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CPU mining on Linux(Ubuntu) operating system using MinerGate

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Text Comments (21)
Mining on la CPU !!!!!!! Rick a tous ces combats d english de merde
Sora Gure (7 months ago)
After installing minergate no need any...something etc that needed to install before mining ?( in Ubuntu)
Blockchain Hub (7 months ago)
No additional package is required for minergate. If you're getting any error you can share here.
Darth Vader (8 months ago)
Thank You! Don't know how to code, your instructions in ubuntu was very good!
Blockchain Hub (8 months ago)
Thank you Darth
Cocimarciano (10 months ago)
Hi nice video, i just wanted to ask you about if this is safe (hackers) and do you have a video about cloud mining? how can i mine on the cloud?
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
Minergate is okay if you're just mining in your machine, but if you are looking for higher end then you should go for coin specific hardware rig. For cloud mining, you should look out for Genesis mining. They might lauch in upcoming days. Bitclub is good if they do what they have promised that is more than 1000PHs, so keep looking the pool stats https://bitclubpool.com/index.php?p=stats and if you see growth in hash power then Bitclub is also worth.
martin yates (10 months ago)
Sorry for all the questions, but im a noooob. I am using a pool in the "show other pools" view, to mine Electronium. i am seeing a "Shares difficulty" of 5000 in my minergate view, , which seems much lower than when I look up the difficulty on "what to mine" , where it shows the difficulty as 17,334,888,993.432
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
Maybe minergate would be pulling mining difficulty from his old database or some old resource. So it could be old mining difficulty or wrong.
martin yates (10 months ago)
Thanks for the answers :-) . Once I have added a new pool , and I see it in the "show other pools" view, how can I see which pool name I used ! ?
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
I have tried seeing logs but my log history is very old so didn't fund anything.
martin yates (10 months ago)
Blockchain Hub , ah, thank you :-). I wonder if it is in the logs ."?
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
Yeah, Even I'm failing to find that option. Seems there is no option to edit or view pool details.
martin yates (10 months ago)
new question > when pool mining, do i need an account to join a "pool" , or do i just use a pool address with my wallet address? Thanks !
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
Yes, if you have added a custom pool with pool URL and public key then np need to log in to minergate login. But if it doesn't work for a certain coin then please try logging in to minergate which actually doesn't make sense.
martin yates (10 months ago)
Thank you! I have it all set up, and I joined a mining pool. Where can I see what I have earned - would it eventually go to my wallet that i made on /my.electroneum.com automatically ?
Blockchain Hub (10 months ago)
Yes, mining output should go to the public address that you have mentioned in the Pool login option in minergate application. And then you can check the wallet balance based on the particular coin you are mining.
JESSICA RODRIGUEZ (11 months ago)
como obtener la o las primera monedas? Ayudaaa por favor. Soy nueva en esto
Blockchain Hub (11 months ago)
Simplemente haga clic en Comenzar a extraer en frente de cualquier moneda que desee extraer. Y se agregaría a su cuenta en línea en minergate.com, desde la cual puede realizar una solicitud de retiro a la billetera respectiva.
RobinHoodCA RobinHoodCA (11 months ago)
Thank You!. Only channel that had instructions that actually work
Blockchain Hub (11 months ago)
Thank you Robin

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