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How to Avoid an Attack If You're Being Followed or Watched

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This may happen to anybody: you're walking home and suddenly notice that somebody is following you. Your natural reaction – having a panic attack – won’t help, but there are several ways how to protect yourself from being attacked or robbed. Remember, you should stay alert at all times. Any time you're going home, taking a dog for a walk, strolling the streets on your own, stay focused and observant. Glance around and behind yourself every half a minute or so. Try to notice everything out of the ordinary and analyze the situation. And if your instinct or reason tells you that somebody is stalking you, it's time for some actions. In case you’re sure you’re being followed, try to lose them. Cross the street as if you need to do this. If you're lucky, they may even lose you in a crowd, around a building, or behind cars. Check who is following you - confront the danger head-on. What is more, you immediately alert the person who is after you that you're well aware that they are on your tail. Sometimes, it's enough to cause a person to stop. Call your friends or, if you’re in immediate danger, call the police. If your cell phone's battery is dead or you can't use it, enter any establishment on your way, inform them that you're being followed, and ask them to call the police. If you decide to run away, go to areas full of people: first of all, your stalker may lose you among other people; secondly, they will unlikely hurt you or rob in front of others. If the criminal gets ahold of you, be cooperative, listen to the criminal, don't talk, and follow their instructions. If a person threatens you with a knife or a gun, such cooperation will lower the chances that they will harm you. If you understand that you're being attacked, use everything you have at hand to fight off the criminal. Keys, a heavy bag, fingers, fists, a book; you can use anything to protect yourself. #stalker #beingwatched #stranger Music: Butchers - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS First of all, make sure that a stranger is following you 1:05 Pretend to be unaware 1:30 Cross the street 1:50 Turn around and look at your stalker 2:30 Contact friends and relatives 3:00 Call the police 3:36 Scream, yell and make as much noise as possible 4:14 Run away 4:33 Don't head for your home 5:34 If the criminal gets ahold of you 6:14 SUMMARY -Casually stop, pretending to be tying a shoelace or searching for something in your bag or pocket. Scan people behind your back memorizing some details of their appearance. -Make some stops, look in store windows, take a break to admire a pretty car choosing the dark ones to see the stalker’s reflexion without looking right at him. -To make the task more difficult for the person following you, cross the street or turn the corner. -Don't be embarrassed to turn around and check who is following you. -If you've made sure that you can't get rid of the stalker, text or call those of your friends or family members who are likely to be nearby. -If you feel that you're in immediate danger, and there're no people around, call emergency services. -Even if you simply shout "help me" or "fire," the criminal may get scared away. If not, try to get away yourself. -Don't feel embarrassed to start running. However, by no means move down any alleyways, corridors, or streets with only a couple of ways in and out; you can get trapped there. -Don't go home unless you're one hundred percent sure that nobody is following you. -If the criminal gets ahold of you, don't hesitate and give them all the money and other valuables you have with you. If you’re being attacked, kick the assailant in the groin region, poke their eyes, scratch, bite, strike them in the face with the open hand; your life can depend on that. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS First of all, make sure that a stranger is following you 1:05 Pretend to be unaware 1:30 Cross the street 1:50 Turn around and look at your stalker 2:30 Contact friends and relatives 3:00 Call the police 3:36 Scream, yell and make as much noise as possible 4:14 Run away 4:33 Don't head for your home 5:34 If the criminal gets ahold of you 6:14
Mikayla Lewis (2 days ago)
Thank you so much. This is really helpful.
Clem 2.0 (9 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE well I act like a animal like I start on the floor then I be running at them and mostly bite them claw them I even gave someone a tiny scar when I was play-fighting and it worked! I scared someone! That might work even with this vid! Thank you LIKE I WAS 10 WHEN I DID THIS wow should I be in a zoo right now?
Louise Hynd (15 days ago)
Troid Ford (16 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE I gave you 500 likes.
Jennifer Goring (29 days ago)
Do Elsa's useful don't don't try to disturb other people because he might try to shoot you if he has a knife fast as you can
jackie Benitez (3 hours ago)
If they attacked you step on there foot
jackie Benitez (3 hours ago)
If they attacked you scream in there ear
Remington Wells (9 hours ago)
Take a gun lol pop a couple caps in your attacker
Crookshanks (9 hours ago)
If nobody is around, still yell as loudly as you can. Also, ALWAYS have a pocket knife or any other small weapon on hand.
Rene Moreno (14 hours ago)
bring some old phones if the criminal wants your phone
shafaet Hossain (1 day ago)
lol those people even started disliking
TheOnlyOne (1 day ago)
No I am too scared to go on a walk
Magdalene Joseph (1 day ago)
some of them seem embrassing
Angel Gijo (1 day ago)
guys be safe.......
Ella Trigg (1 day ago)
this is a weird vidio ye the BRIGHT side more like the DARK side ...........................................no? ok
Christopher Bresett (1 day ago)
bring a dog...if it knows that a stranger is following you/attacking it will attack in its owners safety
*In Soviet Russia You follow Stalker*
Eminad (2 days ago)
Punch them on the weak spots like the jaws,head,balls and the liver
jhglg (2 days ago)
2-3 years ago my family decided to visit my sister since she's studying out of state. they booked a room in a hotel where we will be sleeping. we arrived there like maybe around noon or so and as i was walking up the stairs to our room, a grandma was walking in front of me. idk, maybe she sensed something off with me that she kept turning around to check me out. obviously, i knew she thought that i might be a bad person, so i just kinda smirk but then she turned around and saw me smirking 😂 i just smiled at her and she smiled back but i know she was scared or something. probably because i walk so close behind her but then started walking slowly. and believe me when i say she literally jumped up the stairs to the next level and continue climbing up the stairs while looking at me 😂 lucky for her that my room is on level 2 and hers probably higher. lol
Emma Convery (2 days ago)
I'll go all SHARPSHOOTER on them!
Um what if your stakers a girl?
Noriko Tan (3 days ago)
I have self defensce even im 9 i have my ways
JADTEP ANTONIO (3 days ago)
If a person is following I will pretend doing something then scream and punch
ion valeanu (3 days ago)
Or drop intetionally an object ans when hi his aproachin ti take them run away
Lisa Boland (3 days ago)
Bring ur phone every were u go at 100%if ur lost and ur a child know ur perants phone numbers if ur phone goes dead and ur in a public with police or go to a hospital or airport it's likley there will be police or ask somone u can trust to use there phone scream and look scared if ur a child and trying to get kidnapped say stuff like mister were are u going or scream help I'm afraid and being kidnapped if u find ur friend with there parants say help and ask them to call 999 and ur parents
wizz Gaming (3 days ago)
If it's a man swift kick in Dem ball. Sac or girl swift kick in egg sac
Space For The Fox (3 days ago)
Grab the weapon they tought me how to use weapons in marshal arts
Kawaii HoneyCat (3 days ago)
ACTUALLY its ALWAYS be afraid it keeps you on guard and alert , Being Brave and unaware is the ONE Way to getting hurt , Robbed , OR stalked forever EDIT: I got it from Trollhunters ^^
Whitney Skiles (3 days ago)
So at my school here in Texas we have police guards and the weird thing is if you have a vape they won’t take it but if u have a jul or scissors u can’t have them
Whitney Skiles (3 days ago)
I use to always think that when I was in the car and a car behind us was going to the same place my family was but they were going to a gas station and we were going to. A hotel 😂
Ariana Alpuche (3 days ago)
If you have car keys put them in between your fingers and once you know they are behind you stab the person.
Brian P Mulligan (3 days ago)
So in the pictures the stalker has no face or head
Ben Frederick (4 days ago)
my dad told me to scoop their eyes out
Sunshine Sophia ASMR (4 days ago)
i'm so sorry, but like, what if a stalker was watching this?
Amber Awesomeness (5 days ago)
here's a tip: Always pick up a good, sturdy, stick. even a fence post if you have to! I always do, i have a whole collection in my garage (my garage door has a good lock)
Kyle Reed (5 days ago)
Get a strap
Jesse Salas (5 days ago)
Turn around and look at your stalker 2:30 Should be mentioned when doing this step, if a person is following you they will most likely stutter or come to a complete stop due to shock unless they are used to it, have had specialized training in tailing, or are different in some mental capacity (as in have a mental disorder of some kind that affects emotional responses). This happens because most stalkers subconsciously consider themselves as hunters and are often surprised when their prey confronts them. Watch their eyes if you can, they will usually widen. If none of these things happen you can play it off as looking at someone else if you are in a crowd, or if you are not in a crowd just say something like, "Sorry did you say something?" and you'll usually be fine.
Zeiytas (5 days ago)
I've been harass on the street, a guy told me to give all my money to him, and my phone too, I refused and then he starts coming very close to me. My friend was also there but he runs to go for help. When comes close to me I looked behind and see a car coming, I knock on the window when the car was near me and he stop, he told me why did I knock in the window, I told him "help me, this guy tries to get all my money and the phone. Then the guy in the car told him "What do you want from him" and then I was just running and running, searching for my friend. So guys if u have this kind of problems scream for help. Now I'm so scared to leave the house, I'm so scared to take the same path, this happens to me when I finished school. I'm so scared that he will wait me there, because I finish the school at the same hour. (sorry for my bad English)
jenna pflug (5 days ago)
6:38 I wouldn’t be in a hospital just kick him where it hurts then u easily win
jenna pflug (5 days ago)
lol if I was definitely being stalked I would 1. Go into a dark alley 2. Turn around 3.Say did u follow me 4.if he starts walking towards me call my friends 5. If they can’t kick him until he is down 6. RUN 7.Call the police and hold him down As well I will scream
RTG 101 (5 days ago)
If possible always carry a tazor with you
JViv1 (5 days ago)
I've had three separate occasions where I was in danger, one man came back to my work place several days asking for me and would hang around for hours after closing waiting for me, another man followed me when I was walking through a crowd and kept on offering me a ride and to come back to his vehicle with him, and another was a man reaching out trying to grab at me from his vehicle at a grocery parking lot after dark...
da little mouffffffffffffff
Erkhes Nadmid (6 days ago)
you can just tell a strong man just tell for help if your a teen or a kid or a lady and he will just run away
Erkhes Nadmid (6 days ago)
i will just bring a fake gun but it looks like a real gun and she will just run but go to a privacy place!!!
Iuri Gagarin (6 days ago)
Just take a taxi
Iuri Gagarin (6 days ago)
Just take a taxi
FlowerPeltPlayz (7 days ago)
Oh god if a stalker started to follow me I would turn around and look at them ..... then they would be scared bc I’d scare them with meh face xdddd
Simi Kaur (7 days ago)
Or you can kick them in the guts
looking4u2bhere (7 days ago)
I kick a soccerBomb the stranger/Like this if you played roblox superbomb survival
looking4u2bhere (7 days ago)
Wow educational
Neelam Dixit (7 days ago)
Thank you very much
Dirmwa Shanding (7 days ago)
Kick them in the head!!!!!!!
Bianca Marriott (7 days ago)
If you are ever being pulled don’t yell help because people will always think someone else will help you. It’s better to yell ‘FIRE’ or ‘FIGHT’ or something people will have to see the believe, this will get people’s attention much better and everyone will look.
Cheshire_Dancer95 (7 days ago)
Robber: Give me all your money! Me: Okay! I’m sorry. **Holds out bag** Robber: **Reaches for it** Me: **Smacks him with it** YEET YOU THOUGHT
Christine Fuller (8 days ago)
One way to get a stalker away: kick him up the nuts and spray pepper spray in his eyes and then just bolt away
Night Rain (8 days ago)
Thank you your this info but I'm 9 this Will help in the future tho also running won't help the stalker will try to attack instead only jog
Erin S (8 days ago)
For anyone who may want to know how to get away from people following you on the road and how to tell if you are being followed: pay attention to how long they are behind you, the longer they are their the more likely they are following you. Check how they use their turn signals, if they only turn them on after you do, or don't use them at all, they are more likely to be following you. Try not using them for a bit. Drive a little odd. Speed up and slow down a couple times. They'll probably pass you if their not trying to follow you. Go to a gas station or something. If they go too they were probably following you. If they do something you can book it out of their as fast as possible. I've had people try to follow me home twice. Both times I passed my house and went right to a gas station. The first time, he came into the gas station parked a few spots away and then, to look like he was there on purpose, he got out and walked in. As he walked past us he looked right in our car at us. The second time I got in the gas station and he went into the store across the street and stared back waiting for me to come out. Someone parked behind him to get hey loaded into the back of their truck so he couldn't get out in time to fallow me. I am forever grateful to that random person. She saved me without even knowing or trying.
John Ruiz (8 days ago)
To repeal predators: gain weight and don't dress cute. ...ok ok ok there are good advances.
owlygirlrowan (8 days ago)
If someone is following you then I heard that if say there is an area that’s like a circle or square then keep going around and around and around I heard that sometimes they will loose interest And another this I heard is if the person has say no pockets or anywhere to keep a hidden weapon turn around and then talk to your self saying something like god dang it I forgot to buy milk or anything like that then walk right past him and he will wait a second so that he can stay a distance behind you and then speedish walk till you walk into a big crowd then once he’s stopped following you call someone family friend someone to come get you and if you remember what they looked like then tell your friends and family to keep aware
Emily Goodman (8 days ago)
If it comes down to it knee them in their nuts smack both ears and elbow between their shoulderblades that should take them down long enough to get away screaming. I had to do that before.
Samantha Dolan (8 days ago)
I did have this happen once when visiting St. Louis, it was late and I couldn't shake them, and my battery was dead. He grabbed me and shoved me against a wall outside a club, i clawed at his eyes and punched his throat, he bent over coughing and I took off running. Unfortunately the club had closed but I made it to my car and took off. One of the scariest situations of my life. I was 21.
ferlinez 2007 (8 days ago)
Instead of screaming help me somebody! will you scream: you with the (red) shirt help me!
If you be aware of a bad guy find some tools in your bag
bonbonqute Mahdi (8 days ago)
Wel skrem and go to somwon
Haniyah Jasmine (8 days ago)
Take pepper powder and put it in his eyes if he is misbehaving
Lilibeth Hernandez (8 days ago)
Lilibeth Hernandez (8 days ago)
punch them in the nut's
Kick the big man in his balls
Yuan Borja (9 days ago)
So i remove my buttons of my uniform because. I have a white shirt underneeth. So i change my aperrance
Yuan Borja (9 days ago)
One day when i was going home from school, i kinda feel like someone is following me. Because me and my brother. Are going home. By our selv
Buster washington (9 days ago)
i need this becuz project zorgo is watching me
Ruth Davy (9 days ago)
Go to the nearest police station, tell them you think your being followed and maybe they'll give you a ride home
Jeremmy Finn (9 days ago)
One tip that saved my life at 21 is that I always have an airsoft gun in my jacket / backpack.I will never leave the house without it.
Rhys Jackson (9 days ago)
Gonna take a wild guess before I watch that if your being followed go into a public place with lots of ppl to prevent you from getting attacked will be on here
ProGaming D (9 days ago)
What if stalkers watching this
SupremeBeing79 (9 days ago)
What if the stalker loves you but wants your items do you sweet talk?
SupremeBeing79 (9 days ago)
What happens if you don't have anything useful or rare to give to the stalker do you beg? Fight? Sweet talk? Or remain calm? WhAT do you do?
Fried Patatoes (9 days ago)
Ask him politely to wait. While you call the cops. And if he dosent mind being turned in to the officials
AngeL Ortiz (9 days ago)
Guys the best idea to protect yourself is too...................... ..........carry pepper spray!:)
Reka Gamage (9 days ago)
One day someone was following me i am a boy so i thought of going somewhere lonely and see if he is really following me and i beat me down for unfortunate that guy following me was a guy going to the neighourhood
hamz fotnite !!!!!!!! (9 days ago)
Why not curce him and punch him
Gacha Knight (9 days ago)
If it’s a man the best thing to do is kick them in the balls 10 times
MinZhe S. (9 days ago)
but people still rob you in the crowd
Mack Dare (10 days ago)
Knee him in the balls
Lily Goedeke (10 days ago)
If your in a crowd and you think someone if following you, you should tell other people so they might help you. Dont like scream it or anything too big that might frighten other people and make them run away until its just you, and your stalker.
Lily Goedeke (10 days ago)
Also, if you think the stalker wants something from you. Stop, drop all your valuables you have, and get away. It may not seem fair but if your cornered you will most likely be more scared and the stalker may harm you just to get your phone you could have given him/her without him/her getting too close to you. Remember, dont panic.
david Miller (10 days ago)
You could use very sharp scissors to protect yourself
BrownDiamond (10 days ago)
yeah. I have one. the answer is to Usain Bolt right out of the freaking way.
luciferangelica (10 days ago)
i wonder how many people this show has pushed over the edge to full scale psychosis
ElectricFoxGamer 59 (10 days ago)
Mostly getting scared of the hooded people and images
Wesam 3tg (10 days ago)
I will just gonna ask him "wanna team?"
Cloud Dove (8 days ago)
dude....you'd go to jail too with them!
Jonathan Bush (10 days ago)
Don't hide
Pfft, they can try and take me on any time. I know I can handle myself.
Christine Macdonald (11 days ago)
Always bring am ak47
Frances Witham (11 days ago)
Carry pepper spray
Arlind Rraboshta (11 days ago)
The knife work very good
Arlind Rraboshta (11 days ago)
Fight hith head
Yahia's Films (11 days ago)
Take your keys put each key between one finger it will be like wolverine claws
Elora Happystar (12 days ago)
I always have an extra belt in my backpack, and its indian leather. I tested it once (on a slab of wood) and the damage was surprising. Right after, i felt the place i hit, and it burned my finger! Definitely gonna keep an extra belt around now!
Notloc 360 (12 days ago)
What if when you are walking home your neighbour comes home to that means he/she is following you home 🤯
Teralcraft (13 days ago)
Make them think you are armed, allude that you are talking to someone, Move with confidence and a purpose, Do as little out of the ordinary as possible. lead them to a populated area, change direction whenever you do not have a walk sign. Call them out loudly in front of an establishment or crowd. The surrounding area will immediately turn their attention towards what is going on. stay away from walls.
evil master1337 (13 days ago)
U know no one will stalk me im too ragy
Ella Greer (13 days ago)
S.I.N.G. Stomach Eyes Nose Groin
shakri shahril (14 days ago)
Some people dislike this video because their stalkers

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