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Ukrainian & Russian: differences with transcription

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Do you like this video and appreciate my efforts? I will be grateful for donations: - PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/OlgaReznikova Listen here differences in Ukrainian and Russian languages. Here I took random words from my room.
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Text Comments (185)
smootskin (12 days ago)
In Ukrainian, isn't a house is Дим?
Shamil 2334 (1 month ago)
Люблю украинский стиль и украинских девченок
Stas Zemlyaninov (2 months ago)
fuck this ukrainian trash !!!!
Stas Zemlyaninov (2 months ago)
we need to destroy ukraine !!!
Bitcoin Broker (2 months ago)
Some words are different and some sound like german words.
Sergei Gibbons (6 months ago)
support like sexy
tolai nd (6 months ago)
Misto sounds like Polish
EngaPheniks (8 months ago)
Ukrainians are the diluted Russians. The real Russians are the Soviets.
Russki Malayu (9 months ago)
Very useful and good video. Thank you for your help. I am just starting to learn Ukrainian Language.
Retro Technology (10 months ago)
Ukrainian is a kind language but Russian is easier
Mario Ghina (10 months ago)
Мало примеров, на самом деле различия меж украинским и русским немало, брать к примеру хотябы заглавие месяцев, а этак же такие слова будто цегла, паляниця, полуниця, рык, олывець, парасоля и т.д. ) белорусский еще поближе.
Smr M (1 year ago)
which one is the original russian or Ukrainian?
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
old bulgarian
Vadim (1 year ago)
So basically, Ukrainians spent so many centuries under Polish land, that the Ukrainian language is barely its own language. The vocabulary is the same as Polish, questions start with Чи (czy). Ukrainian uses жодний (żodnyj) to describe "not any". It's closer to Polish except for Russian grammar
Vadim (1 year ago)
Now do the same thing between Polish and Ukrainian. You will be amazed! It's more similar than Russian!
Andrzej B. (1 year ago)
Omg. How ukrainian dialect is artificial and ugly
Вроде российская женщина..будто этак шпарить на британском??
SporeProGamer (1 year ago)
Im from Austria so im a native german speaker, so basically the differneces between Russian and Ukrainian are like the differences between German and Dutch? Or more like German and Austrian? At least thats my impression
Pitur (3 months ago)
Ukrainian and belarusian are something like german between dutch or dutch between english, but more similar. I would say they are like spanish and portugese. Or like Polish and Slovak. Ukrainian language is like russian with lots of polish words but those polish words are spoken in russian way , not polish way. Being polish speaker when two ukrainians talk each other i can only understand single words, but i cant understand context of their talk. Simply don't know what they talk about. Even polish words in ukrainian language are spoken different more in eastern way. Ukrainian, russian and belarusian dont have nasal vovels and other unique features from polish , so its hard to understand what they say.
Mehmet Ali Soylu (7 months ago)
much more than similar
Geborgenheit-UA (1 year ago)
more like German and Dutch
Larpaw Paw (1 year ago)
learn to china
Brij Mohan Sharma (1 year ago)
i 'll be happy n enjoying moments when Ukraine and Russia r best friends and best sense prevails. Learn to coexist on equality basis. best example n message for humanity as a whole.
Krzysztof Szuszkowski (1 year ago)
You are %100 right!
thats not transcription... its phoenetical writing...
no, it's not "maybe" haha for example when you put the word "patalok" it's phoenetical.... transcription would be like (потолок - potolok) because "о" doesnt become "a".... only when pronouncing... but never when writing.... --- next time, try to use both or be more specific)))))))) like: Русский - потолок Transcription - potolok Pronounciation - pata'LOK --- best wishes, love ur videos)) фортуна
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
ok maybe)
Ogen De Witt (1 year ago)
I am ukranian but russianspeaker
Tyrion Lannister (1 year ago)
In Greek bed is called ΚΡΕΒΑΤΙ (kreváti)!!! Love from Greece!!
Daniél Zúbik (4 months ago)
NOMAD 83 Так стиль становится богаче
NOMAD 83 (10 months ago)
Ce dokazuje šo rosijśka mova vvibrala v sebe bahato ne slovjanśkych sliv zavdäčujučy cerkovno slovjanśkij
temmy69 (1 year ago)
xaxa0xa0x0ax0a0x0 ELEOS
mileycyrusfan197 (1 year ago)
wow, so the word "kitchen" is the same in russian and ukrainian.
matias carrillo (1 year ago)
me gusta
Katerina Solovei (1 year ago)
не дано хохлу по-белорусски гласить
stardust59 (1 year ago)
I have mostly Ukrainian heritage but why is it that I can only understand the Russian and very little Ukrainian? My mom is Ukrainian, my dad is Russian and the majority of my family members and relatives are from Ukraine.
Sarban (1 year ago)
Ah okay, makes sense then. Kharkiv is a Russian-speaking place not a Ukrainian-speaking one.
stardust59 (1 year ago)
Sarban yes my mom and a lot of those relatives are from Kharkov
Sarban (1 year ago)
Are they from Eastern Ukraine? Eastern Ukraine is majority Russian-speaking.
Joel Paddock (1 year ago)
Cool. It seems to me like some Ukrainian words differ from Russian in a way that resembles the Iotacism between Ancient Greek and Modern Greek, where vowels shifted to 'i'. I know that parts of the Black Sea had Greek colonies, I wonder if there was some influence.
Vader ™ (1 year ago)
''budynok'' - wrong right - ''hata''
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
not right. Hata is just one type of budynok. You can't call big building with apartments like hata
Украинский стиль более симпатичный
иван иванов (1 year ago)
"УКРОМОВА"-архаичный сельский молва с большущим количеством:монгольских польских латинских германских слов (последствия многолетний оккупации польшей и крымским ханством).это молва села на котором НЕВОЗМОЖНО получить высшее образование..(помесь овчарки и ежа))))))
уродец, не позорь фамилию, бывают и посреди нас уебки. Ольга, простите за такое. однако вот на счет боярышника - кушать беспристрастная статистика - в процентном соотношении на Украине это пойло употребляют больше. этак что - это общая неудача. гораздо меньше доверяйте вашим сми
иван иванов (1 year ago)
наша родина-империя схожая риму !! российские превосходят римлян и греков в достижениях."рогули"-вот правильное и четкое заглавие укропов ))) УКРАИНСКОГО ГОСУДАРСТВА-НИКОГДА НЕ СУЩЕСТВОВАЛО ! ЭТО БЫЛИ ПРОВИНЦИИ РЕЧИ ПОСПОЛИТОЙ ИЛИ РОССИЙСКОЙ ИМПЕРИИ..
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Вообще-о Украина сельское правительство, и молва села - это нормально) Попейте боярышника лучше, история - это не ваш гребень))
Gökhan Birkol (1 year ago)
I was thinking russian and ukranian is similar more than real, but I realised the difference, thanks for video.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
you are welcome. They are similar just on 62%
Adam Venus (1 year ago)
Sorry, that should've been '50%'
Adam Venus (1 year ago)
How similar do you think the two languages are? I was actually quite surprised how many words were far less similar than I was expecting... Seems about 50> similar from the words you have chosen.
Fatima. I (1 year ago)
я не сообразила одно,она Россиянка либо Англичанка??
Fatima. I (1 year ago)
+Asura конечно хорошо,не умничай Но все же спс
Asura (1 year ago)
она Украинка, ясно же будто денек
nihil obstat (1 year ago)
Why are Russians always smaller than everyone else? Are you projecting?
Bitcoin Broker (2 months ago)
בנימין (1 year ago)
very smart.
Mik Varg (1 year ago)
i like more ukraine
Maggie Zalyapin (1 year ago)
I'm both Russian and Ukrainian, this proves that the language is slightly different, but Russia and Ukraine have some things in common.
DEn Bond (1 year ago)
Mohamed Arab (1 year ago)
Hey Olega... if I learn Russian and I speak with a Ukrainian friend, he will understand me 100% when I talk with him in Russian!? Next year I'm going to Ukraine/Kharkiv to study dentistry! Thanks.
Ali Kareem (2 months ago)
اخي ممكن تكاليف الدراسة والسكن والطعام شكد تقريبا يطلعن بالسنة؟
many ukrainians learn russian at school, but some ukrainians dont actually know a good russian, so youll understand like 65%... if youre going to ukraine its better for you to learn ukrainian, not russian because whenever you feel like going any other city in ukraine, you'll be able to communicate properly)))
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Hi! If he lives in Ukraine, so he will understand you.
U Live in Ukraine Doll ?
+Olga Reznikova nice, intereting, wana Whatapp or SKype ?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Lorenzo Miro (2 years ago)
I like your videos very much. I am in Argentina, I find that it is easier to learn if you know Spanish, I speak both. I want to go to live to Ukraine, Sumy. Thank you Olga!!
Metalgear SolidSnake (1 year ago)
you prefer Ukraine to Argentina? just asking, why?
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
thank you!
oke putu sukanda (2 years ago)
i love this video greetings from indonesia
И где же cool ? все совершенно не то не весьма
+Olga Reznikova Это комментарий к посту yeon min . А этак все миленько .
Rob Borges (2 years ago)
I enjoyed your video. I did not know, although it makes perfect sense that the Ukrainian language is older, and less changed than Russian. Thanks for the education
Rob Borges Гаразд, чому ж тоді у російської мови база старо-болгарська, а не спільнослов'янська як у тих же польській, білоруській, чешскій і т.д. мовах?
Михаил Nsk (2 years ago)
Украинский сохранил некие более архаичные формы (типа звательного падежа), однако в целом он похож на древнерусский либо старославянский еще меньше, чем российский, украинский больше даже на польский похож (попросту я изучал древнейшие языки будто один)
Julia Bezzhon (2 years ago)
Ukrainian language is not over. It's more conservative and archaic. But it is not over.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
you are welcome!
Zurg Voador (2 years ago)
It shows the truth for those who believe that ukrainian and russian are the same. Talking about my favorite one, well, i study and speak a little russian and know just a few words in ukrainian although i wish to learn it too. It's very hard to answer when i hear my two favorites at the same time. Greetings from Brazil XD
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
nice to meet you!
Ukrainian..а thousand times more melodic and pleasant sounding than Ruski. Молодець)
smootskin (12 days ago)
I guess it's easier to digest because of the lack of the letter Ы in Ukrainian
stefano 007 (4 months ago)
Vadim (1 year ago)
Raymond-Alexander Anokhin может быть, однако у меня уши болят от украинского. Ужасно звучит. Белорусский уже мягче и приятнее
И тот и иной прекрасный и мелодичный, кушать слова на Русском которые мелодичней а кушать на Украинском... Так что равно
Vadim (1 year ago)
The opposite is true. Ukrainian sounds gruff with all the ы and г (ua) sounds, and Russian flows more musically than Ukrainian. Ukrainian sounds like Russian being spoken by Down's Syndrome
David Gebel (2 years ago)
I have a Question. Do you speak Russian in your life or do you even know the Russian language well ?
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+David Gebel My native language is Ukrainian, but of course I speak Russian and English also)
Club Soda (2 years ago)
When Olga speaks, I listen
Joshua Ultra Instinct (2 years ago)
I'm Russian and I recognized some words :) very similar some of these
Hruday Markonda (2 years ago)
2 are the same
yeon min (2 years ago)
sooo cool I'm asian(from Taiwan) I repeat every word you said ! it's a cool experience to me
daisyblossom3 (2 years ago)
I'm Ukrainian and I understand most of the russian words, but why do poeple think Ukrainian and russian are the same? it's totally different like way different
Aydın Hüseyn (2 months ago)
Like a little turkish and Azerbaijani
Edward - Topic (3 months ago)
Same reason why people think US English is the same as UK English.
Pitur (3 months ago)
I speak polish and they sound the same for me also belarusian and bulgarian , even serbian is similar. All of them (rus, ukr, bel, bulg, serb) in that order, sounds very eastern for me. Nevertheless i can't understand what two ukrainians and russians talk about , i can only catch single words , but don't know the context, just don't know believe me. Sometims cant even understand a single word.
Vadim (1 year ago)
Basti Kolaski I doubt 90% unless you lived in Ukraine. It's more like 65-70% for Russian-speakers. Ukrainians, however, who grew up in the villages never speaking Russian, they CAN understand 90% of Russian
Isobel Campbell (1 year ago)
daisyblossom3 most of the people who think this have only ever heard parts of both language, or rather none at all. So if you think sound-wise rather than about the actual words, the pronunciation of quite a substantial amount is pronounced very similarly.
jethro035181 (2 years ago)
....conclusion....they're only regional dialect differences in the same language....exactly like a scotsman speaking to a resident of alabama
Nope, about half of it.
temmy69 (1 year ago)
you just triggered the whole ukranian nation :D :D :D
Shto u nevo yest uma
Stan (1 year ago)
Как ты пришёл к такому выводу дурачёк?
DEn Bond (1 year ago)
Hellsteigen (3 years ago)
Если хоть малость познакомиться с происхождением тех либо других слов либо раздобыть старенькые дореволюционные словари со всеми архаизмами и иными словами, которые из российского языка вытрясли молодчики-реформаторы, вы будете весьма очень удивлены, если не потрясены. Зная старенькый российский стиль, можно просто осознавать и словацкий, и польский, и украинский, и чешский, и сербский и тем более белорусский языки. Потому что все эти слова на самом деле глубоко снутри, однако мы про их запамятовали. Русский стиль намного богаче, поэтому что в собственном движении на восход он собрал больше "трофейного багажа", чем хоть какой иной славянский стиль, этак немало, что беречь негде.
+mobatumi блааааа. "По подсчетам АКАДЕМИКОВ А.А. Шахматова и Л.В. Щербы, более 55% всех частей современного российского литературного языка (буковкы и принцип орфографии, слова и обороты, морфология, словообразование и т. п.) прямиком либо косвенно всходят к церковнославянскому языку. Заимствованы целые грамматические категории." Источник: Журавлев В.К. Русский стиль и российский нрав (2012) Специалист по славянским языкам, языковед и филолог, доктор славянской лингвистики, доктор наук Борис Генрихович Унбегаун: "необходимо признать, что этот российский литературный стиль является русифицированным церковнославянским литературным языком" "В собственной базе лексикографический состав современного российского литературного языка продолжает оставаться церковнославянским". Источник: Б. Унбегаун «Историческая грамматика российского языка». - М., 1970. - С. 262-267 О заимствованиях в российский стиль из чужих языков - 100 тыщ слов: Т. Егорова - Словарь зарубежных слов современного российского языка. 2012. - словарь зарубежных слов содержит возле 100 000 слов и выражений иноязычного происхождения.
mobatumi (2 years ago)
+Wei Li у тебя накапливай-паста кончилась, отсебятина пошла?
+mobatumi < малограмотный абсурд.
mobatumi (2 years ago)
+Wei Li Что за нагромождение нелепостей и выдумок? Ты не попросту осваивай копипейст, а хоть вдумывайся в то, что вываливаешь! Происхождение слова "Арбат" непонятно, и тюркская гипотиза - только одна из 10-ка. Самая распространённая - арабская, а не тюркская (арбад по-арабски - предместье). "Татарские" наименования в Москве пришлись на этап ига, когда в Москве повсевременно присутствовала монгольская миссия! Поэтому места их постоя этак и называли! И это никак не могли быть крымские татаре, очень спозаранку, Крымского Ханства даже ещё не было! "Кремлём" в славянских языках вначале именовался лес, шедший на стройка! Отсюда заглавие для крепостей, которые сначало из этого леса и строились! Татар на Русь уже в конце либо потом Ига переселилось большущее огромное количество, они воспринимали православие! Целый монгольский род поступил на службу царю и им были выданы земли, гед был основан Касимов, городок принца Касима. Поэтому очевидно самые знатные из их становились дворянами. Где здесь тюркские корешки, когда выговор о самых реальных иммигрантах?
+mobatumi Тюркское прошедшее Москвы - Московский Арбат - собственное имя Арбат из тюрк. ар ′мужик′, ′супруг′ + бат (~ баш) ′башка′, ′маковка′. Достоверно понятно, что при Иване Калите,Кремль именовался Кремником, заглавие это тюркское и вышло от 2-ух слов: "крэм", значащее "зайду, взойду", и "нык" - "надежно". Тюркское прошедшее Москвы - Татаровская пойма и Татарово в Крылатском – по данным из духовной грамоты от 1417 года (грамота столичного князя Василия Дмитриевича), эта место принадлежала татарину, может быть, крымскому. Главной улицей Татарской слободы была Большая Татарская (Татарская до революции). Южной границей Татарской слободы в XVII–XVIII веках был Малый Татарский проулок (Татарский до революции). Улицы Татарская (Малая Татарская до революции) и Большая Татарская были частью Ордынской дороги, позднее стали продолжением дороги к Татарской слободе от Ногайского двора. Тюркское прошедшее Москвы - Ногайский двор размещался в месте, где на данный момент находится Павелецкий вокзал («меж Конной площадью и Кожевниками на Зацепе»). Известно, что с Ногайским двором были тесновато связаны тюркско-мусульманские поселения Замоскворечья и Татарская слобода (обслуживали ногайское посольство, рынок, были торговцами, ремесленниками и переводчиками). В тех случаях, когда из Ногайской Орды с маленький различием во времени прибывало несколько посольств, тех, кто приехал позже располагали за подворьями этих стран. Например, ногаев располагали на отдельных дворах Замоскворечья, а в 1560 году в Кожевниках и в Мустофинском дворе. Многие татары были в Боярских перечнях.Многие татары были дворянами и боярами.
Stormy (3 years ago)
i like it, thanks
M A R T A (3 years ago)
Привіт) ти дуже гарна і розумна дівчина) можеш зняти відео як ти вивчила анлійську мову)?
Kasia Ukrainka (3 years ago)
Pryvir! :) My Mother is Polish and my Grandma (Of the site fron my dad) is ukrainian. But I never had a good conection to my dad so I couldn't learn ukrainian,so thanks for your videos! :) And I think the polish language is more similar the ukrainian than the russian. Or does it someon seen else?
Adam Umar (1 year ago)
+Olga Reznikova perfect
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Kasia Ukrainka Hi! Yes, you are absolutely right!) Polish language is similar with Ukrainian by 70%, and ukrainian and Russian in similar only by 62%)))
Reese S. (3 years ago)
I'm Russian and Ukrainian. Personally, I think Ukrainian is complicated. It's an interesting mixture of Latin letters, and Cyrillic letters. And, overall for me it's just harder to understand. A lot of my friends are fully Ukrainian (they have no Russian ancestors of their own), and they speak Russian. Although, one of them only speaks Ukrainian, and said Russian was really confusing. I get that it depends on where you live/what language you learn first. Though, I hear that in Ukraine (eastern Ukraine to be more exact), people can understand each other whether they speak either language. But when my friend hears me speak Russian, he has no idea what I'm saying. And when he speaks Ukrainian to me, I don't know what he's saying. Why is that?
Krzysztof Szuszkowski (1 year ago)
Sophisticated scientific or political russian language is difficult to understand for foreigners. Russia is most advanced slavic country in the World.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Реесе Шерман Because Ukrainian and Russian is pretty differeent) But Ukrainians as people from former USSR study Russian since childhood. We have a lot of Russian movies on TV, Russian books, Russian music/ Also a lot of people speak Russian in Ukraine/ But if your friend live somewhere on West Ukraine near Poland or Hungary, he hear more hungarian or Polish language, don't listen Russian music ans Russian movies - that's result why Russian is confusing for him. Ukrainians and Russians think that we must understand Russian pretty well. I think whole my life that I know Russian fluently. But when I enter the university and sometimes there was information for lessons only in Russian (I found it in Google when prepare for lessons) it makes me crazy - I really don't undrstand anything))) And it's so hard to read some scientific literature in Russian!!!! Other case with everyday language. Yes, we understand it fluently. But what about Russian speaking skills. Since childhood I know Russian. And I think that I can speak it easily, because I know it. But really, when I go to Russia and start to speak Russian - it was terrible. I think a lot before say next words, I changed it to Ukrainian very often))) Because I didn't have experience to speak Russian. When I recieved this experience, now I can speak pretty good. The same with English. Before you listen and don't use it on your life - you understand everything but can't speak)))
Polak Socjaldemokrata (3 years ago)
Polish words are similar to russian or ukrainian ones. house – dom (budynek – building) room – pokój (komnata – room in castel or palace) floor – podłoga ceiling – sufit wall – ściana table – stół chair – krzesło, stołek bed – łóżko (krawat – tie) arm-chair – fotel wardrobe – szafa, garderoba window – okno door – drzwi kitchen – kuchnia bedroom – sypialnia stairs – schody street – ulica city – miasto (gród – stronghold, borough) Could you make comparison Polish – Ukrainian – Russian?
Pearl Adelaja (2 years ago)
Very Similar, yes. Ukrainian is even closer to Belarusian, though, they should make a Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian comparison.
Miki Go88 (3 years ago)
It's just like the Spanish language. There are so many countries that speak Spanish but we converse differently and we have so many different accents. We have some of the same phrases but different slang words and curse words. So when we meet someone from a different spanish speaking country we get confused. Even the Portuguese, Italian and some say the French are similar to Spanish. In my experience I can read some Italian and Portuguese and understand very little but when I hear it I get confused. I have noticed some similarities in the French language but not much for me to understand it well. Also when I learned the Russian alphabet I even noticed some words that are similar to the Spanish language I found that very interesting. I know most of Europe used one language a long time ago and it broke off into what we see now in Europe. I think it's cool hearing and seeing the differences and similarities.
Sultan Elban (2 years ago)
No , I do not think so it's like Spanish at all I speak Spanish and French too There is not thing here can be close to Spanish languages
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Miki Go88 Russian, Ukrainian language really can have something similar with Spanish, because there are a lot of loaned words from attin language. hat's why I said, if you will learn alphabet, you become understand language a little))))
Janusz Jutuba (3 years ago)
Manfred Bismark (3 years ago)
Hello OLGA. SLO:ANG : HIŠA-house, SOBA-room, NADSTROPJE-floor, ZGORNA MEJA-ceiling, STENA-wall, MIZA-table, STOL-chair, POSTELJA-bed, Arm-chair-??? GARDEROBA-wardrobe, OKNO-windov, VRATA-door, KUHINJA-kitchen, SPALNICA-bedroom, STOPNICE-stairs, ULICA-street, MESTO-city,..Very good video, BRAVO. Bye,..Rudi. 
Marty toofree (3 years ago)
+YTMomak  zeď is wall in czech too, and stolička is chair too, but little chair... we have ussualy more words for same things :) Hrad is castle, thanks btw :) Sela is vcillaga I know, in czech is vesnice but, woman who lives on "statek" is called "selka" so even when words are somtimes different for same thing but still we understand, and Chýše in czech means something like house too but more like house of africans you know, without doors and from grass :D
Marty toofree (3 years ago)
+Manfred Bismark  Děkuju/Thank you :)
Manfred Bismark (3 years ago)
+Marty toofree  Hello. Bravo good work. DALJŠI dnevi- longer days. No cirilic in SLO. No I cant. The elderly, can be. ( learning). A lot of difference. In Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro- speak the same language. Some differences. SLOVENCI and Macedonians have each their own language. ETC.
Marty toofree (3 years ago)
+Manfred Bismark  trošku rozumím :) Z jutra je chladno that means it is cold from morning I gues.. popoledne se zahřeje.. v češtině bych napsal oteplí ale rozumím zagreje, daljší dnevi? means next days? in czech další dny.. zvečer je světlo means light is in the evening.. I don't understand "So" and basicly the rest :D  YOu don't use cirilic in slovenia right? can you read it? because you was part of Jugoslavia everyone had to learn cirilic? :) Im learning little bit of serbian language how different is serbian from slovenian? after serbian I want to learn russian or ukranian, because serbian is closer to czech and has cirillic..
Manfred Bismark (3 years ago)
+Marty toofree  Hello. We all are SLOVANI. Common word, is normal. I agree with you two. I will wrote in SLOVENE language something.....: Pomlad, prihaja. Zjutraj je še hladno. Popoldne pa se segreje. So pa že daljši dnevi. Zvečer je še svetlo. Ko, sonce zadie se spet shladi. In gremo v hišo. Bye.
Jakub Kušnier (3 years ago)
dom, izba, podlaha, strop, stena, stôl, stolička, posteľ, kreslo, skriňa, okno, dvere, kuchyňa, spáľňa, schody, ulica, mesto - in slovak languages. I thought, that there will be more similarities in ukrainian, but it was equaly 3 words from UA (podlaha, schody, mesto), 3 from RU (dom, stôl, okno), some from both (stena, kuchyňa, dvere...) and some have no similarities at all (strop, postel...).. Another word is kinda similar - russian Комната. We have "IZBA", but we also use word komnata, but for meaning "chamber"...so smthing like room in castle
Pitur (3 months ago)
Exactly the same like in slovak is in polish: dom, izba podłoga, ściana , stół , stolik, pościel, krzesło, skrzynia, okno, drzwi, kuchnia, sypialnia, schody , ulica ,miasto. But we have additionaly (strop, and pościel), i think they also exist in czech as (strop and povleceni) ??We have also izba, komnata (in castle) , pokój (room) , kabina (cabin)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Wow, pretty interesting. Russians have word Izba too, but it means wooden house. There is  posteľ in Russian and postil in Ukrainian, but it means bedclothes.  Also ulica is the same like in Russian) Skriňa - we have this word in Ukrainian, but it was used in old Ukraine. People didn't have wardrobe for closeths, they had skriňa what was similar to chest and keep all their cloths there)
MegaSexfanatic (3 years ago)
Half of words are similar to Russian and the other half are similar to Polish.
Marty toofree (3 years ago)
+MegaSexfanatic  what do you mean derived from russian? all slavic languages has same base from protoslavic language, that is why it is similliar before all slavs spoke one language
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+MegaSexfanatic Будинок in Ukrainian comes from word будувати, будова etc. Which word in Russian будка comes from? Ліжко comes from Ukrainian лежати Mі100 is similar to Polish mjasto, you are right. But where is Russian words "местечковый", "обыватель", "филистерство" сomes from? Looking at this, I can say, that it's sooner Russian language is similar to Ukrainian)  Mirror in Ukrainian is дзеркало or люстерко. First one is similar to Russian, and second is similar to Polish. Similar - doesn't mean the same) All slavic languages is similar, because they all are slavic. But at the same time, they are different)
MegaSexfanatic (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova 1. Something like "Будынок" is in Polish ("будка" is present in Russian) 2. And "Лижко" is close to Polish "lozko" (both are derived from Russian "улечься", "возлежать", "ложе", "лёжка", "лежанка", "лежак", "логово") 3. "Мисто" also have close equivalent in Polish (in Russian we have "местечковый", "обыватель", "филистерство" same root, but new and completely different meaning). Sorry for you have no mirror in your room, it is interesting how you pronounce "mirror", close to Russian or close to Polish.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Yes, a lot of words is similar, but not the same) Which words is similar to Polish?
Paweł Matysek (3 years ago)
Nice video again, thanks :-) Will you make some video about Easter in Ukraine? It would be great to know what traditions you have there.
Leszek Rozpruwacz (3 years ago)
I have a question. Which oblastii You live ? I heard that Ukrainians in Lviv use more words from Polish language and Ukrainikns in Charkiv / Donieck use more word from Russian language WHEN speak Ukrainian lamnguage. What is Your opinion ? Taras Shevchenko spoke literacy Ukrainian and what is "literacy ukrainian" today ? Ukrainian language from Lviv Kiev or Donbas ? Mayby will You do a movie about this differents ?
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Hi! I live in Khmelnitsky.  That you hear about language - it's true, but that's in common life.  But there is one official language, which people study at school, use at university, and office, speak in official events. I think I can compare with USA. There is special slang in New York, Texas and Florida, for example. But this people also can speak proper English, which will be understandable for every person from any country. 
James M (3 years ago)
As someone who is still a beginner, a thing I notice a lot is 'для тебя' and 'тебя'. I only started to notice this after getting into Ukrainian culture, before I assumed that для тебя was used in both as I think it sounds nicer and makes more sense but after seeing it sometimes it's noticeable. It's something that helps me tell some songs in Ukrainian apart from songs in Russian especially! By the way, why do so many patriotic Ukrainian singers still sing in Russian, eg Zlata Ognevich used to sing in Russian and English and only a few times in Ukrainian, is this because of where they are from( she is from Crimea) or is it like how many European singers sing in English instead of their native languages, to reach more people and make it understood to more people? I love watching videos where you speak words out loud, they can be really funny sometimes! :)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Hm, I think it's because Russian is more widespread languages, because all our singers are popular in all post-USSR countries. But anyway, we have a lot of Ukrainian songs, just this songs is popular only in Ukraine and maybe that's why you didn't hear them) 
Transcription is not correct. It is more like transliteration from Cyrillic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_Russian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_Ukrainian
+MegaSexfanatic It is a misconception. Wikipedia and Wiktionary is not for scientists and uses IPA everywhere. And I know several popular language series that uses IPA in their books, like: http://www.glossika.com/ and https://www.langenscheidt.de/ Of course everyone can learn languages without IPA, but it is a very useful tool that helps learn language more efficiently.
MegaSexfanatic (3 years ago)
+Владимир Русаков IPA is for scientists. Common people never use IPA (except we, Russians in Russian school when learning English). It is not necessary for them. Common people have no need in precise sounding, all they need is similar sounding.
The Left Lane (3 years ago)
+Владимир Русаков I don't know IPA and I've never had a problem learning pronunciation.
+Trevie3 If someone is interested in learning languages, they should know IPA. 21 century, you know. Wikipedia and so many resources are available for free.
Trevie3 (3 years ago)
+Владимир Русаков So what? Not everyone knows IPA.

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