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Messi's Gift to Afghan Boy: Afghan boy Murtaza receives Lionel Messi's jerseys

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Murtaza Ahmadi, who gained Internet fame for his soccer jersey made from a plastic bag, has received two signed jerseys and a signed football from his hero, Lionel Messi. Five year-old Murtaza became an unlikely Internet sensation after pictures of him wearing his plastic bag jersey were shared on Facebook and other social media sites. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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2inch Tiger (2 years ago)
its sad that if the taliban had their way, all the people we just saw would be killed for what they were doing.
zorendj (2 years ago)
Yes daddy will like his soon to become ambassador. I shortcut to leave poverty..
Dahom yasser (6 months ago)
I guess you like poverty....

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