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Morning Star Candlestick Pattern

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In this video we discuss one of the best candlestick trading patterns to use in your trading! This video comes from our Advanced Video Library, a library with over 50 educational videos and growing! If you would like access to this library, visit the link below! https://www.mytradingschool.com/tradingprogram
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Nick Foxer (7 months ago)
Hi Tanner, thanks so much for making such amazing stock videos. The information is always so clear and concise. I have a question: Is it possible to use the scanners in finviz.com or stockcharts.com to scan for patterns on a different time frame? Something more intraday like a 5-minute chart rather than a daily chart? Thanks. -Nick
The School of Trading (4 months ago)
Hey Nick, great question and I apologize for the delayed reply! Both of these scanners are more tailored for the long term daily or weekly positions. A service like equity feed or a basic broker scanner would be better suited for intra-day scans like you're looking for. You can pay for the finviz Elite as well and get intra-day scans I believe.

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