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Can This Bitcoin Strategy Work at the World Cup?

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Could it be possible to use the same strategies we use on bitcoin, stocks, forex and other markets to bet on the World Cup games? Yes apparently. We reveal in the video. For more also see the video: https://youtu.be/PLeT0Ah00Fc And our website: https://www.leadingtrader.com/
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Text Comments (382)
IAM TECH (3 months ago)
You are literally the Alva Edison of trading man. Amazing creativity you have there.
munira islam (2 months ago)
*Today I invested $ 110 here.* expert0ption.com/
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
much appreciated Crypto
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Thank you!
Cryptosphynxs (3 months ago)
Yep, Alessio rocks!!!
xDericius (3 months ago)
Pipi kk (1 month ago)
CriptoWorld (2 months ago)
México won to Germany; good earnings for the mexican punters (6/1)
nima sp (2 months ago)
thanks ;) from Iran
renat3383 (2 months ago)
Alessio. Your strategy worked for the belgium game. Put in a stake at 11 to 1 when they were down 2 nil. Scored the winner in the last few seconds of extra time. Cashed out winnings today.
Serdhg1 (2 months ago)
Use Betfair is the best, go Portugal!!!!
Kevin Kan (2 months ago)
i've been gambling in football for quite a while and I understand your concept. However, I wouldn't recommend this 'betting method' to anyone who's been watching the world cup, but rather in Football Leagues. The World Cup may have the best individual players in one team, yet their teamwork is never there, (e.g. Look at Germany and Korea, Argentina is doing poorly despite having a reputation for being a strong team), and they are all pretty strong (they all made it to the group-stage, they cant be that bad...). In leagues however, its alot easier to identify which teams are weaker and which are stronger as there are more teams in a table and its alot easier to identify who is doing relatively well and bad.(e.g. Liverpool v.s. Crystal Palace, Real Madrid v.s. Malaga). Overall, great strategy. I've done it a few times and the payout is really good if you know your stuff! :)
next iran could eliminate portugal. 2pm start time
F P (2 months ago)
You are so super smart. Im going to use you in crypto.
WWF Squadron (2 months ago)
Belgium is going to win the World Cup!
Nico _ (2 months ago)
Today I tried your tactic in the Germany - Sweden game when it was 1:0 for sweden. The ratio was 2.7 and it worked haha Thanks mate
Arquimedes II Martinez (2 months ago)
México 🇲🇽
Farzad Edulkaka (2 months ago)
Sir during the second half of the video when Team X have scored one goal vs zero fir England, it shows Risk/Reward for England as2/1. It should be the other way. Good Video
Bob George Malem (2 months ago)
I've never been exposed to such common sense. Literally taken me to a higher level of knowledge. I think what I am trying to say is that I have the tools but I just never was connecting the dots until I see this video.
H S (3 months ago)
You made a great profit on Iran :p
ALOISE NGARI (3 months ago)
Belgium the RED DEVILS
Wes Winarski (3 months ago)
What is the app you use for in-play bitcoin action?
Yohan G.K. (3 months ago)
So you are a gambler... the win rate ratio is not decided by the website but by the amount of bets made by people on the 3 options. And the ratios are ALWAYS set so that the site gets a cut of it.. so you are betting against the odds. THAT is the definition of a true gabler like your are doing right now!
**uses this technique with Germany v Mexico. Germany loses first opening game since 1982.** :( I’m just bad luck
memiux (3 months ago)
gg mexico ⚽️
Miguel Martínez (3 months ago)
Germany vs Mexico. Best scenario
Miguel Martínez (3 months ago)
Or not...
Cryptos Bengal (3 months ago)
WOW ! Beautiful. I Love it. I like England like you.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Awesome - let's hope we win! Many thanks
VeniVidiViciLive (3 months ago)
What sports live betting app do you use
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Wolf, I use Ladbrokes - and BBC Sports. that's about it. thanks
Hans van den Muijsenberg (3 months ago)
Viva Venezuela
li yuan (3 months ago)
Seems you don;t know the difference between probability and conditional probability.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
thanks for your comment. Please explain how that relates to the betting on sports - and how does that help us. many thanks
Muhammed Shanofer M (3 months ago)
Vamos Argentina!!!
Diyan Nikolov (3 months ago)
nice video Alessio! imagine now how this implants to BTC! Tough game...
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Good point Diyan - thanks
raoul kloeck (3 months ago)
sorry Alessio Belgium !!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
awesome. my friend supports belgium
Hugo Vaz (3 months ago)
3/1 when Team X is up 2 nil against England, seems like awful odds. More like 8-15 to 1 sounds more appropriate. Overall good video, the probability examples were completely off and this is important in predicting your perceived odds. Also, you shouldn't always bet on the perceived favorite team, but instead you should bet on the option you think has the most value. For Example: Bookie gives England 4,5 to 1 odds, against Germany. Germans recieve bookie odds of 1.80 to 1. Im forced to bet on England even though on paper they are underdogs. At 4.5 to 1 odds, I think England will beat Germany once every four times, and so hence my bet on England will make +0.5 profit, whereas betting on Germany would be a losing bet in the long-run, unless you believe Germany is going to win over 60% of the time, which is a clear gamble in my point of view
TheCreativeMale (3 months ago)
You will be pleased with Iran at the top of its group?
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
very pleased yes! :) Thanks
AlfaBmw (3 months ago)
And well done Iran!!! 8-)
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Agreed - you are right. many thanks
AlfaBmw (3 months ago)
First of all thankyou Alessio for this great upload, I put it into play on the Spain - Portugal and followed ur strategy ("timing IS everything"). Got 7/2 inplay odds after Portugals lead and went 3 - 5th's of my bet on Spain win but also Covered my position with a 2-5th's percentage of my bet on the draw with in-play odds (@half time) of 15-8 and it worked beautifully. Thankyou again.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Wow - well done to you. Awesome! Many thanks for your feedback.
Joe Uribe (3 months ago)
Viva Mexico Cabrones!!!
Maximilian Rad (3 months ago)
Born in France so allez les bleu!
Andy Raman (3 months ago)
Russia game was nice.... Iran got lucky self goal... I am supporting Germany Mexico Australia Brazil
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Andy - I agree with you. Iran played a good game but I think it did get lucky at the end. However, as we have seen in many World Cup games - many teams have fun mostly on luck as well (penalty shoot outs is an example). Hopefully they will play better. Germany is an awesome team - hope you win.
Darrano Walsh (3 months ago)
Michael Gomez (3 months ago)
Boy did you call that Iran match. 1-0 over Morocco. Nice job, Alessio.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Many thanks Michael - I did watch it, yes. Could not believe the goal at the end. :)) thanks for your comment.
Martin Dragun (3 months ago)
lol how do you know so much about investing and trading and dont understand betting odds? :)
Martin Dragun (3 months ago)
Alessio Rastani you repeated several times that it doesnt make any sense to risk 4 to win 1 when your are getting 1/4 odds. But it does make sense when the odds of a win are better than 80% because you dont only win the 1 but also get the initial bet of 4 back when you win.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
LOL Martin - I take it you don't agree with my strategy. That's OK. Feel free to explain what you disagree with. many thanks
soulmate (3 months ago)
You are a man of many talents. Stock, crypto and live sport betting. We have a lot in common, lol. Btw, Bet365 is the best live betting website. Go Argentina!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Many thanks mate. Argentina played a good game.
Stephen Reynolds (3 months ago)
This is not a +ev strategy. Long term you will lose doing this. Also to say it's a bad idea betting on England at 2/5 because the risk/return is poor makes no sense. All that matters is if you believe England can win the match 72%+ of the time. What if the worst team in the world was playing the best team in the world and the best team had odds of 2/5. Do you still think that would be a bad risk/return ratio.
UltimaForsan (3 months ago)
Lol, all that matters is EV - not low or high odds.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Thanks for your comment Stephen. All I was saying was that RISK vs RETURN is a key factor in investments AND also in sports betting. If you are going to risk £1, you would want to DOUBLE your money - am I wrong? Why would you risk a pound (or dollar) to make less? Why take the risk - unless you are a gambler. I am not a gambler - and I think strategically like the best investors. And I am sure you will agree - that the only losing strategy in the long run is betting with LOW risk/returns. many thanks
Psaikodelik (3 months ago)
In my country we use decimal coefficients. Fractions are not very practical. e.g. Tunisia vs England would be Tunisia(4.35) - Draw (2.75) - England (1.4). You play $10 and you multiply it by the decimal. If you bet for Tunisia it's 10 x 4.35 = $43.5 profit.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Decimals are OK too - I use that too . :))
Krypto Zoo (3 months ago)
Hey Alessio my friend ^^! I live in Germany but I'm for Poland! <3
Krypto Zoo (3 months ago)
Alessio, you are the best my friend! Hope you have a nice Time! And I hope that I' could meet you in future! :) Maybe we see our Teams in the Semi- Finals, who know ^^ ! <3
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Good for you Krypto - Poland and Germany are fantastic teams
Nurettin Akpolat (3 months ago)
good luck with Iran Alessio
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Thank you mate - they have done well so far. :)
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
thank you
Milan Sakić (3 months ago)
Pete w (3 months ago)
Portugal. Bernardo Silva to Ronaldo will be hard to stop.
Richard Singleton (3 months ago)
Just lay team x on the betting exchange when they take the lead,is a more simpler way of putting your strategy to work
Gasper Kosmac (3 months ago)
England won't make it through the group stage... Croatia will win. bet on Croatia folks
Alpha Dealify (3 months ago)
Classic Rastani! Sir, you revealed some good tidbits in that video. Did you use your methods to pick Russia or KSA? What about the next matches? Are you publishing your picks? By the way, as you enjoy both the FIFA World Cup and trading crypto currencies, now you can also enjoy them both together. https://www.etherworldcup.com lets you place bet directly in ETH. All match results are verified by outside verifiable sources. All transactions are verified by blockchain and smart contracts. Good luck! Gooooooaaaaaallll!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Alpha Dealify will do my best to update. Many thanks. Am looking 4ward to Iran and England matches
Maui Smith (3 months ago)
2/5 odds. Bet $100, you still take home $140 on a win?
Maui Smith (3 months ago)
I'd take 2/5 odds on Bitcoin or any crypto currency at the moment...lol Like your channel. Some good info.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Maui Smith true. You are right. But the risk does not justify the reward. That's the point
Kriss Gibbons (3 months ago)
Knocking back a few pints like a savage
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Kriss Gibbons thanks very much
Marcio Cattini (3 months ago)
Cheering for Brazil hehe good luck Alessio!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Marcio Cattini thanks very much
j (3 months ago)
Good lad! Come on England!!
spaynter (3 months ago)
Cracking video as usual Alessio, enjoy the world cup, good to take a break from trading
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
spaynter many thanks indeed
Ella Kathrine (3 months ago)
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biggahboy (3 months ago)
Hهshمm B (3 months ago)
Go Morocco ...
FOREX & BINARY TOOLS (3 months ago)
lemmykoopah (3 months ago)
Alessio, you're a boss.
Mariusz Marcinkowski (3 months ago)
Poland. Quarterfinal Poland vs England
KPOPFANBOYUK (3 months ago)
any Elastos Fans? you can predict the scores of the world cup and win ELA :D , there is no need to send any eth etc (no scam) you can check their twitter and telegram to make sure the competition is real. please use my referral link if possible as one of the rules is that if you get a prediction wrong you lose a point but if someone uses my referral code I will get that point back. Thanks crypto fam :D https://vote.elastos.org/?ident=8ybtqb
Sam Ho (3 months ago)
You know Crypto is in a flacid state when we start talking about football. (not a dig - your videos are awesome, but it's a DRY time for crypto!)
Nemanja Kostic (3 months ago)
@Alessio Have you ever heard for riskfree beting? If you are interested I'll explain...
Илья Павлов (3 months ago)
Thanks for that content which you do. Long ago I watch you and I advise all. Tell, please, the opinion about the arbitration boat with notices of bibitbot com. I heard many positive reviews about the boat.
Lg giez (3 months ago)
Sorry but what a bullshit. What if england scores in 2 minutes your odds are gone. U can better pick 2teams with odds of 5/2
zazzleman (3 months ago)
Germany of course ... oh I mean Australia, my home
oussama ouertani (3 months ago)
I hope Tunisia will knock England this Year haha not very likely to happen but I hope for it
Sid Delbari (3 months ago)
I support the same teams as you do c'mon England and Iran!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Sid Delbari you are a good man Sid. Awesome :))
Juho Närä (3 months ago)
Matt Jees (3 months ago)
I am a professional sports bettor and this video is retarded...
Matt Jees (3 months ago)
I mean the reason the odds go up is because the chance your team will win goes down... There is no profit here so I would not call it a strategy, this is more like your preferred way of gambling with a negative expected value. And if people want to gamble with a negative expected value they should do it the way they enjoy losing money the most. Usually your videos are smart but this video is only about your preferred way of losing money gambling with a negative expected value.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Matt Jees sorry to hear it :))
Joeri Alleweireldt (3 months ago)
Belgium! Thanks for the strategy! Looking forward to make profits in the game vs England ;-)
j garcia (3 months ago)
Since USA is not in, Mexico all the way! :)
hully gully (3 months ago)
I'am from Holland😓,no worldcup for is. But i live near the German border. Thats why Germany !! Thnx for sharing your knowledge in your video's ,they are very helpfull.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
hully gully thank you
frederik van duuren (3 months ago)
belgium 🇧🇪
James Luckhurst (3 months ago)
Draws are like 0 on a rouelete wheel for bookies
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
James Luckhurst yes true
James Luckhurst (3 months ago)
Draws will screw you over
ante martic (3 months ago)
why did you make this video???
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
ante martic mostly because I love the game :)
James Luckhurst (3 months ago)
I support England too no idea why I toture myself lol damn penatly kicks and balls that go over the goal lines and not counted haha
Srdjan Mandic (3 months ago)
Mate, you are going to lose badly with this strategy. Explaining in market words: this is WC not Premier league or similiar, you do not have any relevant historical or statistical data. Better idea would be buying bitcoin @19k😀
Srdjan Mandic (3 months ago)
Alessio Rastani let me know how it went 😀. I belive there will be a lot of surprises...
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Srdjan Mandic lol well it's a bit of fun mate. But I stand by the strategy 100%
Ali Sheykhi (3 months ago)
Go iraaaan!
Michael Mwakazi (3 months ago)
Sergio Copete (3 months ago)
Alessio! You're so awesome thank you for all your great insights and all the videos! I'm a big fan!
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Sergio Copete thanks very much
Julian Heredia Rozo (3 months ago)
TH7 TEAM (3 months ago)
b13v (3 months ago)
I'm guessing, you have a persian ancestors
Mark Anthony Laqui (3 months ago)
logic goes
Mnsour Fahad (3 months ago)
Saudi Arabia!
Supratik Basu (3 months ago)
Adam D (3 months ago)
The problem is .. AM from Tunisia :(
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Adam D good for you adam. Best of luck to your team
CMH S (3 months ago)
🇧🇷🇯🇵 go !
wyha7 (3 months ago)
Colombia!! since USA sucked this world cup gotta go with my wife's native country.
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
wyha7 great choice :)
Jos (3 months ago)
So you won’t be betting at all if England pulls ahead first?
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Jos I only bet if it's worth doing it. Otherwise no. Same in trading :) risk has to justify reward
Bryan Santamaria (3 months ago)
Costa Rica!
Medi Farahi (3 months ago)
دمت گرم
Alessio Rastani (3 months ago)
Medi Farahi merci!!!
Gordias Gordian (3 months ago)
Some of the bookies in the UK also allow you to cash out before the game ends, allowing you to lock in some profits if the odds are in your favor. Similar to trading financial instruments or crypto.
Gordias Gordian (3 months ago)
Yes, the US is not in it but we can look forward to a great game in Spain v. Portugal!
Coinraker (3 months ago)
Used to watch the World Cup but can't stand all the flopping and faking injuries. I think after about the 100th time I saw a guy carried off on a stretcher then run back on the field a minute later, I gave it up.
Maximus Prometheus (3 months ago)
Poland and Peru, but I think top 4 is going to be Brazil, Spain, Germany, Belgium.
Anthony Louis (3 months ago)
im brazilian... not sure if im going to stay tooned to the matches
leroinoir (3 months ago)
Not a lot of french here. Allez la France!!!
유효진 (3 months ago)
You are my one of the favorite youtube channel I love the most always thanks for your intuitive advice on crypto market.

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