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The Forest Floor: IslandWood Naturescapes Series, Teacher Resources for Environmental Education

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Take a look into the diverse ecosystem of the forest floor. Identify the decomposers, producers, and consumers that inhabit the lower levels of the forests in the Pacific Northwest. In this short film by local Nancy Sefton, we are given a glimpse of the life beneath our feet. www.islandwood.org
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SamytheGreek (3 years ago)
Notice the forrest ground is covered with twigs, leaves, needles, rocks? This is what your yard should look like. all forests, jungles, prairies are all covered, none in the wild is bare, only man uncovers the ground to plant, nature drops seeds and life goes on. no tilling, no weeding, no fertilizing, no insecticides, nature does it all beautifully. cover your ground with wood chip, leaves, and needles, you'll never have to another thing to it again.
TheAustraliumScoot (4 years ago)
thx u helped me with my school work thx dude
Tye Wallington (6 years ago)
cool hey noah

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