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WWII Mass Excavation: Remains of German soldiers killed in Ukraine 70 years ago discovered

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Searching for relatives killed in battle over 70 years ago. Mass excavations of German soldiers who died in Ukraine during World War Two began near Kyiv on Wednesday. This is Askold’s Grave, located near the Ukrainian capital. Here, several hundred sets of remains are buried about a meter under the surface. Ukraine’s authorities recently granted permission for the dig to be held. Soldiers from Germany and Ukraine picked up shovels to help. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (38)
Z. Weertje (17 days ago)
Most of the 400.000 Germans in the Ukraine were eaten or burned. Not eaten by men but by wildlife
richard speed (4 months ago)
Leave them alone , that them rest in peace
Pete Begnell (7 months ago)
Just down the road from Babi Yar.... but thats a story for another time..
Anthony Roic (1 month ago)
Pete Begnell booo hoooo no one cares about the zionist populace
Respect for the fallen soldiers. We were soldiers once and young. RIP brave warriors.
Knarf Trakiul (10 months ago)
Our guns not just for hunting deer
Allan Jelen (1 year ago)
all these misguided young german men died.rader mussen rollen fur den zieg.juden zind unsere ungluck meine liebe kamaraden.heil zieg.
Samuel Considine (10 months ago)
They were fighting against Marxism, the most genocidal ideology in the world.
Charles Sedlacek (1 year ago)
invaders bent on destroying and enslaving the native population do not deserve a decent burial.
Anthony Roic (1 month ago)
Eaxctlt which is why we shouldnt honor any of satans red army soldiers. Since you claim to care about the "invaders"
cervezadog (8 months ago)
Charles Sedlacek Mostof the German soldiers were just that, soldiers fighting for their country. My great grandfather on my mother's side fought for the German army in WW1 because he lived in the most southern part of Denmark which is now part of Germany. The German army gave him a choice, either wear a German uniform and fight for Germany, or we'll execute you and your entire family. Now, what would you do? Dickhead
rick smith (9 months ago)
So the 20yr old young men either went to war or where they were ordered to go, maybe be killed maybe not. Or the young men say "I`m not going to war" and receive a bullet to the head. I know what I would decide, Just give me a chance to come home.
zog noty (10 months ago)
stfu rodent jew.usa have made worst
solinvictus39 (1 year ago)
Ukraine fighting on the side of Jews and globalists to make Europe safe for Africans and Muslims. And Russians are the bad ones?
Helmut Sonntag (1 year ago)
All fought and died for Israel, the Germans, too.
0351nick (1 year ago)
Russian atrocities.
T Rasmus (1 month ago)
War is an atrocity.
Jackobt Thoronn (1 year ago)
They should go.. Sardinnenpackung Rumbula massacre, Babi yar and kamianets-podilsk massacre.. How.. Pretty.. 👎👊👊👊
Marc de Coster (1 year ago)
on peut pas laisser ces schleus sous terre, ça fera de l'engrais ...
Luigi Aschettino (1 year ago)
onore ai soldati tedeschi
Luigi Aschettino (1 year ago)
onore e rispetto per questi soldati tedeschi
mike wright (1 year ago)
Samuel Considine (10 months ago)
Not necessarily, many were aware of the threat that Communism posed to Europe at the time.
vanscoyoc (10 months ago)
No conscripted. Do you know what conscription is?
FBI (1 year ago)
they joined the army so yes they did .
Carpe Diem (3 years ago)
they are at war in Donetsk.And got time for this...that's fucked up
GermanSharp1 (3 years ago)
time to send the boys home finally..... there war ended a long time ago; there will be no room for them in the next.
BILLY THE BOY (3 years ago)
Ukies soldiers have never change and they never will.
mancuniman (3 years ago)
+BILLY THE BOY Ukie soldiers at the front have a problem with laundry washing. But I'm sure that they do get changed occasionally. So to suggest that 'they never will' change is an exaggeration.
This will become a Holy site of pilgrimage for Ukie nazis.
vanscoyoc (10 months ago)
Conscripted teenagers aren't exactly political.
Carpe Diem (3 years ago)
+Operation Earnest Voice haha,finally you say something funny
Mauricio R (3 years ago)
+Rurik Stepan  YEah ¡¡¡ such GREAT logic !!! He are honored to have a GENIUS commenting her !!  Wow !!!! YEAH there are 1000 of graves so 1000s of pilgrimage sites !!! I see pilgrims all day , every day !!! in France, Germany, ITaly, Poland, Austria, Ukraine !!! Even in Belarus !!!! 
Rurik s (3 years ago)
+Operation Earnest Voice Because it wouldn't be the first time a grave of german soldiers was found and then became a flocking sight for neo nazis. Great Logic!
Mauricio R (3 years ago)
+Operation Earnest Voice yeah, I saw a big parade of Nazis today !!! It happens every day in Ukraine !! Oh my God ¡¡¡ Nazis all over the place !!! Some sort of nightmare !!!! Nazis, Right Sector, Juntas, Bandera, all together !!!
Mauricio R (3 years ago)
Just waiting for all trolls to start making comments about ¨nazis¨ and stupidities like that ....
UFO Fact or Fiction? (3 years ago)

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