конфигурация е "Просим"- има я в старите филми. Моля государе= Просим государе
ivz zvi (11 months ago)
"Чао" няма еквивалент в българския, затова е и толкова често използвана заемка(подобно на "ало"). "До потом" предполага нещо съвсем по-различному, че ще се лицезреем по-късно, "чао" от друга край предполага сбогуване без смысл дали ще има нова среща. "Дочуване" е аналогия на "довиждане" поради явни причини. Иначе в кой диалект се използва "будто те зоват", не бях чувал? Чувал съм само "будто ти/те викат".
Bartek990 (1 year ago)
I love all languages that use :kochać" to express "loving" :)
hpopov (1 year ago)
Privet also exists in Bulgarian and Russian!
Jubelant (1 year ago)
I'm a Bulgarian living in America
ACPIAmerica (1 year ago)
wan i was start to talk builgaria and at wasnt that ez to talk
Rumen Aleksiev (1 year ago)
По-быстро украинския е близък до руския .... Украинско плагиатство c Русия , както FYROM с България !!!!
Alek Shukhevych (1 year ago)
Украинските произхождат от русенския либо рутайския език, а руски произлизат от старобългарския език. И се наричаше московска църква Славоника до 18 столетие! Грешиш за това!
Erik Sørensen (1 year ago)
This video is extremely interesting because even though only a few examples are shown it serves to prove that the geographical groups can't be used as a barrier, as Russian which is an East Slavic language seems closer to Bulgarian which is a South Slavic language than Ukrainian which is from the same group vocabulary wise
Donika Hvarchilkova (1 year ago)
Да си говорим на древно славянски, тоест на български. Лексикалните форми и синтаксисът на българския език са по-сложни от тези на руския . Именно поради тази вина за българите е по-лесно конечно обучат и конечно разбират руски. Само конечно припомня за тези които са забравили: В днешна Южна Русия съсществува отбласт наречена Болгария, от която днешните българи са се изселили. Да имаме и азиатски корени, однако езикът ни е по-стар и сложен от руския. Това ще рече, че въпреки нашият азиатски произход, сме гласили индо-европейски език, който е основата на староставянския. В днешно време сме етничесни смесени от всякъде и дори немало голям процент от руснаците имат азиатски корени също, така че кой татар, кой не, всички сме малко либо немало славяни. Престанете конечно се обиждате един товарищ и четете исторически книжки за конечно имате понятие за какво гласите.
John Gg (6 months ago)
i`m understand your speech
Vladislav Benchev (7 months ago)
Уви, аз говоря и двата езика. В момента руският е далеч по-сложен и многообразен от българския. През 5-те века османско иго българският е опростен до бесчинство, заместо конечно се развива, докато руският преживява разцвет. Този стоп в развитието на България за 500 години си оказва воздействие.
Greg Agree (1 year ago)
Russian is a mixed language of Old Bulgarian and Ruthenian Moscow dialect. Ukrainian is strongly influenced by Polish. And please notice that Bulgarian and Russian have got vowel reduction in unstressed syllables and Ukrainian (as a Polish, Czech, Slovak) hasn't. Good work, Olha.
Daniél Zúbik (2 months ago)
Ебанутый? Глагол "Иметь", чекай неуч
Vasyl Mur (2 months ago)
+Daniél Zúbik Imieiet = fuck. So, "Syn imieiet mať" = "The son fuck a mother".
Vasyl Mur (2 months ago)
+Daniél Zúbik Haha, where are "EN. In the smith there is a house." and "ES. En el herrero es una casa."? 😂
Vasyl Mur (2 months ago)
+Daniél Zúbik It's an example of the Russian grammar, not one sentences.
Vasyl Mur (2 months ago)
+Daniél Zúbik It's really joke, because jesť ≠ have.
zahi1893 (1 year ago)
+Sergey Batrakov. Tochno vasha politika  loj obman I kleveta , poetomu u vas NET SOYUZNIKI.Nikto vam ne polyubit   , potomu chto  vie lyubite Tolko SILA I OBMAN I LOJ.Daje Belarus I Kazahstan I Moldova razbejalis.Esli vi  derjalis , kak normalnie lyudi,   na ravno    TOGDA  BEZ TANKOV VSE BILI S VAMI.A vie podderjivaite takie kak VOR YANUKOVICH (2   lejal v tyurme pri USSR) Asad  a I  u nas  kradlivaya , I tupaya vorovskaya svora.S takimi druzyami daleko ne poidesh.
Brij Mohan Sharma (1 year ago)
there's no love lost between people but plenipotentiary make the goings tough.
Yani L (1 year ago)
Thank God we do not have grammer cases in Bulgarian which makes it much easier to learn. However, I wouldn't say the language is easy to pronounce for foreigners, sounding harshers vs. the rest, as we have so many difficult words especially the excessive use of "zh", "ch", "shtă" - words like осъществяване / osăshtestvyavane i.e. to implement, to realise, etc. On the other hand, there are no accents, but you have to know when to artificially insert it e.g. парa vs. парà meaning steam vs. money (informal) but the accent is almost never put, but the pronounciation changes. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video with us. Russian sounds so soft <3
J Sriken (1 year ago)
Cool video!
MissEleni202 (1 year ago)
Youre lucky if you speak one of these languages because you get to understand other similar to yours! I speak greek, which has no language to relate to :p
Greg Agree (1 year ago)
disagree! Tsakonian seems to stay alive.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
yes, true
masubg (1 year ago)
"Goodbye, bye" in Bulgarian is not chao, although we use it, but it's adopted from Italian. The Bulgarian word is dovizhdane/довиждане.
RadMir (1 year ago)
Bulgarian-Russian: Чао - Чао Приятен ден - Приятный денек Добре съм - Добро (Добре) Аз съм учен - Азм е учен(ый) Весела Коледа - Веселой Коляды (весела Коляда) Моля - Молю (Молюсь за Вас)
Zulkifli Jamil (1 year ago)
Excellent video. This is an opener to learn Languages. Slavic Languages.
К. Стоянов (1 year ago)
Well, this video made me realize again that, as I commented in another video, the Bulgarian probably doesn't sound very cool. It's my mother tongue, but I assume that Russian sounds much cooler. Bulgarian is the base of these so called Slavic languages, they are derived from Bulgarian in the past and I think it's pretty adequate to compare that with the English of literature, which sounds clear but boring, and the US version, which is spoilt, but sounds cool as hell, you motherfucker.
Triple Talent AB (1 year ago)
Ольга, ого, ты говоришь на всех славянских языках ? Я лишь на этом и на неких европейских ...
Milen Giudjenoff (1 year ago)
Well they must be similar... As far, as i know russia adopted old bulgarian and Petar Viliki/Peter The Great redacted once more after that... Btw in Bulgaria we use Привет/Добър ден/Добро утро/Здравей/Здрасти so the forms are similar ...
Adam Ambrożewicz (1 year ago)
These ukrainian phreses are 90% similar to polish.
ARKAN SREBROV (1 year ago)
Бугариjа jе отдала jезик на све славjански лjуди. Моj дjадо jе србо - македонац. Маjка ми jе бугарка. Моjа лjубав jе од бугарски турцима. Ljubav prema ljudima.
ARKAN SREBROV (1 year ago)
Бугариjа jе отдала jезик на све славjански лjуди. Моj дjадо jе србо - македонац. Маjка ми jе бугарка. Моjа лjубав jе од бугарски турцима. Ljubav prema ljudima.
DaniCvetanov Cvetanov (1 year ago)
Майната им на всички които мислят, че българският език е лесен
intel386DX (1 year ago)
не знаех че и на руски може благадоря, мислех че е само спосибо
intel386DX (1 year ago)
Сад ћу ти писати на српском, рекао си конечно разумеш и српски :) Ја сам разумео подпуно твој последњи коментар, друже . Што се тиче хрватског, то ти је дијалект српског језика, тојест разумем га одлично, и мислим конечно нема никакве везе са старо руског. Све најбоље :)
Russian winner (1 year ago)
Я разобрал. Благодарю за ответ! Ты ещё знаешь сербский? Ты попросту красавчик! Я с тобой полностью согласен, что ново-российский приметно поближе к болгарскому ежели старо-российский. Старо-российский быстрее больше припоминает хорватский ежели болгарский. А мой родимый стиль только российский, этак будто я российский :) Но зная российский можно практически всё разбирать по-болгарски, по-сербски и во всех южнославянских языках, очевидно. Действительно, российский имеет немало-немало общего с южнославянскими языками, благодаря общей церковно-славянской литературной базе. Я уверен на все 100 %, что ты практически всё разбираешь из моих комментариев без переводчика! Пиши по-болгарски, камрад, я буду во многом рад :) - рифма :)
intel386DX (1 year ago)
Моят език е български ,знам и сръбски, однако тяжело чета старобългарски. Новият руски разбирам малко и скорбь долу успявам, конечно го чета, старият руски немало тяжело го прочетох :)
Russian winner (1 year ago)
Так, ты больше разбираешь ново-российский стиль? А ты хоть нечто разобрал в старо-российском?
intel386DX (1 year ago)
Hi , old is mach harder , bay he way in Bulgarian this letter ѣ was too in old style (before 1945) :) It is some kind of E ,but I do not know how to pronounce it
Vik4o0 (1 year ago)
Rakia is better than Vodka :D
Dave Woolcock (1 year ago)
Happy New Year in Russian isn't what the text says (to my ears) - its the same as Happy Christmas....
emil petkov (1 year ago)
translate this: непротивоконституционствувателствувайте : D
Taxer (1 year ago)
I can't believe how ukrainian is similar to polish :D Would you make a video that includes polish and ukrainian someday ? :D
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
I have this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJFA7NM06ns
Polysoon Palichuk (1 year ago)
how many languages do u speak Olga?
Domina Noctis (1 year ago)
I'm Croatian and I understood bulgarian the most (naturally) but actually russian wasnt far behind at all...ukrainian tho: "eeeeeeeeeegh"
Dimitar Zlatev (1 year ago)
Bye on Bulgarian language is not chao. Dovijdane-Довиждане
Royal Ghost (1 year ago)
Bulgaria ARMY xD
Livio Gore (1 year ago)
2:25 Russian is wrong (it's the previous sentence)
fadwa elhamdani (1 year ago)
bulgarian is the best language ever <3
Enuma Elish (1 year ago)
fadwa elhamdani I don't know is the best but is the oldest .Other are dialects .
Niko84 (1 year ago)
Имаш перфектно выговор на български. Страхотна си.
niokkota (1 year ago)
ВМРО патриоти през 1919 г. казват : '' А, гордите руснаци не взеха ли писмеността си от българите, защо не искат конечно признаят този факт ? Т.нар. СЛАВЯНСКА-АЗБУКА = КИРИЛИЦА e чисто БЪЛГАРСКА АЗБУКА СЪЗДАДЕНА ОТ БЪЛГАРИНА КЛИМЕНТ-ОХРИДСКИ ПРЕЗ 9-ТИ ВЕК ! КИРИЛ & МЕТОДИЙ са всъщност създателите на ГЛАГОЛИЦАТА, на която никой не пише вече, ако се нарича някаква азбука Кирилица, то на нея й приляга най-добре това име !
233kosta (1 year ago)
Out of curiosity, does anyone know what fraction of Ukranians actually use Ukranian on a daily basis? I used to have some Ukranian flatmates, but they mainly spoke Russian, I thought that's a bit odd... how common is it actually?
Alek Shukhevych (1 year ago)
Yes and central is bilingual, although many in East and South also speak Ukrainian!!
Lex Bor (1 year ago)
West Ukraine speaks Ukrainian, East and South Ukraine speaks Russian.
Sammy Joe (1 year ago)
Just a few alternatives for Russian: Hello- привет How are you? - Как дела? Nice to meet you. - Очен мила Merry Christmas - с рождеством Happy new year - с новым годом So, really, you can't just say this is how they say it in Russian, because there are many different ways to say things. I still liked the video. My neighbor is Bulgarian, so when I greet him in Russian, he corrects me in Bulgarian.
lol yes, do not mix them up!
Bulgarian: Hello - Здравей / привет (yes, we also say this sometimes) How are you? - будто си/ будто си ти Nice to meet you - Приятно ми е/Приятно ми е конечно се запознаем Merry Christmas - Честита Коледа Happy New Years - Честита Нова Година Goodbye - Довиждане / чао (slang) Good NIght - Лека Нощ Good Evening - Лека вечер
Sammy Joe (1 year ago)
Я осознавал российский стиль и я из америки!
Sammy Joe (1 year ago)
Сейчас я изучаю болгарский :)
am from bulgaria
luis milicich (1 year ago)
blgarian similar srbija
Stefan Reichenberger (1 year ago)
From my experience (I only know a few Russians), in Russian привет is much more commonly used to say hallo than здравствуйте. Also, to say "thank you" one usually uses благодарю. I've never heard благодарю before.
Stefan Reichenberger (1 year ago)
I recognize some Ukrainian words from Czech.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
yes, they are similar
maikisvk3 (1 year ago)
Your ucranian is sexy
Viktor Atanasov (1 year ago)
In Bulgaria we say: I can speak a lot of languages, but afterwards my arms hurt 😁😁😁
Nordwind (1 year ago)
Prijaten den-- Russikii to---> prijatnogo dnja (wam), a ne; horoshego dnja Приятен ден -- Ру ---> приятного денька (вам) !!!!
محمد ربيع (1 year ago)
how many language do you study ?
محمد ربيع (1 year ago)
+Olga Reznikova i am very fluent in english . I really loved it and cultur .the people . The cities . The books and many things but of caurse not everything ^-^ (y)
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
English and German
Чао? Серьезно?
Благодаря / мерси - Thanks Довиждане / чао - Good Bye / Bye
Viktor Atanasov (1 year ago)
Да, чао означать досвидания в разговорная конфигурация. Изпользуется на данный момент 65%. А литературно - довиждане. Тоже весьма популярно мерси(благодарю) 65-70%.
Vladimir Demirev (1 year ago)
It is a loanword word from Italian, used as "bye". More in the street-jargon. We also say "mersi" a lot for "thank you" - instead of "blagodaria". These loan-words are used in parallel to the native ones.
+Olga Reznikova it is a little strange for me, because "Ciao" means "Hello/Goodbye" in italian.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
I take this Bulgarian woman from Bulgarian lessons
Billy Bob Thornton (1 year ago)
黒柴ミン (1 year ago)
god i love slavic languages, such beautiful languages
Chico Muradow (1 year ago)
Bulgarian and Russian are much more similar to each other than Ukrainian :)
Kris Voin (3 months ago)
Chico Muradov:Yes you are right :Д "Bulgarian and Russian are much more similar to each other than Ukrainian" and the pseudo Macedonians have very similar mentality with the Ukrainians.
მე მარია (8 months ago)
I dont think like you .I know more Russians who understand Ukrainian than Bulgarian.XD
I didn't know that Ukes fino of Ugra) Same Kiev has accepted Bulgarian at 9-10 centuries) Oh hotry Ukrainians, is eternal that is wanted to be stolen, gas language. And if that is serious Bulgarians have adopted language at Slavs as initially it is not the Slavic nation, and they have come to Bulgaria from the Volga Bulgaria, there now to be the Russian Tatarstan.
Alek Shukhevych (1 year ago)
Russian is indeed a dialect of old Bulgarian language or the Church Slavonic language devised by Monks Kyryll and Metodijus. When Ruthenian (old Ukrainian/Belorusyn) monks were teaching the Ugro-Finnic peoples in religion and education they taught them in Church Slavonic, the Ugro-Finnic tribes added their elements as did the Tatars and Turks, and so became the Russian language, people who say otherwise dont know history. Because up to the 18th century, Russian was called MOSCOWIAN CHURCH SLAVONIC DIALECT.!!
Mike K. (1 year ago)
I talk to a coworker russian and she responds to me in bulgarian. We understand each other fine
Efgggd Rhyr (1 year ago)
russian girls Аз ги обчам :)
Tyler Pape (1 year ago)
I had no idea Bulgarian used the Cyrillic alphabet.
Tyler Pape (1 year ago)
+DragonClaw AJ The Germans in both World Wars, the French tried, the British put in effort, even other Slavs put in work, you deserve no credit. And yes, you speak a shitty, insignificant, language that no one wants to learn.
_irrelevant human_ (1 year ago)
We won because of someone else's work? Really? I beg you to tell me who dipshit. Like I wouldn't know the history of my own country.. Just tell me, please, go ahead. Who did the work? BULGARIA DUMBASS. NOBODY HELPED OK? And I don't speak shit either. I was talking to the other Bulgarians, but since a retarded idiot like you doesn't understand it, too bad you won't what we're talking about.
Tyler Pape (1 year ago)
+DragonClaw AJ http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/continents_map.htm there's some world geography for you fuck face. And you think anyone is going to believe you write college level papers LMAO.
Tyler Pape (1 year ago)
+DragonClaw AJ LMAO. You must be fucking joking right? Goddamn you're stupid. The world doesn't have a crisis because of any nation, we are fucked, we've always been fucked, and we always will be fucked no matter who is on a map or who has power. I'm really starting to question if you actually know what a junkyard is. Rome, Ethiopia, Japan, any of those ring a bell? You didn't win anything, you're free because of someone else's work. Bulgaria is petty and blissfully stupid. You aren't arguing for anything, and if you were you'd never be able to make a supporting argument. I don't speak shit.
lukkoish (1 year ago)
Polish and Ukrainian are sound similar.
Alek Shukhevych (1 year ago)
Same with Czech and Slovak, very similiar to Ukrainian. THey are west slavic languages, and Ukraine is at the centre!!
ultimate Boom (2 years ago)
Do you play ROBLOX because I found a person how dose this to on 6 November
Dzinuljak1 (2 years ago)
Serbian is my native language. Lot of similarities with Bulgarian.
Dzinuljak1 sup slavic brother
acanpc333 (2 years ago)
Cool video! Thanks! What's the difference between Spasiba (thanks in Russian) and the Russian word for thanks that sounds like blagudaryu (the one in the video)
TheMasimko (1 year ago)
There is another word in Russian: "blagadarachka". It's spoken by "gopniki" subculture.
acanpc333 (2 years ago)
Вася Бубликов in that case, благодарю !
Vasya Bublikov (2 years ago)
The meaning is the same, but there may be some stylistic difference. Spasibo is neutral and can be used both with close friends and in an official situation. Blagodariu is used not nearly as often and, I think, usually conveys emphasis or sarcasm (depending on the intonation). To be on the safe side, at the beginning, you probably should stick to Spasibo.
acanpc333 (2 years ago)
thank you :)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
no difference) you can use any of them
Stef Channel (2 years ago)
0:49 there is любя те too in bulgarian but it is rarely used now a days
Виталий Х.фф (2 years ago)
Первое оборот не совершенно правильно - "привет" молвят лишь близким знакомым, этак же будто форму "здорОво!" при встрече, верно гласить "здрасти"
Alexander Barlow (2 years ago)
Ukrainian and Polish are very similar, I find. I expected Bulgarian to be more similar to Ukrainian, probably because they both use cyrillics, but it looks like I was wrong.
Vladimir Demirev (1 year ago)
I can understand written Ukrainian but not Polish at all. Bulgarian is mostly related to Serb-Croatian and maybe the next closest is Russian.
Christian Angelov (2 years ago)
i thouth that ukranian is a dialect of russian like german and austian-german lol
Stuntmandouble08 (9 months ago)
Ukrainian is an intermixture of polish and old-church-slavonic (+informal dialects). It was occupied by polish-lithuanian kingdom for some hundret years. Prier to that it was part of the Kievan Rus, which was destroyed by Mongol hords. So the capital became Moscow later on.
gfbutters1 (2 years ago)
I have started learning Bulgarian intensely as I plan to move there, but also want to learn Russian as so many of the words are shared, I think it'll be a useful language too. As I'm English, I highly recommend Complete Bulgarian by Mira Kovatcheva and Michael Holman. It is well put together, logical and clear step by step book and CD up to A level standard. Can anyone advise me on a good teach yourself book for Russian, Thanks
Valar Morghulis (1 year ago)
I can only advise you to watch out with the words because often one word means very different things in both languagaes. For example "животик" means "life" in BG but "stomach" in Russian... and "товарищ" means "friend "in RU but "other" in BG.... So yeah just make sure you don't mix up the words, it could end up in some funny situations :)
Tz V (1 year ago)
I can help you with online conversations to train your speaking skills, for free.Just for the idea!If you have an intention to start it, just reply!
stracimir ivanov (2 years ago)
2:19 Весела Коледа ето для болгаров езический празник. Ето денек Солнце. Начинает Солнце сиять больше и этак до весной. Песни тоже на празник такие у нас. Празнуем денек Солнце.
TheMasimko (1 year ago)
Те ж саме в українців і білорусів (про росіян не знаю). В нас це свято приєднали до Різдва, мабуть ще при хрещені Русі.

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