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What is Environmental Education?

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This video goes through definitions for Environmental Education. Environmental Education has many definitions depending on the source. It is clear that it has elements of outdoor education, outdoor play, outdoor recreation, conservation, and may include learning about: the environment, nature, natural resources, wildlife,animals, plants, fish, outdoor recreation, and the global environment. This type of experiential learning is also linked to good teaching, parenting, family, and family relationships. Parents and teachers are taking more interest in using outdoor activities in nature to teach about conservation and the environment. Outdoor activities spent exploring the environment helps to build a better symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. Children and adults learn a great deal from their outdoor adventures. Each outdoor adventure helps to build critical thinking skills and leads to healthy lifestyles and scientific discovery. There are numerous outdoor jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who have an interest in environmental education. Wildlife refuges, wildlife reserves, and wildlife preserves can be turned into outdoor classrooms. There is a great deal to learn from nature methods. Natural curiosity sparks interest in natural science and learning such as biological science, earth science, nature materials, nature biotechnology, nature immunology, nature physics, nature nanotechnology, scientific exploration, and scientific breakthroughs. The travel and tourism industry also can benefit from environmental education. Ecotourism, nature tourism, zoo travel, and nature tour, are enourmous fast growing industries. There is a great number of people that will travel to see exotic animals, endangered animals, birds, mammals, fish and migrations. People want to learn more about wildlife and teach their children. There is also a growing interest in nature pictures and nature photography
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