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This stuff really does happen boys! Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/runthefutmarket Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/runthefutmarket Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/runthefutmarket
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Soulatec (6 months ago)
Pin me plez
Bird (5 months ago)
hey i'm an aspiring fifa youtuber, and i was wondering how you switch recording between your xbox and your pc to look at futbin? btw love your vids bro.
Jose Ceja (5 months ago)
Spun the wheel and got banned. Now I’m here... 🤬🤯😎 thanks Nick 🤨
Jose Ceja (5 months ago)
Frank Roosen (6 months ago)
I just think its wierd i mean youre watching wc (not playing FIFA) and then directly after a match a goes up. will this proces the entire wc would be my question.
RobFut 99 (6 months ago)
Nick! Loving the shorter videos. Short. To the point. Good video.
i guile (6 months ago)
Are you part german? If not you should support your home nation. Its impossible for me to support any other nation. I don’t understand how anyone can choose to support a Nation they have no ties too, comes across as a fake fan. Weird!!
David Britton (5 months ago)
His own nation are absolute garbage
i guile (6 months ago)
Thats fair enough if he is.
ΗΔCKΣR TM (6 months ago)
He's like half German I think so he has a reason to support them
Matt Harris (6 months ago)
What if your home nation isn't in it?
Gabriel Zavala (6 months ago)
Fucken German bandwagon fan
SankaRL (6 months ago)
Eres cabron Nick!!
Cisco Cabs (6 months ago)
nickster, ayyoo
Arsenal 1207 (6 months ago)
Why are you a German fan?
Loufri2105 (6 months ago)
When will he get back to his old price I'm playing him in my team. Should I sell him now? When would be a good time to get him back?
Mm Z (6 months ago)
It happend with Ronaldo too, he went from 250k to 270k. When je scored 3 goals against spain.
Chaddy Warden (6 months ago)
Nice vid nick! Thanks!
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
Chaddy Warden thanks for watching!
rohan motiani (6 months ago)
This happened in FIFA 14 as well. James Rodriguez NIF went from 850 coins to over 10k coins at one point.. was just insane
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
rohan motiani yeah it’s so cool. Going to continue to monitor it
Zaim Anjum (6 months ago)
Coutinho doing his ting
The Legend The Myth (6 months ago)
Zaim Anjum welp Serbia tops your group for now
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
Zaim Anjum for sure
9,999,999 Views (6 months ago)
Hope they bring some motm wc cards to normal fut
Taahir Sulaiman (6 months ago)
Is Lozano not just overhyped because of how good he is in fut? Let's see if it happens with IF Coutinho
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
Taahir Sulaiman I think cout OTW is up now too 😂
Bright Bomber (6 months ago)
Fuck german
manosghosts13 (6 months ago)
My boy lozano ripped germany....they said that they will win the wc back to back..haha
i guile (6 months ago)
Spain lost to Switzerland in there opener in 2010 and went on to win the world cup. Its not how you start the tournament, its how you finish it. Never write of ze germans
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
ManosGhosts13 haha dude he ripped us
El Chels (6 months ago)
I'm still crying over that victory for Mexico 💚♥️😭🇲🇽💪🏼💪🏻
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket (6 months ago)
El Chels congrats bro!
IGAM3RPRO (6 months ago)
LazySkillerTM (6 months ago)
Oliver Purcell (6 months ago)
Never clicked on a vid so fast
Shane Pyper (6 months ago)
Hime Haradinaj (6 months ago)
Noti gang

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